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Wednesday 24 December 2014

40K Joining the scouts

I can't do this post without using one of my all time favourite move lines & it comings from one of the Naked Guns staring Leslie Nielsen.
Its the scene when he's in a bar & turns around to George Kenny & says I haven't had this much sex since I was a boyscout leader LOL,

Anyway back to what this post is about & that is me trying to come up with an army in 40K that I can really enjoy playing & to that end my first port of call is going to be marine scouts,  now as I've said before I think the most fun part of 40K is to be found in assault, now I'm not talking about the invisible 2++ rerollable  deathstars here, no what I'talking about is the unsure who's going to get the better of who kind of assault where the two sides are getting stuck into each other.

Now I first thought of running scouts along time back but for some reason I never got around to trying it out, so what brought it back to me now you might ask ? well tbh it was when reading the new BA dex.

Now I've two ideas on how I might go about playing scouts, one it from the BA dex the, what's not to like about S5 on the charge, the other is from csm where they can take landspeeder storms.
Either way the idea of this army is to throw it into the other players face & let him deal with it, so that's the basic outline for now, will it be spamy  ? yes but I hope in a way that will make the army fun to play with & against.

Well that's it for now & as I get a chance over the hols I'll stick up a couple of lists, so talking of hols I'll take this chance to wish you all a very marry Christmas & as always thanks for dropping in.


  1. My vote is for Blood Angels Scouts: "Be bloody, bold and resolute."

  2. Lol Marc we just have to wait & see, who knows maybe all those scouts will turn in to geanstealers.

    1. Did someone say Genestealers? Manufactorum Brood, hiding in a building or ruins within 6" of your opponent turn 1? If you want a will they/won't they situation they're it. You have to survive one or two turns of shooting [pray for first turn and night fighting] hope they don't die from overwatch and gamble that what's left can do the business.

      Add in Toxin sacs they could do well against massed Riptides, Adrenal Glands and you might be good against Knights and they're dirt cheap on ebay!

  3. As someone who has about 80+ stealers already Dave they'd need to be free & even then I'm not sure I'd want them as I'd have to paint them & we both know how much fun that is LOL.

    Shock stealers that close backed up by some big MC's dropping in turn two could lead to a bit of fun all right & might just give me the kick I'm looking for out of 40K, & if nothing has guns then I've no choice but to assault right ?