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Sunday 27 April 2014


Were going to be having a little killteam league in the club over the coming weeks, for which we've gotten 10 players to sign up, now as the dice would have it this has lead to me playing my son inlaw in the first round of match's.

Anyway here's the draw & the missions to be played & if you haven't tryed out killteam yet you really should as its good fun.

Missions 3 & 6 are to both be played once.

Stephen V Dwane

Jamie aka Mr Lazy V John aka Mr Slow

Roman V John

Frank V Ralph aka no good son inlaw

Ger V Alan

So thanks for dropping in & keep an eye on if it wasn't for ones over the next while for updates, below are a list of the teams.

Frank's list

Worrior brood 90pts 3 deathspitters 15pts total 105pts
Termagant brood 40pts 7 extra gants 28pts 6 devourrers 24pts
total 92pts

Warrior eternal warrior
Warrior rending
Warrior feel no pain
Army total i97pts.

Dark Angels,
Tactical Squad
(Vet sergeant, w/ plasma pistol, boltgun, chainsword, meltabomb. Marine w/ Plasma Cannon & Relentless . 6xStandard Marines one with Feel No Pain & one with Infiltrate
) 133 points

Ravenwing Support Squadron
Landspeeder Tornado (2 Heavy Bolters) 60 pts.
Total 193

Dark Angels.
Tactical squad,
70 points,
5 additional space marines 70 point,
Meltagun 10 point, Ignores Cover
heavy bolter 10 points, Relentless.
Veteran sargent melta bombs 5 point,Hammer of Wrath
Rhino 35 points.
Total 200.

No good son inlaw
Emperor’s ire: Black Templars: Total 200

Crusader Squad: (5*14+15+10+10=105)
Initiate1 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol - Leader Brother Gerhart
Initiate2 Plasmagun & Bolt Pistol - Guerrilla Specialist Preferred Enemy
Initiate3 Heavy Bolter & Bolt Pistol - Weapon Specialist Rending
Initiate4 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol
Initiate5 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol
Neophyte1 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol

Scout Squad : (6*11+2*1+15+6*2=95)
Scout1 Sergeant Boltgun & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout2 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout3 Boltgun & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout4 Missile Launcher & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak - Indominatable Specialist Relentless
Scout5 Sniper Rifle & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Scout6 Sniper Rifle & Bolt Pistol & Camo Cloak
Kill Team as follows:
IG Veteran Squad (60)
Autocannon (10) - Mastercrafted (Weapon Specialist)
Plasma Gun (15) - Preferred Enemy (Guerilla Specialist)
Meltagun (10)
Sergeant has Fearless (Indomitable Specialist)

Militarum Tempestus Scion Squad (70)
Tempestor is Leader

Scout Sentinel (35)
6 damned legionaires (space marine codex) 150
Plasma gun 15
Plasma cannon 15
Combi-plasma 10
Melta bomb 5
Auspex 5

Total: 200p

Mr Slow

Harald Deathwolf’s Hunters: Space Wolves: Total 200

Lone Wolf (20)
Finn – Unhelmed Axe Hunter - Leader

Geir – Wulfen Hunter – Dirty Fighter Specialist Shred
Hæfnir– Plasma Hunter – Guerilla Specialist Preferred Enemy
Iarl – Bolter Hunter
Johan – Chainsword Hunter – Specialist Feel No Pain
Karl – Sword Hunter

Fenrisian Wolves : (10*8=80)
Freki – Golden Wolf (Finn’s Wolf)
Geri – Silver Wolf (Geir's Wolf)
Haki –Leaping Wolf (Hæfnir's Wolf)
Iuli – Turning Wolf (Iarl's Wolf)
Jabari – Howling Wolf (Johan's Wolf)
Kraki – Crouching Wolf (Karl's Wolf)
Lini – Lone Wolf
Manni – Lone Wolf
Nasi – Lone Wolf
Ragi – Lone Wolf

Jamie aka Mr Lazy

+ kill team (200pts) +++
+++ 200pt Chaos Space Marines 6th Ed (2012) by SN Roster (Primary Detachment)) +++


Chaos Space Marines 6th Ed (2012) by SN (Primary Detachment) Selections:

+ Troops + (200pts)

* Chaos Cultists (55pts)
(Champion of Chaos)
Champion's upgrade (10pts), Heavy stubber (5pts), 10x Squad models (champion included) (40pts)

* Chosen (Troops) (145pts)
4x Chosen (72pts), Heavy bolter (10pts), Replace boltgun w/ Flamer (5pts), Replace boltgun w/
Plasma gun (15pts), Veterans of the Long War (10pts)
* Chosen Champion (33pts)
(Champion of Chaos)
Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Gift of mutation (10pts), Melta Bomb (5pts)

Cultist champ: Dirty trick=flesh bane
Chosen plasma guner: Shooting traits Ignores cover
Chosen flamer: Shooting: rending

Kill team list.
30 Ork boyz 180 pts
2 big shootas 10 pts
Nob 10 pts


Space wolves.
lone wolf, storm shield, wolf claw, 2x fenresian wolves. 90 points

grey hunters x5. Plasma gun, power axe, wolf banner. 110 points

plasma gun guy- preferred enemy
Power axe guy- hatred
Banner guy- flesh bane

Monday 21 April 2014

40K Escalation Fun

So last week I got in my first game of escalation & I've got to say I enjoyed it a lot, now I think escalation has gotten a lot of bad press & if you believed the net then it has titans ready to jump out at you at every hands turn.

On the the day of the game I sent Jamie a mail asking him how he felt about facing something big & wonderful in an escalation game & being the good sport that he is his answer was yes, now I know I don't have to ask but its nice to.

The list, now the model I wanted to build this list a round was none other then An'ggrath the unbound, now I know from using this model in many an apoc game that it's a very powerful model, but at 888pts well it should be.

Anyway as I was using one model I haven't used in a while I decided to throw in a few more that I also haven't used in a while, so in went the blood slaughterer of khone & the spined beast, but as this was going to be an army of the blood god I used the spined beast as Gorefeaster & for a bit of air support I added in my hellblade as my plan was to have Au'ggrath on the ground killing things.

Now to make up the rest of this list, well a dark apostle would be a good place to start with plenty of cultists with the mok needlessly to say, well if your going to be being daemons in to the world this are a good way to do it, some blood letters & a herald & the job was complete.

I was happy with this list as it was nice & fluffy & should make for a fun game, & with little or no shooting power in my army I was going to have to get stuck in (oh happy days), Jamie was also running chaos in the form of the BL & a couple of dreads & defilers a landraider, cultists, chosen & some termi's & not to be forgotten a hellbird.

Now one of the balancing things about escalation is that there's a couple of missions at the back of the book & your opponent gets to pick which one they want to play, Jamie picked the one that he got a point for very wound he put on Au'ggrath & I got a point for every wound he had left at the end of the game.

After a couple of hours of slaughterer we came to the end of round five with Jamie a head but with only  an ac falling back, & a cowardly (smart) sorcerer that had gone to hide in the landraider & with the score 6 v 5 to Jamie I needed the game to go on & table him to win it.

Jamie's turn 6 & he open ens up on Au'ggrath with the landraider put on 2w with the heavy bolter & one with a lasannon, with 6w already gone this could be the end for him, I roll my 2+ armour save first & fail 1 now I'm down to 1w with a 3++ save & I roll a 2, aaaggghhh Au'ggrath goes back into the warp for another 10,000 years, I play out my turn 6 with no way of winning the game I might as well try to kill the falling back ac, but no I could not even do this little thing & the game ends.

Using Au'ggrath again was great fun & he killed most of Jamie's army on his own, as it should be for a lord of khone, its been a long time since I ran an army of the blood god & had all but forgotten how much fun it is win lose or draw.
If you sell your soul to the devil then don't be surprised if he comes to collect it.

So well done to Jamie & my thanks for been such a good sport & my thanks to you for dropping in & please call back soon.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

INQ28 Panama Jack part 2

If you've not read part 1 here's a link

After what seemed an eternity but was less then two hours Jack felt a slight vibration under him as the massive ships engines started to fire up, this cheered Jack up no end as he knew this meant the the ship would be moving off soon.

For the first couple or hours after the ship had set off on it voyage Jack had remained with in the container that he had come on board in, but hunger, thirst & bodily needs meant that he had to venture out into the cargo bay.

Al trough Jack knew that if he was found now that the ship would not turn back to Sygies VIII he was still terrified of getting caught not knowing what faith might be fall him so like a thief in the night he hugged to the shadows. 

After an uneventful journey he found one of the lower decks kitchens & grabbed some supplies, he wonder should he try to find a hiding place near to the kitchen but dismissed the idea straight away for fear of being found while searching.

Like vermin Jack spent the first couple of days hiding from the ships crew, only coming out of his hiding when it was absolutely necessary.
Not knowing much about space travel Jack had no idea how long the trip would take & began to feel very lonely & was by now missing the rest of his family now very far away.

On the third day Jack noticed a different kind of vibration running through the ship & started to become violently sick with severer headaches & vomiting, having no way of knowing that this was just a side effect that a lot of people suffered from their first experience of warp travel, after some hours the sickness & loneliness at this point overcame Jack's fear of been found on board the ship & he set out to find someone to help him.

Jack approached the first crew man he seen & told him he was a stole away & that he was very ill, laughing to himself knowing well what the sickness was from the crewman reported to the bridge over the vox's that he come across a young stole away & that the boy been ill was taking him to sickbay.

The next day after some care & a good nights sleep Jack now feeling better was brought before the ships captain who's name was Oliver Panama hearing Jack's story the captain a kindly man felt story for the lad & told Jack that instead of blowing him out of the airlock which is what they normally do with stole aways, that ha could become his cabin boy & run errands for him & when not needed by him could lend a hand down in the engine rooms.

This lead to the crew starting to call the boy Panama's Jack which later was to become Panama Jack a name he carries to this day.
Weather running errands or working in the engine rooms quickly got to know the lay out of the ship & the crew, been slight of build & ambidextrous Jack was of great help to the engine crews able to get in to all those hard to pieces,

Jack always a fast learner got to know all there was to know about the workings of the ships engines in a very short length of time, another thing Jack got to know all about very quickly about down in the lower decks where the games of chance play by the ships crew, something that Jack was to develop a great liking for.

Rising quickly through the ranks by the age of 33 Jack had become the first officer & like the son he never had to captain Panama, eight years later while on a typical cargo run the Hermes came under attack from a dark Eldar raiding party, fast & all as the old ship was there was no way it could out run the smaller slicker ships.
Determined not to to give up their cargo with out a fight captain organised into gangs to fight the Eldar when they boarded the ship & even though they where successful at fighting the Eldar off the price was very high with 22 of the crew killed including captain Panama, who die on the bridge while trying to fight off the Archon of the Eldar party & his court.

Seen the man who had become a second farther to him fall Jack charged straight for the archon & engaged him in hand to hand combat, but Jack was no match for the skilled blade master, with a faint to Jack's right the archon quickly brought his other blade around on Jack's left side knocking the sword from jack's hand. 

As is the cruel way of the dark Eldar thinking he had the battle won the Archon started to toy with Jack flicking out with is sword putting little wounds all over Jack's body with one of these's wounds ruining Jacks left eye, stumbling backwards Jack noticed captain Panama's pistol lying on the floor over to his right hand side.

Knowing that he was about to die Jack dived for the pistol & without even aiming put a lucky shot into the Archon's head, this turned the tied of the fight & the dark Eldar where beating back off the ship, along with Jack there was another 72 crew wounded.

When in the sickbay the ships doctor said to Jack that when they called to port Jack should go about getting an augmented eye Jack thing of the cold cybernetically implanted eyes in his brother all those years gave a sad smile & shock his head, no Doc the eye patch will do just fine

Having no family of his own captain Panama left all he owned to Jack & now a very wealthy man in his own right it is said that Jack is happier winning 10 credits after a night at the gaming tables then making a 100,000 credits on a handy cargo run, now after entering the realms of the inquisition it will be interesting to see what the further holds for Panama Jack.

Coming soon Toco

Thanks for dropping in & I hope you enjoyed the read.

Thursday 10 April 2014

The last space crusade

Last Saturday was table top gaming day so I head for the shack with Paddy ridding shotgun for a day of fun & games.

So after a little chat with some people it was time to get down to gaming & first up for me was the game that started me down the road that is this wonderful hobby space crusade

This was my first contact with GW's 40K universe & is a game that will for ever have a special place in my hart, when Nigel had it all set up & I placed my 5 marines in their little docking bay I got that same buzz I use to get all those years ago.

With Nigel taking on the GM type roll, Paddy the blood angles, Ross the ultramarines & me running the imperial fists it was time to step on board.

Space crusade didn't disappoint & it was still the fast paced game that I remembered & had told Paddy about many a time, high light of the game ? playing this game again, extra high light of the game getting in to a spot where I could take out one of Nigel's chaos space & two of Paddies blood angles with him lol the evil that man do.

The game ended with both Ross & myself  with one marine left on the table & all the bad guys dead as well as poor Paddies blood angles & Nigel telling us he'd won but how your meant to win when you've no models left I don't know so I'm giving the win to Ross.

Next up was a demo game of infinity this one was Paddy & myself facing off on Shane's wonderful table using in his lovely models, now infinity is a game that I don't feel a demo does justice to as there is a lot of deep in it that players that don't know how to play won't get to see.

None the least it was still a very enjoyable game & tbh I'd a little advantage as I'd had a demo game before at last years NWG, Paddy & myself went blow for blow until we both only one model each left, luckily for me the one I had left was better then his so I set off & hunted him down.

Paddy had been on a bit of a roll & had gotten the upper hand in your games of late so a bit of pay back was nice.

Next we tried out a game called elder signs a very simple game to learn but good fun to play none the less with I think about 6 players in the first game we save the world just in the nick of time & like I said this game was so easy to learn that I ran the second one myself with of course Paddies help.

Other games that was on offer that day where flames of war, warhammer, warmachine & xwing to name but a few & a great day out it was, I'll be back for the next one.

I'll finish up by thanking all that I played & no Nigel once again you didn't win space crusade but thanks for making it a great day & my thanks to you for dropping in.

Monday 7 April 2014

CQLG Airbase Finished

Got the last of this finished up a few days back so time to set it all up & have a look at it.

Over all I'm happy with how this has turned out, as it was my only second time doing this kind of thing & it was a long time ago I did the first one,also I'd never worked with cork before.

Now as I've said many time before I think getting a certain feel from a game is very important & terrain really helps in this way every bit as much as the models do & that true whether your playing with a few model a side or a big army each.

So with one project out of the way I can move on with another but the terrain I've built for this one will find a place in many of the ones to come but that's jumping a head of myself a little.
In setting it up I added some scatter terrain & a couple of models to add to the effect.

I also add a stairs the control building you can see in the upper right hand corner of the picture above.
Now for someone like me doing this kind of thing is simple but I understand that that wouldn't be the case for everyone so here's a link to a handy way of doing stairs.
So what did I learn from this project ? well for a start I learned that cork is a great material to work with & here's a couple of seasons why.
1) its cheap & easy to get.
2) like form card its light & easy to work with, but its more durable then form card & I think it offers more in the kind of finish you can get (but more on that another day.
3) That building a complete table worth of terrain means you don't just end up with a little bit of this type & a little that terrain.
I'll just finish up by saying how much I enjoyed doing this & look forward to getting to use it in games, I'll stick all the pictures I took down below some of the above will be repeated because its easier for me to do it that way.

So thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it & please call back again.