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Monday 29 February 2016

Tricol, Blood for the Blood God Pulp Alley AAR

A blood curling scream brought Panama Jack out of his slumber, what now he thought as another scream rang out in the early morning   light and what a cursed place this island is turning out to be with death awaiting around every corner, coming from his tent he found Lucinda & most of the crew where already outside.

That screaming sound like Elaine & seems to becoming from that direction, Jack we'll have to go to her aid she added as yet another scream was heard, your right replied Jack, quick everyone grab your weapons & leave everything else we can return for them later.

Coming out of the jungle into a clearing they noticed what could only be the native's village, & they weren't the only one's the screaming had roused, as Jack noticed the Bash Street gang to one side of him & Tuco & his band of mutants to the other side, but worse than that the native's appeared to be trying to throw poor Elaine into some kind of pit at the commands of what Jack could only think of as some kind of witchdoctor.

As Jack & Lucinda rushed forward the rest of the crew seemed to be set upon by millions of tiny insects that started to rise up from the ground, at the same time the Bash Street gang & the mutants where also heading into the village, but it wasn't long before the sound of gunshots could be heard ringing out between the various gangs.

To the back drop of all of this mayhem the natives carried on with trying to get Elaine into the pit & seemed to be getting more & more agitated with each passing minute & to add to thing the very ground itself seemed to be rumbling & shacking & now over the sound of everything else could be heard something smashing it's way through the tick jungle growth.

One more scream went up from Elaine as she tumbled into the pit & they it bust into the clearing, a beast so terrifying to behold that it turned the blood of all there cold & might well have add to the laundry total for each of the gangs that week.

Unfortunately for the Bash Street gang the mighty beast had burst out upon their side of the clearing & wasted no time setting upon them felling them quickly one after the other & seeming to not feel the bullets that was pumped into it as it did so.

With the Bash Street lads dispatched the powerful monster now turned his attention to the pit in the centre of the village where some of the mutants where trying to retrieve Elaine from the pit, releasing a bellowing roar the beast fell upon them, sending them the way of the Bash Street lads but all the while seeming to be mindful to bring no hurt to Elaine.

While the rival gangs where still fighting it out between themselves in a bid to put one & other between them & the great beast, Tuco was engaged with the native Witchdctor Shagunha who now was beside himself with rage as it was his belief that these outsider had now brought the wrath of the Great Gonga down on them.

But Tuco's trouble's where about to get a lot worse as the Great Gonga smashed down out of the mud huts to rush him, been ever fearless as Tuco was he stud toe to toe with the foul beast raining blow after blow on it with his warhammer but it was all to no a veil as so great was the thing that nothing could stand in it path for long.

The carnage of that day will forever haunt the dreams of all that witnessed it & with all of the intruders now taken care of the Great Gonga returned to the pit & lifting Elaine up with such gentleness you would not have thought possible from so a beast it departed the village making it way back into the heart of the jungle from where it had come.

As the screams of Elaine faded Lucinda turned to Jack & asked quietly will we ever escape from this hell ? putting an arm around her Jack replied the odds might be high against us but remember the higher the odds the bigger the win & you know me I like to win big he said with that smile that some how told Lucinda that everything was going to be all right.

The game been play was the Blood Sacrifice mission from the Perilous island book a campaign book that is top class as is everything about PA imho.
Well done to Paddy with Lucinda winning the day by been the only one to make it away with a plot point, my thanks to Paddy, Doc & Ralph for taking part in what was once again a hell of a game of Pulp alley, & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you care to leave a comment it would be welcome.

PS All of the pictures from the game can be seen be low.