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Thursday 28 September 2017

Chapter 2 Down but not out

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The start of this adventure can be found here.

Pilot:" Ladies & Gentlemen as I'm sure you are aware we've landed safely but we're a long way from civilisation, we crossed over a river a few miles from here I think we should leave the plane & head for that river, there are luckily enough some tent's & other supplies on-board that where part of the cargo that will be very useful to us over the next few days.
Rising from his seat Marco Boswel:"Hold on there a moment you've just proved yourself as a good pilot but I've a feeling you know jackshit about surviving out in a place like this, the river your talking about is the Shangani which flows into the Zambezi & pitching tents along it's bank would not be something I'd care to do.
Pilot:" As captain for this craft I'm responsible for the well-been of everyone on it I'll not tolerate my command been questioned, it's my duty to get you all back safely to civilisation & I intend to do just that.

Boswel:"While we were in the air sir I was more then happy to do whatever you said, but now we're on the ground things are quite different & what's more...

Taylor:" Gentleman gentlemen please, this bickering is not going to get us anywhere".
Taylor:"If I may ask Mr ?
Boswel:" Marco Boswel tracker & big game hunter at your service sir"

Taylor:"& very welcomed that service will be in this trying situation we find yourselves in wouldn't you agree Captain  Dufour ?

Dufour:"Indeed Sir indeed fortunate it is to have someone of Mr Boswel's knowledge among us in this hour of need, I will of coarse be more then happy to take any of your advice as regards how we should go about getting out of here sir "

Boswel:"Thank you kindly gentlemen, well to start off with what I would suggest is like was the Captain's plan we go through the cargo to find anything that will be of use to us & as there are only a couple of hours of daylight left spend the night in the plane before setting out for the river in the morning"

Taylor turning to Connie " Sorry about all this but don't worry we all get back in one piece"
Connie:"It's fine Taylor I enjoy a bit of adventure & what's more I could do with the overtime" she added jokingly bring a grin to Taylor's face.

What a plucky girl he thought to himself not for the first or last time.

Also on board was a German diplomat Andres Weber & his wife Maud, on their way back to German East Africa.

Having secured provisions & gone over the maps they settled in for the night.
 Boswel had informed them  that there was a missionary a couple of days hike down river, this didn't go down to well with the Germans who were not happy about the idea of having to hike in this heat & terrain for the next couple of days.

Taylor:"You ready for this Connie ?"

Connie:"Well it's not exactly the West of Ireland, but yes I'm looking forward to it in a strange kind of way.
Immediately after breakfast they set off.
Dufour:"Time to be going folk's, make sure you have all you need to bring with you as we won't come back for anything you forgot"

Boswel leads the way as the group head for the river.
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