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Friday 22 February 2013


INQ28 aka Inquisitor is one of the specialist games done by GW in the way back when & a game that hopefully will be popping up on this blog from time to time in the near future.
So for anyone reading that is not familiar Inquisitor or GW's specialist games we'll go back in time a bit to the days when GW looked at this whole hobby business in a completely different way than they do today.

So a long with their big two games 40K & WHFB GW also done a few splinter games in the setting of one of the two main games, so you got games like Mordheim, Spacehulk, Bloodbowl & BFG.
Inquisitor was also one of them games which is set in the 40K universe.

So what is Inquisitor ? well Inquisitor is a roll playing game where players build little warbands of a few models & set off on what ever marry little mission the GM has in mind for them, one of the biggest problems this game had however was the fact that GW set it at 54mm scale, which meant that you could use 40K models to play as they where all 28mm but as you only need a couple of models that wasn't to bad.

No the real problem I think was terrain, as this was a game that was lets face it going to be played by people who played 40k it also meant that they would need different terrain, now as anyone who's being in this hobby for any length of time know's storage of your toy's can become a problem very quickly & terrain can take up a lot of space even at 28mm without making it twice the size.

Enter Inq28 which is the same game as Inquisitor but is played at only half the scale 28mm instead of 54mm but the really good thing about Inq28 is that not only can you use all of the 40k models that you have you can also use all of your 28mm terrain as well which I thing is one of the main reasons for the growing popularity of the game.

So I've started out on the road to becoming an Inquisitor this week playing the little scenario in the rulebook a couple of times with my son Paddy, with the plan to start playing in the club on the 27th of March with Paddy & a few of the lads so watch is space as they say.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Battle for Kursk

Wednesday night I played Greg in a game of the battle of Kursk which is a WW11 game similar to fow I think.

Now if I have my history right Kursk was the seen of the largest tank battle in the war, I seem to remember fondly reading a very enjoyable book in the way back when about a German tank regiment who took part in the battle & who if I remember correctly where happy to spend as much of their spare time as they could in the company of certain  kinds of young ladies.

 Any way there was to be no such luck for these guys on the table they were there to fight & die well kind of.
Now when I play fow I always play as the Germans, but Greg wanted to be them so I was the Russians, well they are his models so no arguments there.

The game itself is although similar to fow is different enough that you know your playing a different game but one thing we did agree  on was that like fow this game would benefit from been played on a 8x6 table instead of a 6x4.

Don't get me wrong it does work on a table 6x4 but if like me you love the panoramic feel you get from the small models on the big table you'll know what I mean, plus the bigger table gives yu a bit more room to outflank & the likes.

I don't know if you can buy the rulebook on its own or if you buy a set but for anyone that plays fow of war or like WW11 type of games you could do worse then spend a few bob on this game.

 So what where we fighting over (did the Russians & the Germans need a reason) this mission had four objectives on the table with the player that held the most at the end of 6 turns the winner.

A nice little twist to this game is that when certain things happen you've got to take a little card from a pile with most of them been numbers & if you reach a certain number of points you will lose the game.

There are some that effect the game for example you might get one that would make one of the other players units run out of ammo.

 The game we played was to go down to the wire with me trying to rush some of the objectives held by Greg how had put nearly his whole on over watch.

  That reminds me another cool thing about this game is you have to use orders to get your units to do anything & as the amount of orders you can give is done randomly you roll 2d6 , this feature could however turn compensative type of players off as it really is a case of a couple of bad dice rolls for orders could be your undoing. 

This game btw was not to be decided on bad orders however with Greg winning by playing a better game then me so well done to him also my thanks for an enjoyable couple of ours.

On a different note its my lovely little grand daughters birthday to day.

So happy birthday Eliza love granddad.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Merock makes his entrance

+++++Transmitted: Devine Light
+++++++Received:  Astropath Zyler
++++++Destination:: Inquisitor Lord Brightner
+++Telepathic Duct: Termis Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoXeno 57942260/KM
++++++++++Author: Autosavant Timbru
By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, 
this mission report (and any transcript thereof ), are classified
information, of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord Brightner  (or his
duly appointed deputies), eyes-only.
Priority Grade: Alpha-Gama

Lord Inquisitor I'm please to inform you that the planet of Hasting Fall has being cleared of the force,s of chaos.
 In what was a titanic battle the forces of chaos came at us from all sides pinning us back & treating to over run our lines & at the head of this assault was a fiercesome chaos Lord on a juggernaut of Khorne.

 This assault was supported by fire from a defiler & a couple of havocs squad's, while some cultist backed up these units.

The hellbrute at the vanguard of the assault was by some foul powers of the dark gods to soak up so much of our heavy firepower that we could do little to try to shut down the long range fire of the chaos heavy weapons,


Cannoness Gabrielle & some of the battle sisters made a gallant attempt to brake through on one of the flanks but such was the of the chaos space marines attack that they had to abandon the attempted  out flank  to lend support to holding the line.

  Time after time our glorious forces held them at bay, but each fresh assault took it toll with the left flank finely collapsing despite the heroic effort by the Imperial Guards.

  Some much need relief was to some to the aid of our force's from the skies,this aided by the death of the chaos Lord at the righteous hands of the Cannoness after he had had single handily butchered a squad of battle sisters.

 I was riding in one of the birds myself along with commissar Kozlov & a squad of ig's & apon reaching the enemy
lines our valkyrie went into hover mode enabling  us to disembark to reinforce the stormtroppers who had gravshooted into the heart of the enemy lines.

 The fighting in both lines was horrific with the dead on both sides running into the thousands, but the glorious forces of the Holy Emperor (beloved by all) where to win through, with a sorcerer of the dark gods falling in hand to hand combat  with myself.

With there two leaders dead the chaos marines withdrew from the planet leaving the cultists to receive the Emperor's justice.

Signed Inquisitor Merock

My thanks to Jamie for a very enjoyable game
Note the story may not always reflect the game which was won by Jamie so well done to him.
some more pictures below.

Monday 4 February 2013

How to bunkers

It's a while since I done a how to article this one is for a bunker, now I know GW do a bunker & it's a love kit but if you want to play say the bunker mission in the 4th ed rule book or an apoc game your going to need a few bunkers.
I call these bunkers butter bunkers & their no prize for guessing why, so what you will need to do this model is one butter tub, some plastic card & your bit's box.

Remove the lid from the tub & put it to one side you'll need it later then turn the tub upside down.

As you can see with this tub there's a raised edge running around the tube about 8mm in from the edge (not all tub's are like this & some are flat on the bottom if so mark a line around the tub about 8mm in.
We are going to cut the big flat piece out.

 When you've done this you'll want to smooth off the edge's with a file or some sandpaper.
Next we need some plastic card, lay the card down & put the tub on top of it.

Now mark around the inside of the tub on the card this will be your floor.

Cut out the shape you marked on the card, the next is to cut out a piece of the black plastic that in the bottom of Dunne's stores shopping bags. You don't have to use the black stuff but it does add detail as it has a little diamond design in it.

Now glue the two piece's together & then glue the floor into the bunker.

There's a lip about 5mm up in the bunker & I glued the floor to this, re-enforcing by on gluing bits of old sprue.

Now cut some plastic card to go inside the bunker to make it sturdier these will have the cut out's for the firing slots in them.

 I used an IG model to work out the high of the slots & I've put the sizes on them but this might change depending on the tub you use, you'll need two of the small one's & one of the big one's.

I marked a centre point on the tub & the card to help getting them in place.

You will notice there's a lip running around on the out side of the tub which I;m going to cut off next.

Only cut off the piece that turns back up as you need to leave something to glue to the base.

Next cut out the slots in the tub in line with the one's in the plastic card that's glued inside.

Now we need to make away for the models to get in & out of the bunker, I decided to use to bike dases for doors, I then marked the out line of the two bases on the back wall, then mark a new set of lines about 5mm inside the other one's.

 I gave the face of the bases a rub of sand paper to smooth them down & glued two little handle's to them

The handles are from a tank set.

I also added some other bits of detail, I like the bases as doors as I think they look nice & strong.
Now we just need to do your roof  using the lid off the tub.

As you can see their's like a tab on one of the corners that needs to be cut off.

 Next I used  some plastic card to reinforce the roof.
Then I added some more bits of detail.

The white piece on the roof is a hatch  
don't glue on the roof
There we have our bunker ready to be based & painted up, So the next time your Command squas is nice & safe inside their bunker don't thank the Emperor of Mankind thank me instead.