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Thursday 26 September 2013

40K mission The Bridge

Take The Bridge is a 40k mission that I posted here on the blog about a year ago.

Veteran sergeant Dozzel of the Bloodfists lowered the magiscope & turning to brother venerable dreadnought Lars said the bridge is in the hands of the enemy, I can make out a Leman Russ battle tank on the far side of the bridge & to the left of it a well camouflaged Chimera near some woods.

In order to outflank the enemy the Bloodfists needed this bridge & Dozzel orders where to take it so the the main column wouldn't be delayed in crossing the river.

 Dozzel had with him a small deployment of Bloodfist space marines that consisted of his own tactical squad & tactical squad Vern, as well as the venerable dreadnought & a lander speeder typhoon.

Under the cover of darkness they headed down into the valley along the road from the west & got within a couple of hundred metres of the bridge when the rhino of squad Vern which was leading the way was lit up by the search light of the Chimera before been rocked violently by shell from the leman Russ which thank the Emperor just glanced off its side.

The dreadnought & the typhoon both returned fire while the two rhinos pushed on for the bridge, they did not get much further however before the lead rhino became a wreck as from all along from the other side of the river IG heavy weapon teams opened fire on it.

 With the transport a wreck squad Vern had to disembark only to get pined down from the incoming enemy fire, with the road in front of them now blocked by the wreckage of squad Verns rhino, the rhino of squad Dozzel was forced to go off the road to get around it, but this close to the river the ground was very soft & the vehicle quickly got bogged down becoming immobilised.

Given orders for all units to regroup in the ruins on the far side of the road the veteran sergeant knew they where up against it but the sons of Dorn where made of stern stuff & would complete their mission or die trying.

As his squad worked it way towards the ruins trying to keep the rhinos as much as possible between themselves & the guards for as much cover as then could get, a couple of krak missiles flu over their heads on their way to taking out the Chimera.

Once regrouped in the ruins Dozzel knew that they wouldn't be able to hold out here for long in the face of such over whelming fire, squad Vern was already down to 60%, as if to reconfirm the point there was a loud explosion as brother Lars got blown to pieces by a direct hit from the Russ quickly followed by the speeder getting immobilised after been hit by a lascannon.

 Moving squad by squad through the ruins giving one & other covering fire the marines worked their way towards the bridge & although with their discipline in bolter drill they were taking a heavy toll on the guards, still the rate of incoming fire was tremendous.

So much so that by the time they reach the ruined building nearest to the bridge squad Vern was down to 40% while Dozzel own squad was down to 70%. Dozzel knew that the mission was now in danger of failing & that the only chance they had now was to try to rush to the bridge & engage the enemy in close combat.

So given the order & yelling out for Dorn lead the charge over the last 50 metres of clear ground to the bridge back up with some covering fire from the grounded land speeder.

The sight of 11 charging space marines is enough to put fear in to braver things then the guards holding the bridge and their shooting which upon till now had been very accurate became very poor, still such was the volume of fire that it was still taking its toll.

Squad Dozzel which was now down to just 2 had taken an awful beating in the charge as it had been the nearest to the river but at least it had shielded squad Vern who where still at 40% as they step onto the bridge to launch an assault on a guard infantry squad that had taken up a firing position there.

But at last they where to lose another marine as they covered the final 2m to engage the enemy, still 3 space marines is still more than a match for a squad of guards men & they cut them down in no time.

The bridge was now in the marines hands but with such few numbers would they be able to hold onto it. Brother Raham who together with Dozzel where trying to make their way onto the bridge to support their brothers was the next to fall before Dozzel himself was killed when he was hit by a krak missile.

Though the remaining 3 marines fought gallantry they could not hold out long enough under such over whelming firepower & so by the time the main force arrived the bridge was back in enemy hands.

There was then another battle for the bridge with the result been very different but the cost to the Bloodfists in both manpower & time had been high.

The mission played out was one that I wrote a long time back & it was nice to finally play it out, My thanks to Pearce for what was a very enjoyable game.

I hope to do more of this type of stuff as I find it more enjoyable then a normal 40k game.
So thanks for dropping in & please do so again.

Sunday 22 September 2013

INQ28 Villains

All good miniature model games needs hero's & all hero's need villains to fight with, a while back a few of us in the club started playing INQ28 with yours truly doing gm for the first little campaign we had.

That meant I had to come up with some npc's this I done in a couple of the games with one been a rouge Inquisitor V. Price but the other one is the one I found more interesting, he was a beastman who I called Ugo-cal.

So while I'd done up a character sheet for Price this had not been the case for Ugo as all I'd done was a stas line for beastmen & give Ugo 5 points up on it across the board, so that is something I want to put right, not only that but I've other models I see playing the roll of the villain in other game of INQ28.

So without further ado lets get down to it first up will be V. Price of the Ordo Hereticus.

Right handed

WS/60 BS/46 S/48 T/46 I/51 WP/53 SG/52 NV/44 LD/65

Ranged weapons, webber, 3 throwing knifes, frag & photon grenades,
Close combat weapon, sword.

Special abillities
Blade master, feint, first strike.

1 webber reload, 2 frag & photon grenades, buckler, Advanced auto senses, servo hunter-skull, cyber-mastiff.

The Inquisitor seems to have gone MIA, but there are phots of him here on the blog if you want to look for him.

Ugo-cal beastman

Left handed

WS/52 BS/39 S/57 T/52 I/35 WP/41 SG/20 NV/65 LD/32

Ranged weapon, autogun

Close combat weapon, halberd

 Special abilities
Furious assault, Ture grit

Shang Tsung Sorcerer

Right handed

WS/40 BS/32 S/42 T/40 I/52 WP/96 SG/87 NV/56 LD/79

Psychic abilities, gaze of death, choke, enforce will, terrify, machine empathy, teleportation,psychicward, familiar, firestorm,blinding flash.

Ufgood Ogryn

Left handed

WS/59 BS/24 S/68 T/62 I/39 WP/35 SG/23 NV/72 LD/42

Special abillities
Psychon, Implant weaponry, Force of will, Furious assault, Nerves of steel.

These are just basic profiles for these guys & I would to develop them a bit more going forward so keep an eye out for them & indeed my warband, with NWG next weekend I'll have more time after it to start doing some character development which is something that I really enjoy doing.

So thanks for dropping in.

Sunday 15 September 2013

Red Scorpions Predator

I've got a predator done to add to my scorpions, unfortunately I hadn't got all the parts so to make it different from the other tanks in the army I used different dozer blades, I like this idea as it also makes sense as to why it's av13 as agaisnt a rhino that is only av11.

On another note after been away last week I got to pict up the new marine codex yesterday, this to be honest left me with mixed feeling as the marine player in me is really happy with how you can make a lot of different fluffy armies, where as the chaos player in me can only see how great the codex could have been.

Ah well you can't win them all lol, I'll need at some time sit down & try to make a list up for the scorpions but first I need to try to get some more painted up for NWG which is now less then two weeks away


Thanks for spending the time chatching up I hope it was worth your while.

Thursday 5 September 2013

Red Scorpions Dread & pod

With NWG at the end of the month there's not much time left for working on this army, but as I won't be playing it not to bad as I can just take what ever I've got painted up without haven to worry about if it's a use able army.

Anyway the news addition to the Red Scorpions is a dreadnought & drop pod

Once again |I've another first as I'd never painted a drop pod before, for someone who been playing marines as long as I have there seems to be a lot of things is this army that I'd never painted before.

I went for the older kit out on the dread of assault cannon & close combat weapon, somehow a dread without a close combat weapon never seems right to me to be honest & will I've used daka dreads before I always thought they look better with the close combat weapon.

As it's a metal dread I magnetised the arms but at the moment these two are the only ones I've got done.

With the new marine codex out at the weekend I feel I'm at a stage where I now have enough done to use them in a game if I wish either as the main force or as allies, but in all honesty it's unlikely they'll get an outing before NWG.

As I've already said this is the first drop pod I've painted & I've got to say I found it to be quite a big model to paint even with the inners left out but I'm happy with the way it turn out.

So thanks for drop (podding) in & keep an eye on the blog for more Scorpions updates as we get nearer to NWG.

Monday 2 September 2013

The most dangerous job in the 41st M

In a setting where all around there is death & destruction, it would seem that there is one job that is much more dangerous then all the others
That my friends is been a crew member of a vehicle, it matters not of which type it is for there is one thing for sure & that is if the vehicle is recked or destroyed if your a crew member then your dead.

Even power armour won't keep the crew alive

But does it always have to be that way ? eh no is the answer, in IA4 there is a mission called thunderhawk down which is about one player trying to rescue the survivors from a crashed thunderhawk among which are 4 crew members.
crew 3 crew that will die 3

This got me thinking of a fun little way to put a bit more dept ed into a game of 40k, I know in the older codices they would tell you the amount of crew under the vehicle entry I'm not sure if this is still the case, but if not you could find out other ways or just decide how many they are yourself.

A land raider maybe hard to destory but when you do there goes the crew
So how to make this work you ask ? well it's simple really, first find out how many crew we'll take a chimera which has a crew of 3, so we take the price of 3 ig's & add it to the price of the chimera, as these are crew members we'll say they are armed with laspistols.

a tank or a coffin
Now when one of your vehicles gets recked or destroyed treat the crew the very same way as you would any passengers, also if there are passengers have it that any surviving crew join the squad that where been transported, or that they have to join up with the nearest squad in there movement if they can if there was no passengers.

even in a flyer the passangers have some small hope

Well thats my bit on away to try to say thank you to the ones with the most dangerous job in 40k so if you feel like trying something completely different for a bit of fun in a game of 40k give the crew a change to live they'll thank you for it lol.
when this goes down theres no one coming out of it
Thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed this bit of nonsense.