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Tuesday 30 December 2014

40K the hive fleet is coming back

As I'm writing this post GW seem to be going down the road of doing campaign books which is stuff I really like tbh & with detachments & formations & what not the possibles are endless, why they've even brought back cities of death in the WD, all good fun stuff.

If you come to this blog often you will have read that I was talking about using a BA scout army which was me just waffling really as I don't have the models to run it & stand in's are not really my thing but it did get me thinking.

I want to run an army that wants to assault & with some of the new units that nids have got (pods anyone) I think combined with the detachments & formations it might just be do able, now don't get me wrong here I'm not saying that nids can now build an assault army that can beat up on all in front of it, but I hope it just might be possible to that can be fun to play while still making you feel like your in the game to do more then just remove models from the table.

So I'm going to start off with things like the Deathleaper formation & the geanstealers formation, these units backed up by others coming down in pods should be able to get in the others players face from the off.

There are within the dex a lot of 3W models that if they could get into a assault are not that bad & tbh I'm sick of units like my ravener's  sitting on the shelf, I want these units in peoples faces, why who knows I might even give the red terror a run out at some stage.

Going into the Newyear I'm going to make a resolution to try to get back to having fun playing 40K as it is still at heart a fun & enjoyable game to play & if I can get up close & personal then it will be so much the better.

Well that's it for now & as always my thanks for dropping in.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

40K Joining the scouts

I can't do this post without using one of my all time favourite move lines & it comings from one of the Naked Guns staring Leslie Nielsen.
Its the scene when he's in a bar & turns around to George Kenny & says I haven't had this much sex since I was a boyscout leader LOL,

Anyway back to what this post is about & that is me trying to come up with an army in 40K that I can really enjoy playing & to that end my first port of call is going to be marine scouts,  now as I've said before I think the most fun part of 40K is to be found in assault, now I'm not talking about the invisible 2++ rerollable  deathstars here, no what I'talking about is the unsure who's going to get the better of who kind of assault where the two sides are getting stuck into each other.

Now I first thought of running scouts along time back but for some reason I never got around to trying it out, so what brought it back to me now you might ask ? well tbh it was when reading the new BA dex.

Now I've two ideas on how I might go about playing scouts, one it from the BA dex the, what's not to like about S5 on the charge, the other is from csm where they can take landspeeder storms.
Either way the idea of this army is to throw it into the other players face & let him deal with it, so that's the basic outline for now, will it be spamy  ? yes but I hope in a way that will make the army fun to play with & against.

Well that's it for now & as I get a chance over the hols I'll stick up a couple of lists, so talking of hols I'll take this chance to wish you all a very marry Christmas & as always thanks for dropping in.

Sunday 14 December 2014

40K One last try ?

I haven't played a game of 40K in a couple of months now & really find myself at something of a cross roads I'll try to explain, as someone who has played 40K since 4th ed & collected the models since even before that needless to say I've a lot of models, but I now find myself wondering sould I just sell most of them off & just keep the stuff I want for pulp ally.

You see the problem I have is that while I love the concept of 40K I find that for me more often then not the game is a bit of a let down, now I believe  that the reason for this is two fold, one is the way GW sell us 40K as a whole & the other is GW's regard for balance with in the game, it at times strikes me as if the design team are playing a different game to the rest of us.

Now I'm not foolish enough to think that a game with as much stuff in it as 40K could ever be over all balanced but at the same time GW could put a bit more effort in make sure that units are not completely useless, it seems to much like GW don't care if the models that people have paid good money for can still work or not.

Anyway I don't want to turn this post into a rant what I want to try to do is work out if I should keep on playing or just throw in the towel right here & now and say enough is enough, so to try to help me out on this I'm going to do a bit of a pro's & cons.

Right I'll kick off with the pros of which I believe there are many.

1) The setting, for me there really is none better.

2) The models, while of late some of the stuff GW have come out with for some of the armies I play haven't really been my cup of tea, there is still enough good stuff to keep me happy.

3) The game, this is the big one to try & call as I've had some very enjoyable games of 40K in 7th ed I've also had some that while I've played very well & won where just to much like hard work, for me I  think the bast way to play 40K is in a relaxed manner & if it can be a special setting then so much the better.

4) Mates I've made from playing 40K.

5) Seen some of the wonderful stuff that player have done with their models.

6) The many different ways you can play 40K, I don't think there is another game out there that can offer as many different way to play, the fact that we don't is down to the players not GW.

7) Easy of getting games.

8) Tournaments a great way of catching up with people you other wise might not get to see.

So there I've what I feel are the major pro's in playing 40K, so now to  look at some of the cons.

1) Price, this is really an odd one because while it can be quite expensive to build an army once you do you need never buy another model if you don't want, the problem is that GW might make your army next to useless.

2) Balance, now again I've mixed feelings here as if I was playing a game like the ones that use to be in the older IA books where the out come of the game is that outside is more likely then the other to win I've no problem, while on the other hand if I'm just playing a game in the club I shouldn't know how the game will go just by looking at the two armies on the table.

3) GW enough said.

4) Rules for models, now this is more a FW problem then a GW one one as I think of it all as the same thing its a con, what I'm getting at here are the rules for FW models as you might only have 1 or 2 but if the release a new book with the model been part of it then you can end up having to pay a lot of money for a book just to get the rules for a model or two.

5) Poor rules & loopholes, I'm not a completive player any more but I think having clear rules is to everyone's benefit, loopholes are something that just P me off & really are in most cases just like poor rules down to GW not wanting to spend money on fixing.

6) Tournaments, while yes they do have their place in the game, my experience is to many games are played out to this end.

7) The stupid rules that suck all the fun out of the game, I think we all know what I mean with this.

So there you've got it my view on 40K, now these are very much my own & I'm sure there are many out there that see the game in a very different way but that is not what this post has been about, it has been to see if it could help me make my mind up one way or the other & to this end the post has worked.

The result is I'm going to give 40K one last chance, I've some ideas of how I want to try playing games but that's all for another post, Ill finish this one off by saying I won't put my bolter away just yet & as always thank you for dropping in.

Sunday 30 November 2014

Pulp Alley a setting

A setting for my games is something I've been thinking about for a long time now & while I've a rough out line of what I want, I need to get some time to flesh it out.

Now if you read this post ( ) you'll know that I took my first steps in where I want to go with this, but like I've said time hasn't been on my side but with Christmas coming up fast I should get the time I need to start the ball rolling.

The plans for this are big & I'm looking at a project that is going to be years in the making but that's good right ? I've seen others do this this kind of thing & it has really grabbed my imagination, it will however mean a lot of terrain building, but if I'm honest I'm more into that then painting a 2000pts 40k army.

So what type of terrain am I looking at doing ? well first off I need three different cities, then different stuff for 3 different worlds, one thing that I feel is that a lot of games are just played out on a table not in a place if you get what I mean.

Well that's the plan for going foreword & like all great plans it will most likely fail lol but you've got to aim high right ? I want something that I'll enjoy doing & hopefully inspire my hobby in a new way.

Right now that all the excitement over what the hell is near enough to us to try to get this old boat fixed up Lucinda ? asked Jack.
The nearest system to us will take about 2 months to reach with the damage we taken Captain, also it appears a bit unusual in that there 3 planets orbiting a round its star that are very close to each other & I mean really close, like no more then a week apart in our currant state Jack.

Well we don't have any choice but to head there as we need to lock into an orbit a round a planet while we try to fix the ship up so we can get back to where we belong said Jack
I wonder is there any life on them though Jack as I could really do with a night or two at the gaming tables.

Welcome to the Tricol system, until next time my thanks for dropping in.


Friday 14 November 2014

How to walls

Its so long since I done any modelling I'd nearly forgotten how to use a hobby knife lol, anyway what I've here is some cheap & easy walls & while these ones are only 20mm high I intend to do some at about 50mm high but no matter how high you build them it's all done the same way.

I used cork to make these with & tbh I find cork is one of the best modelling materials I've ever used, its cheap, light weight & is robust enough that you don't have to handle it with kid gloves.

So for the walls I cut strips of cork into 3 different sizes 20mm, 2.5mm & 15 mm all by 300mm
These where then cut into 20mmx150mm, 2mmx20 & 15mmx15mm, to make up the corner pieces I cut a couple of the 20mmx150mm into 20mmx75mm.

Now really these are as simple as can be to make as all there is to it is glue 4 of the 2mmx20 pieces to the 20mmx150mm strips, two at one end on each side & two in the middle, the 15mmx15mm pieces are then glue on top of the wall over these points.

Just two things to note the two 2mmx20 pieces at the end are let over hang the end of the 20 strip, while at the other end you need to both sides of the 20mm strip a little sanding, this is done for joining the wall pieces together.

That's really all there is to it, I'm not going to base theses wall as I don't think they need it plus it leaves them more flexible use wise.

I've got to say that even though this was such a simple project it was nice to get some little thing done.

Above a corner & a straight section of wall joined together, so until next time thanks for dropping in I hope it was worth your while.

Saturday 8 November 2014

To many models

To many models I would think there are a lot of people out there with this problem, but what to do about it & how did it come to this ?

Lately I've not been doing much gaming & when I have played its been pulp alley a game that uses very few models, now while I hate to get rid of models I really have got more then I'm ever likely to use.

So how did it all come to this ? well tbh I think it comes from (in my case )2 things, the first one is the love of models, now you might thing that everyone in table top gaming loves models but that's not really the case as I know some people who just love the game their playing & wouldn't care if they where just using card cut outs.

The second part of the problem comes from the kind of games you play, which if I'm honest is how I ended up with so many models.
If your a painter & not a gamer this is I would guess is unlikely to happen to you, but for gamers it can get out of hand.

Lets take a look at some games I've played with models & some that I haven't & see what kind of games are likely to cause this problem.

I'll kick off with some board games with models that I've played.
Space hulk, first time round this game could lead you to getting more models but now it's a stand alone game with out any add on so you never have to buy any more models for it.

Descent again another board game with models but unlike spacehulk this game has some tokens that are used instead of models that you can if you like buy the models for, also this game has expansions which you've guessed it have more models.

Bloodbowl  is the last one I'll look at in the board game group, in the set you got 2 teams & I don't think there was add ons like in descent, but you could buy different teams from different races so again more models.

Moving on to smaller table top games you've got games like deadzone or infinity, so lets have a look at a few of these.

Deadzone this game is nearly like a cross between a board game & a table  top game, not a lot of model used it the game its self but like bloodbowl you can use different races.

Infinity again low model count but different races means you are likely to pick up more models.

Pulp Alley this one is different in the sense that while you can make up different leagues to play it there really is nothing to stop you using the same models all the time, as there are no races unless you want to add one & what weapon any model has is not an issue.

Boltaction low model count but set in WWII so different armies, the thing with boltaction is that there is only even humans used so it is possible to play the different armies with the same models & if you play it as a game in a different setting then you don't need to worry about the Brits looking like the Brits or the Jerries looking like the Jerries.
So while you could get more models for this game you don't really need to.

Warmachine/ hordes  still I think a low model count even if not as low as some of the games above, the use of different races & new units added all the time means you be adding to your collection.

Moving up the model count & coming to the games that are likely to get you up to a high amount of model quickly.

Historical gaming this might depend on the setting but by & large seems to have a high model count, but unlike other systems there is a cap as you can't keep making up new units for this type of gaming.

Now for the one that more then any other game got my where I am now 40K, when I started playing 40k back in 4th ed was still a kind of low model count game, now don't get me wrong some armies could have a high model count like ig or orks but even those would be small by the count of today's armies.

Over time the amount of models you own will grow in any of the above games where you can add more models, but with 40K it seems to be at a faster rate then others, now don't get me wrong here the only one to blame for the amount of models you have is yourself, but I'be fairly sure in saying that if I'd have played say infinity instead of 40K that I could have an army for every race & still not be anywhere near the amount of models I've got now.

So what about you guys ? do you look under the bed or in the shed & see models that haven't seen the light of day for years, are there un open boxs in the corner that if your honest with yourself will never be put together while you go out & buy the newest shiniest thing ?

If the answer to the above is yes then like me you more then likely got to many models, anyway thanks for dropping in & please if you know of a cure for the to many models sickness then please put it in the comment box.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Pulp Alley 3 way

Mayhem absolute mayhem & great fun that's the best way I can explain my latest game of pulp alley, regular readers will know that my son Paddy & I had just kick off a little campaign of pulp alley as we go about getting to grips with the rules.

Well it just so happened that another son of mine Trevor was home from OZ for a couple of weeks & decided he'd join in, now before I go any foreword let me tell you that Trevor unlike Paddy & myself is not a table top gamer, but so simple are the basic rules of pulp alley that he was able to join in the fun using the league from the rulebook.

As I said above this game was a complete blast & proved to me something that I'd thought might be the case, that pulp alley becomes a different game when you have more then 2 players.
What the extra player brought to this game was the whole players making alliances with one another & then stabbing each other in the back as the game twisted & turned.

A blooded affair this game was with Panama Jack & the crew all falling by the way a part from Lucinda Green that was, while over in Paddy's comer things weren't much better  with his leader the Duchess among other's also falling leaving the way clear for my non gaming son Trevor to slip in & win the day.

I think in pulp alley I've found a game that very much suits where I want to be hobby wise at the moment & while it will be after Christmas before I start doing a lot of the stuff I want to do in pulp alley & in a way I've nearly come full circle in the hobby as with my not been able to get in to the club these days it just Paddy & myself playing as it was all those years back when we started playing 40k, anyway I hope to have more time in the newyear & hopefully can talk 1or 2 others in the club to joining in on pulp alley.

So I'm going to finish up with a well done to Trevor on his win, a big thanks to both himself & Paddy for the game & thanks to you for dropping in & please call back soon.

PS I had more pictures of the game but for some reason only a few up loaded so sorry about that.

Monday 27 October 2014

Pulp alley we start a campaign

With are league's done it was time for Paddy & myself to start playing pulp alley for real (even if we haven't got all the rules yet) so we played out the mission smash & grab but the event of the game this time round will fallow into the next game.

Now with it been oner a week since this game was played I'm not so sure on the details other then me pasting 9 out of 10 recovery checks between Mr Smith & one of the crew members, this put Paddy under a lot of pressure as he'd to deal with these 2 a lot more then he should have had to.

So with Paddy under so much pressure it look like my league would be able to make off with the major plot point, which is a big thing in the game with it being worth 3 of the 7vp,s on offer, and up until the death it looked like this would be the out come, but I've played enough game in my time to know that things can turn around very quickly & in the best of pulp style it ended with Lucinda coming up with the heroics to gain the draw.

Once again I found the game to be very enjoyable & while I'm a long way off where I want to be with it at the moment I get the feeling that I'm going to be playing it for a long time to come, which is something that I'm very happy about because with such a low model count need to play the game I'll be able to spend more time on terrain which is real what I want to do (that is when I get some time) my interest in painting armies like Elvis has left the building.

Going in to the next game I find myself haven't gained +1 tip, +1 reputation this was 2 but one of my goons managed to lose 1 on me, +1 experience, 1 model starting the next game hidden, 1 not turning up on till turn 2 & 1 getting  -1 to a random skill, these are the things that link your games & make each game mean something & also allows your characters & league to grow, something I like in a game.

Well there you have it & as you can see we're up & running with Pulp Alley (kind of) so I'll finish off with thanking Paddy for an enjoyable game & my thanks to you as always for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it, below some more pictures.

Saturday 25 October 2014

Pulp alley leaves INQ28 the parting

This is something that I needed to get around to sooner or later the parting from INQ28 to Pulp alley as Panama Jack is a character who first came to life in INQ28 but is the the character I want to use going forward in Pulp alley.

As the Hermes move further away from the planet Ordic II her shields deflecting the fire of the orbital defences it captain Panama Jack laughed as he turned to the person standing at his side & said well Inquisitor it look like were back to where I came in.

It certainly seems that way Jack, this is not the first time you've had to get us off a planet in a hurry replied the Inquisitor & your skill in doing so has been very much appreciated.

A couple of hours later when the danger was pasted Jack & Inquisitor Capetillo held  a meeting in Jack's private quarters, where Jack said to Capetillo, Inquisitor as I said to you earlier this is where I seemed to come in in what is now some 3 standard  years ago I think the time has come for me to take my leave.

Capetillo thought for a moment before he spoke & then said, Jack being in the services of the Holy Inquisition is a demanding job & it's sorry I'll be to lose the use of you & your crew who have been of great use to me over the last few years, but I understand that you want to go back about your own business & will not try to change your mind.

Thank you for being so understanding Inquisitor now where would you like me to drop you off ? said Jack.
If you would so kind as to put us down on Kallidus IV  that would be great Jack & I'll take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done in the name of the Emperor may his light always shine on you.

After they hadl restocked the ship & pulled out of high anchorage Lucinda ask Jack where to now captain now that where under our own command again ? just take us out there replied Jack pointing ahead I'll think of somewhere in a day or two, he didn't have to for it seemed faith way about to lead the Hermes & her crew on on an interesting path, 31.3 hours after take off they ran into a wormhole & for the next 2 hours or so it was all hands on deck as the crew fought to stop the ship from being pulled apart.

Finally they broke free of the wormhole but as the reports started to come in from all over the ship Jack had two major problems to think on, one they where off the charts & two their warp engines where very badly damaged & not working.

So in good pulp fashion I leave the story here on a cliff hanger, but this ties in very well with where I'm at hobby wise as at this point in time I really have moved away from 40K & this is hopefully going to feel like a brake as I'm not longer tied to any past history & can take Jack & the crew down any path I wish.

As always my thanks for dropping in & I hope you'll call back from time to time to keep up with the adventures of Jack & the crew.


Sunday 19 October 2014

NWG 14 update

A little update on NWG 14, when I did my post on this years NWG  14 I had none of the results & had wanted to do an update on it for a while but with been away so much I hadn't got a chance to fallow up on the different thing.

Anyway a long story short I've finely managed to get all the information together so here it is.

1st Chris 30K marines
2nd Peter Knight's
3rdLLoyd Eldar

Best painted army Lloyd

1stBarry WOC
2ndChris WOC
3rdNeil  WOC

Best painted army Ugo undead

1st Ulick
2nd Padraic
3rd Scott

Best painted Brian
Most sporting Craig

Armies used for FoW unknown

Emerald Daemon winner's
Large Single Model - Dave "Mr Saturday" Stafford for his Curs'd Ettin.
Small Single Model - Damian "Mordimer" Jaskiewicz for his Space Marine Librarian.
Best Command - Ugo "Emrys" Greevy for his Legion of the Damned.
Whiteshield - Thomas "Imperator Deus" Dillon for his Tau vehicle.

Here's a link to some Emerald Daemon pictures

Congratulations to all of the above on their placings & on that note I'll rap up this post but before I do as always my thanks to you for dropping in.

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Pulp Alley League

Right here goes my first try at building a league, now as I've said before the central character is going to be Panama Jack so I'm going to begin with him & try build a league that I feel would be right for him.

Anyone that comes to this blog often might well have read the 2 posts on Jack's back round ( & (
now as a ship's captain it goes without saying that Jack's league is going to be more or less made up by his crew, who tbh I've never given a thought to out side of his first officer Lucinda Green.

Leader Panama Jack
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D10   / 3D10  /  2D8  /  3D8    /  2D10 /   3D10  /  3D10

Abilities /  Commander /  Wealthy / Dashing

I think given Jack's back round that the stat's fit in also only being new to the game I can only hope that there not ott, as I think one or two of the abilities are maybe a bit powerful but I made just be taking things up wrong (most likely I am)

With Jack out of the way its time to draw up the rest of the gang starting with the first officer.
Sidekick Lucinda Green
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D8         2D6  /  4D8  /   3D8   /  2D6  /    3D6    /    2D8

Abilities / Marksman / Deductive

Again I think what I've got for Lucinda is spot on & she's is a nice contrast to Jack.
Next up is some allies & I'm going to start off with Jack's loyal hound Mr Smith, I just love the fact that I can have a dog as one of my characters.

Ally Mr Smith
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D6     /  3D6   /   NA  /  2D6    /  2D6   /    1D6   /     1D6

Abilities / Speedy

Ally Doc Dolor
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
   D6   /    D6    /  D6    /   D6     /   D6    /    2D6   /    2D6

Abilities / Savvy

Ally Mc Hammer
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D6     /  2D6   /   2D6  /   1D6  /   1D6  /   1D6    /    1D6

Abilities / Brute

Now just to add a couple of red shirts, the fact that I've got commander give's me 4 extra slots which gives me a total of 14 all together of which I've used 9 so far but as I intend to give the league a 3 slot perk I've enough slots for 2 followers.

Follower Preacher
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
   D6    /   1D6  /  1D6  /  1D6    /  1D6   /   1D6    /    1D6

Abilities / Clever

Follower Desya
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
   D6    /  1D6   /  1D6  /   1D6   /  1D6   /  1D6    /    1D6

Abilities / Marksman

League Perk / Intrepid Explorers

Right so that it & tbh I've not got a clue as to if this is right or wrong from a power level & while I don't want a league that's ott I don't want one that's useless either so I'll get in a couple of games with it & then see if I think I need to change stuff.

Well that's me for this post, so all that remains to do is thank you for dropping in & please call back soon.

PS Some of the profiles above have the abilities added & some haven't this only came to light while I was playing a game with Paddy which I hope to put up a report on over the weekend.

Saturday 11 October 2014

Pulp Alley having fun

So I got another game of pulp alley in last weekend & yes this time I managed to get some photos, but before I go into the game I want to try to give an bit of an insight as to where I'm coming at this game from & my league which should be in the next post.

The setting

The thing I love about the 40K setting is the spaceships & muskets thing which sadly seems to be something that GW are moving further away from, now as most of you know I played INQ28 for awhile & while it was great fun & I really enjoyed it, it just always felt like the game never really worked like it was meant to.

a purple death ray thingy

Now Panama Jack who will be the hero of my league was brought into INQ28 & is someone I want to develop along with his crew, so you good reader will be getting to know people like his first mate Lucinda Green & what I'm aiming for is something like the crew of the Serenity from the move of the same name & the TV show Firefly.

Jack & his faithful hound Mr Smith get ready for action, while to his left 2 what I like to now think of as the red shirts. 

Right so that kind of brings you up to speed on that now on to the game, again we where just playing the basic mission, but this time we added a new twist in that any model could only go for the major plot point if he was in control of a minor plot point & by does this ever make a big difference to the game.
one of the Duchess's henchmen take cover

The story line much as it was found Jack been hired by some unknown person to get the information on a purple death ray thingy from manufacture lab off out it the wilds somewhere, this was the main plot point along with the other type of things this game throws up, the likes of a small foreign child who just so happened to be wondering around this place by himself lol.
this child's mother really needs to look after him better

Anyway I'd my stats done up for Jack & one of the abilities I gave Jack was wealthy, now I was a bit iffy about giving him this as it lets you take more characters but as like it says in the rules book these guys fall over to a stiff breeze so I don't think this will be a problem going forward.

the jungle it came alive & knocked them over, useless red shirts

So we set up with my 7 guys going up against Paddy's 3 but as before paddy even started his first turn 3 of my guys where out of the game the sides was a bit more even & tbh I didn't even think it was that windy out lol.

The Duchess closes in on one of the minor plot points

Paddy was running with his main character from INQ28 the Duchess of some such or another, so the 2 hero's of the hour would have been knowing to one another which is always nice as it gives thing a little edge.
he fell over

Now as we began the shadow boxing Paddy was going for the small child who was on an upper level of a building & some contraband, with me after some munitions & for some unknown reason valves.
& for that he can stay down, I love it when a plan comes together lol 

For the next hour or so we traded bullets, blows & laughed as our hapless hero's tried to get the upper hand on one another & when the dust had settled we,d fought out a fun filled draw.
Lucinda save the day & look a dice with a 1 on it don't know how that happen.

I'll rap this post up by thanking Paddy for a fun filled game & my thanks to you for dropping in & be sure to stay tuned in for the further adventures of Panama Jack & his crew.

Jack finialy  get to the Duchess but she slips away with her contraband.



Sunday 5 October 2014

A game of pulp alley

I managed to get in a game of pulp alley while home last weekend, sadly this was the only picture I got as my wife had unplugged my tablet to charge her phone. l

Anyway that was the lay out of the table, we where just playing the starter mission again using the same 3 stat we'd done up for our first game while we tried to get a better handle on the rules not that the rules are overly complicated or anything like that.

Now having played the two games & from what I've read about this game I've come to the conclusion that this game is just really made for fun, now that's not to say that the way other games are is not fun as different people have different ideas as to what fun is.

The thing I think is that the fun in this game is more in a slapstick kind of way which is not everyone's cup of tea, I'd one of my dudes spend 4 turns trying to climb up the ladder you can see on the building above only to end up killing himself trying :-)

Now as I've said before you really do need to be given your imagination a bit of a work out when playing this game as just about anything can happen & it really helps if you can come up with a reason for it, I'll try to explain, in this game you've got cards that you play to either help yourself or hinder other players.

 So as Paddy activated one of his man I played a card that made him take a test which he failed & his guy died, now as all this guy did was walk across the grass there had to be something that killed him , so we said he got bitten by a deadly snake :-)

 I can a sure you that there is a lot more to this game then just silly slapstick moments & it would seem to by a game where in you can bring anything to live, if you want shoot outs or roof top chases  it can be done, if you wanted to recreate the opening part of raiders of the lost ark if you built all the right terrain this game would let you do it, as it really does seem to be a game where anything is possible & I look forward to getting some more action in.

As always I'll finish up by thanking you for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it & also my thanks to Paddy for the game.

Sunday 28 September 2014

NWG 2014

I was luck enough to be home this weekend & while two days of playing with the toys was never going to happen I did at least get a couple of hours to slip down to Wicklow & get a few photos (the length I go to lol) & chat with a few friends.

The games on offer this year where 40k WHFB & making it's first appearance at NWG FoW, now I don't know what the numbers where or if it was up or down on last year over all but sadly 40K was down as some of the more competitive minded players deciding to stay away.

This is not really surprising as NWG is pitched as  more of a hobby event then a hard ball tournament, the result of this could be seen in the results from the first round of matches, with all of the games apart from one returning very close scores, this fact making me feel even then I already did that I was missing out on a fun event.

If I able I give the results before I go to post or as they say in the newspaper business I'll hold the back page lol, right getting back on track another thing that makes NWG stand out from a lot of other events is they have what they call a Emerald Daemon competition for painting.

Now the Emerald Daemon competition is only in it's second year so like all thing's it will need time to grow, but having said that the standard is very high none the less & if your the painting type & reading this maybe you should thing about trying out NWG next year (I'm looking at you Dave Weston) making new friends having a good time & getting in some good games.

Right that's my bit on the promotion front done lol I'm going to post below the pictures I got of Emerald Daemon models below but be warned I hadn't my glasses with me so fingers crossed.


That's all I've got on the ED models there may have been more added after I left, anyway if you want a better look at them just click on them.

I'm not sure on this but I think this might be what the winners would be getting, so on that note I'm going to rap it up & despite holding the back page I still don't have the results so sorry about that.

As always my thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it I'll pop up all the pictures below.