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Sunday 26 January 2014

Deadzone first game

I finally got my first game of deadzone in the other night, with Paddy using the plague & me using the enforcers & I really enjoyed it.

So how does it all work you might ask ? well the idea is very simple & brilliant, the game is played out on a 2ft x 2ft gaming mat that is divided in to 3" squares with the terrain pieces working in the same way to create 3" cubes that works out most of the things in the game like moving & shooting.

The starter set comes with every thing you need to play the game which is great but you can add things to it which is also great, by this I mean you can buy extra models for the factions & extra so as to to the terrain already in the set, all of which will add to the replay ability of the game.

There is also a campaign to play & mantic are given fallow on support to this which will mean there will be even more stuff to add to it, that's not to say that there isn't already things to add as there is other warbands that you can get, with each one playing very differently as my game with Paddy pointed out.

This seen me getting the upper hand at the start of the game with my better shooting, but once he got in amongst me this changed very quickly, but hell in that all pert of the fun ?
Now from a gaming point of view as I've already said the basic of the game seem simple enough to pick up, but like all good games I think the mastering of it tactically will be a different matter.

So I look forward to getting a few more games in & then taking on the campaign which has many features that that I like & think will work very well & if you had about 5 or 6 different players in the campaign with different races it could be a real blast.

So my thanks to Paddy for the game & my thanks to you for dropping in, the next time I get a game in I'll do a battle report kind of thing to try to give you an idea of how the game plays.

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Deadzone & a million other things

The funny thing about this hobby is that the more I get done the more things I seem to still have to do, now I'll admit that winter time is a bad time for me from the hobby point of view, as I do about 95% of my stuff out in the dog pen.

So with the days been both short & cold I don't tend to get a lot done, anyway something I have been getting a bit of work done on is my deadzone but even the bit of work I got done on that only means more work for when you get the models & terrain made up it then needs painting.

Even though I didn't get much in the way of new stuff for the nids there is still work to be done for then while I don't have much more then about 30 models to paint up for them, there is a lot of other things I want to do for them as the moment I'm using a GW landing pad, which also by the way is far for done in a building sense never mind painting.

Last year from a model painting point I got a lot done but still there is so much to do, the Red Scorpions need a lot more work before I can call them an army in their own right, the IG's the same & all that is not even thing about the SoB's or thing for chaos.

So I think I'm going to need some kind of a plan to help get me through a lot of this stuff, now I know that the best way to go about all this is to take the projects one at a time & work on it until its finished, I've been in this hobby far to long to know that that won't happen.

What might work is to split things up a bit over a week, eg Monday & Tuesday I work on project X Wednesday & Thursday I work on project Y  Friday I just pick something that I feel like doing.
I done something like this before & found it did help me to get a lot of stuff done.

As the nids are the army that I'm using at the moment I think they'll be a good starting point as I'll get to both paint & make stuff, a long with them I'd like to do my deadzone stuff & will try to bring my necromunda terrain a long with it, so again I'll be painting & making stuff.

Here's to hoping I can stick to the plan as I really do need to get a handle on a lot of stuff, but with winter quickly pasting its time to get cracking & putting some of these project to bed, for as you can see in the picture above not only does the landing pad not match my army, it not even the right colour.

So thanks for dropping in & be sure to keep a eye on the blog to see if I stick to the plan, but if your a betting man keep your money in your pocket.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Opening night bugs

I got my first game of 40k in last night with the new nids codex & was over all very happy how it went, I've a lot of ideas running a round in my head as to what way to use it & what type of play style to use.

That you see is one of the good things about this codex, as while like all codex there are some good units & bad units there is really nothing that is so over the top that its an auto take, although I do think you'll be seen a lot of the carnifex.

Now I don't normally put up list as that sort of thing is not want I want from the blog but as it was Hive Fleet Nagaina first time out with the new codex I'll put it up, now as we all know nids don't get much outside of what in their codex but can take fortifications.

So anyway here's the list.

q Tervigon 195pts

Hq Hive Tyrant 165pts twin-linked devourers 15pts

Tps 15 Termagants 60pts 15 devourers 60pts

Tps 5 Genestealers 70pts Broodlord 60pts

Tps 15 Hormagunts 75pts

Els 3 Zoanthrope 150

Els 2 Venomthrope 90pts

Els 1 Venomthrope 45pts

FA 3 Shrikes 90pts barbed strangler 10pts

FA 10 Gargoyles 60pts

FA 10 Gargoyles 60pts

HS 2 Carnifex 240pts 4 twin-linked devourers 60pts

HS 2 Carnifex 240pts 4 twin-linked devourers 60pts

HS 3 Biovores 120pts

Landing pad 75pts

Total 2000pts

I was up against Ger's chaos space marines & its a hard enough list with a biker lord in a squad of bikers all with MoN A couple of hellbirds a few squads of plague marines some oblits & havoc's, we played at 2k but only used one FOC.

As readers of this blog will know I don't do battle reports unless I turn it in to a story (which I like doing) so I won't be doing one on the game, but I will say that as always with Ger it was a very enjoyable game.

Did I get a few things wrong ? you bet I did, but I do that all the time anyway lol, the couple of high lights of the game was Ger rolling on the chaos table & getting something that meant if he pulled off a successful DTW roll the model that casted the power took a s6 ap2 hit, needless to say Ger put this to good use the second time putting a wound on my tyrant.

The other highlight was when in cc with even through I'd killed him he'd gotten a wound on the tyrant with the black mase which meant I'd to take a T test for which I rolled a 6 & died, have a look again at the name of this blog lol.

So I finish up by thanking Ger for a great game & my thanks to you for dropping in & please call back soon,

Sunday 12 January 2014

Nids out with the old in with the new

Where it hits newyear I do something that my father started me doing a long time ago, where I open the front door & back door to let the newyear in & the old one out.
these flying rippers from FW have been wait a while for some love  wish I could  say it was the same with the sweets
Well a little bit over a week later I fine myself doing something similar with my nids & the old dex goes taking old units like the doom with it & bring in new ones like the crone.
1 of my pods & doom I wonder did he see his own doom coming ?
Now I was really looking forward to this codex until that was I read a review of WD that  reported that there was an interview with Mr Cruddace about the new nid dex & my heart sank, now I know GW are claiming that these days the design team write the rules for a codex not one person.
What do people have against parasites ?
This could very well be true but as far as I'm concerned Cruddace & nid is like pokadots & stripes they should never be anywhere near one another, then the rules started to leak & it was looking more & more a case of oh Magoo you've done it again, for those not as old as myself Mr Magoo was a near blind cartoon man the just made one mess after another for other people to pick up the pieces after him.

So it was I headed into gamersworld yesterday with a gift voucher that my wife had given me for Christmas & the plan was to pick up the dex & some reinforcements for hive fleet Nagaina, the problem was that by now I was unsure what to do as for as I said in my last post I couldn't help but feel that the new models only reason for been the price they where was because they were the new models.
I got to gamersworld about an hour before I was to play what was to be my last game with the now old nid dex so I'd a bit of time to look at the new dex to see if I could work out if it was as bad as the net was saying, now don't get me wrong I'm not a tournament player & so wasn't looking for an over powered dex but when things like rippers where going up by 3pts a base well I was worried.

Hive fleet Nagaina take on old one eye

On display beside the new dex in the shop happened to be deadzone a new game from Mantic & some other stuff that could be added to the game like other factions & terrain, & it was this terrain that took my eye.
While talking (see moaning) to a guy who had come into get the new codex we had a look at it together but to be honest I was only half looking as I'd more or less gotting it into my head thet yes magoo had done it again & maybe deadzone is what I should get instead.

Monday 6 January 2014

40K Nids inbound

Only a few more days until Hive Fleet Nagaina evolves & expands & to this end I've already started.

Here they come
 I'm not sure where to go new model wise as while GW as done well with some of the kits like the guants & the 2 fex pack I'm not happy with the fact that the new Haruspex/Exocrine cost more then the Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit with is a bigger kit & has more parts.

A face only a mother could love
Same thing with the Harpy/Crone kit agaisnt the Tyrant/Swamlord kit as the difference here is 18euro I see some conversions in my not to distant future.

To the skies
One for the great things about nids is that unlike IG's where a Russ is a Russ a Harpy in hive fleet Nagaina does not have to look the same as a Harpy in hive fleet Leviathan & so as a player who is not into tournaments I can let my little mind run mad.

That's got to hurt
I still use my converted fex as a tervigon & the model I made up today will be my version of a well know nid.
So until I get what I want done up for my hive fleet I'll be trying hard to put all other modelling projects on hold.
Pretty in pink
So thanks for dropping in & lock & load those lasguns as the feeding is about to get under way.

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Gun emplacements

I'll wish you all a happy Newyear & with the niceties out of the way I'll kick on with what the post is about which is gun emplacements.

Gun emplacements have been in 40k a long time if you used FW rules in your games & imo add a lot to a game, since 6th ed GW have open up these kind of things with fortifications been add to the game we can be faced with all sort of thing on the other side of the table.

If your the sort of guy who does narrative games then all these new fortifications models & rules are most welcome but even if your not that type you still have to admit they are a nice addition to the game.
Anyway its the gun emplacements I'm looking at in this post the av14 ones that can have 3 different type of weapons, a bettlecannon, a punishercannon or a quad-linked lascannons.

From tarantulas to the vengeance weapons batteries I'm a sucker for them, I mean who doesn't love the seen from Aliens where the two guns are pumping out bullets blowing aliens apart left , right & centre, while the lads are watching the read outs gun 1 down to 50% 2 at 35%.

Movies like the guns of Navarone things like these are what GW are telling us are our cinematic goals, do they want to sell us models ? yes but here's the other side of that coin do we want to buy models ?

Well I for one do & did as I picked up vengeance weapons batteries the other day & if I was to play the battle for the bridge mission (that I did two post on on this blog) again instead of using the leman russ I'd be using the weapons batteries as it would just look more cinematic in my mind.

With this kit you get the option to make it with the battlecannon or the punishercannon & my first thought was to magnetise the weapon so as to be able to swap them in & out, so needlessly to say I was very happy to find the  battlecannon the mussel part off the punishercannon fits nicely into it  so that all you need to do is pop this part in or out to change the gun type.

This also leaves with the other part of the punishercannon gun left over for doing other things with which brings me to another point which is this kit, GW put lots of decorative bits in with this kit for you to add on but to be honest I think the weapon looks fine the way it is in the photo so I can see these bits going into the bitsbox.

Next step is to get these bad boys painted up & then into a game where I'm sure they'll be a lot of fun to use & add another element to my army.

Cross the bridge at your own peril, like I've said before its as much about flavour for me as it is anything else.
So thanks for dropping in & please call back soon.