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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

40K the hive fleet is coming back

As I'm writing this post GW seem to be going down the road of doing campaign books which is stuff I really like tbh & with detachments & formations & what not the possibles are endless, why they've even brought back cities of death in the WD, all good fun stuff.

If you come to this blog often you will have read that I was talking about using a BA scout army which was me just waffling really as I don't have the models to run it & stand in's are not really my thing but it did get me thinking.

I want to run an army that wants to assault & with some of the new units that nids have got (pods anyone) I think combined with the detachments & formations it might just be do able, now don't get me wrong here I'm not saying that nids can now build an assault army that can beat up on all in front of it, but I hope it just might be possible to that can be fun to play while still making you feel like your in the game to do more then just remove models from the table.

So I'm going to start off with things like the Deathleaper formation & the geanstealers formation, these units backed up by others coming down in pods should be able to get in the others players face from the off.

There are within the dex a lot of 3W models that if they could get into a assault are not that bad & tbh I'm sick of units like my ravener's  sitting on the shelf, I want these units in peoples faces, why who knows I might even give the red terror a run out at some stage.

Going into the Newyear I'm going to make a resolution to try to get back to having fun playing 40K as it is still at heart a fun & enjoyable game to play & if I can get up close & personal then it will be so much the better.

Well that's it for now & as always my thanks for dropping in.


  1. I've heard that people used to run Nids with nothing but a Genestealer horde, much like how the Orks can field massive mobs of boyz. Might be worth looking into if you're going for an assault army. It'd be a bit plain though!

  2. The problem with that Marc is that for what they do stealers really are over priced,now having said that I once play a campaign game where I used nothing but stealers & lictors & while I lost it was good fun.

    For a one off game I think you can do that kind of thing but as you rightly said it would be a bit plain & I think the fun would go out of it very quickly mate.

    1. That's cool, I didn't know that Genestealers were over-priced. Personally, I've always wanted to run a horde of Berzerkers to see how it played out, but I don't have the numbers to make up a horde of anything but vanilla Chaos Space Marines!