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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Pulp Alley League

Right here goes my first try at building a league, now as I've said before the central character is going to be Panama Jack so I'm going to begin with him & try build a league that I feel would be right for him.

Anyone that comes to this blog often might well have read the 2 posts on Jack's back round ( & (
now as a ship's captain it goes without saying that Jack's league is going to be more or less made up by his crew, who tbh I've never given a thought to out side of his first officer Lucinda Green.

Leader Panama Jack
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D10   / 3D10  /  2D8  /  3D8    /  2D10 /   3D10  /  3D10

Abilities /  Commander /  Wealthy / Dashing

I think given Jack's back round that the stat's fit in also only being new to the game I can only hope that there not ott, as I think one or two of the abilities are maybe a bit powerful but I made just be taking things up wrong (most likely I am)

With Jack out of the way its time to draw up the rest of the gang starting with the first officer.
Sidekick Lucinda Green
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D8         2D6  /  4D8  /   3D8   /  2D6  /    3D6    /    2D8

Abilities / Marksman / Deductive

Again I think what I've got for Lucinda is spot on & she's is a nice contrast to Jack.
Next up is some allies & I'm going to start off with Jack's loyal hound Mr Smith, I just love the fact that I can have a dog as one of my characters.

Ally Mr Smith
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D6     /  3D6   /   NA  /  2D6    /  2D6   /    1D6   /     1D6

Abilities / Speedy

Ally Doc Dolor
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
   D6   /    D6    /  D6    /   D6     /   D6    /    2D6   /    2D6

Abilities / Savvy

Ally Mc Hammer
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
  D6     /  2D6   /   2D6  /   1D6  /   1D6  /   1D6    /    1D6

Abilities / Brute

Now just to add a couple of red shirts, the fact that I've got commander give's me 4 extra slots which gives me a total of 14 all together of which I've used 9 so far but as I intend to give the league a 3 slot perk I've enough slots for 2 followers.

Follower Preacher
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
   D6    /   1D6  /  1D6  /  1D6    /  1D6   /   1D6    /    1D6

Abilities / Clever

Follower Desya
Health / Brawl / Shoot / Dodge / Might / Finesse / Cunning
   D6    /  1D6   /  1D6  /   1D6   /  1D6   /  1D6    /    1D6

Abilities / Marksman

League Perk / Intrepid Explorers

Right so that it & tbh I've not got a clue as to if this is right or wrong from a power level & while I don't want a league that's ott I don't want one that's useless either so I'll get in a couple of games with it & then see if I think I need to change stuff.

Well that's me for this post, so all that remains to do is thank you for dropping in & please call back soon.

PS Some of the profiles above have the abilities added & some haven't this only came to light while I was playing a game with Paddy which I hope to put up a report on over the weekend.


  1. McHammer? M. C. Hammer is how I read it at first. Pulp Alley looks pretty fun. Show more pics of your league. Thanks for sharing.

  2. LOL It is a nod to M.C. Hammer mate so I'm glad to see someone take up on it.

    As I get the models done I'll post some pictures of them with a bit of fluff so hang on in there, as for pulp alley it is indeed a fun game.