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Saturday 11 October 2014

Pulp Alley having fun

So I got another game of pulp alley in last weekend & yes this time I managed to get some photos, but before I go into the game I want to try to give an bit of an insight as to where I'm coming at this game from & my league which should be in the next post.

The setting

The thing I love about the 40K setting is the spaceships & muskets thing which sadly seems to be something that GW are moving further away from, now as most of you know I played INQ28 for awhile & while it was great fun & I really enjoyed it, it just always felt like the game never really worked like it was meant to.

a purple death ray thingy

Now Panama Jack who will be the hero of my league was brought into INQ28 & is someone I want to develop along with his crew, so you good reader will be getting to know people like his first mate Lucinda Green & what I'm aiming for is something like the crew of the Serenity from the move of the same name & the TV show Firefly.

Jack & his faithful hound Mr Smith get ready for action, while to his left 2 what I like to now think of as the red shirts. 

Right so that kind of brings you up to speed on that now on to the game, again we where just playing the basic mission, but this time we added a new twist in that any model could only go for the major plot point if he was in control of a minor plot point & by does this ever make a big difference to the game.
one of the Duchess's henchmen take cover

The story line much as it was found Jack been hired by some unknown person to get the information on a purple death ray thingy from manufacture lab off out it the wilds somewhere, this was the main plot point along with the other type of things this game throws up, the likes of a small foreign child who just so happened to be wondering around this place by himself lol.
this child's mother really needs to look after him better

Anyway I'd my stats done up for Jack & one of the abilities I gave Jack was wealthy, now I was a bit iffy about giving him this as it lets you take more characters but as like it says in the rules book these guys fall over to a stiff breeze so I don't think this will be a problem going forward.

the jungle it came alive & knocked them over, useless red shirts

So we set up with my 7 guys going up against Paddy's 3 but as before paddy even started his first turn 3 of my guys where out of the game the sides was a bit more even & tbh I didn't even think it was that windy out lol.

The Duchess closes in on one of the minor plot points

Paddy was running with his main character from INQ28 the Duchess of some such or another, so the 2 hero's of the hour would have been knowing to one another which is always nice as it gives thing a little edge.
he fell over

Now as we began the shadow boxing Paddy was going for the small child who was on an upper level of a building & some contraband, with me after some munitions & for some unknown reason valves.
& for that he can stay down, I love it when a plan comes together lol 

For the next hour or so we traded bullets, blows & laughed as our hapless hero's tried to get the upper hand on one another & when the dust had settled we,d fought out a fun filled draw.
Lucinda save the day & look a dice with a 1 on it don't know how that happen.

I'll rap this post up by thanking Paddy for a fun filled game & my thanks to you for dropping in & be sure to stay tuned in for the further adventures of Panama Jack & his crew.

Jack finialy  get to the Duchess but she slips away with her contraband.



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