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Thursday 27 March 2014

Making Characters models that fit the bill.

Something I love is when I get a model right, let me explain in 40k I was never one for buying a named character model preferring if I was going to use one to make my own not that I ever used that many to begin with.
When I was looking for an ab human bounty hunter Toco came to minded.

Now when it comes to model of character there are 3 ways I think we go about this.
1) Is we take a character that already exists & build a model for him.
2) We take a model that already exists & invent a character for it.
3) My favourite is when I create a character & then build a model for it.
Mad Willy I would see as like the type of character that Walter Brannon might have played in the movies.

While in 40k you might do this type of think from time to time, Vulken was one of these in 40k for me I'd built mind long before GW put theirs out which was imo a terrible model.
When my son won the oop relic blade in a GW shop Vulkan was born.

Like I said in 40k you would likely do this type of thing from time to time, in a game like INQ28 you could do this quite a lot & that is something I've developed a liking for.
Bror von Blixen-Finecke I only add a hat & a cape but he just captured that rich big game hunter image I had in my head.

It matters not if I'll ever use these models or not, just the trill of thinking them up & then making up a model for them is something that really rocks my boat & is very pleasing when you get it right.
Fresh off the plate Alax will add a woman's touch to my warband.

Don't get me wrong every model I make up is not done like above, like most people I just make models most of the time, but in a game where you've models everyone of them has a chance of becoming a character even if it's years later, as was the case with one of my beastmen.
I've 20 of these beastmen but this one just seemed to fit the bill for Ugo-Cal

The other side of the coin to the beastman (Ugo) was the character Aire Shoebridge who I had invent a long time ago but only built a model of  recently, as you see the model in your minds eye you go to the bits box (or as in my case box's) & route around till you find the right ones & put them all together.
 Aire was use in a lead up to an apoc game years before he was a model.

This can range from finding a model & doing very little with it to using parts from many different model, the only important thing is that when you've got the model finished it captures that little something about the character that just feels right.
Panama Jack another model that need little work to look right.

Having big armies doing battle on the table is great fun but I'm finding that more & more these days that these odd ball characters are doing more for me.
Gnut's a real case of all kinds of everything.

I think that's one of the joys of a game like INQ28 is the amount of freedom it give you as a modeller.
you just have to let your mind run free & fallow where it leads you & there really is no right or wrong way of doing things.

Chief security officer Olsan someone I made up for a story I was writing to use for a campaign.
Well that's a enough of waffling out of me so thanks for dropping in & please call back again.

Saturday 22 March 2014

Descent, a piece of cake really

Over the last couple of months we,ve been playing a descent campaign, with Bab's, Jewels, Adam & myself taking on the roles of the hero's & Greg brilliantly playing the part of the evil overlord.

This all came to an end the other night so what better way to finish up than with a cake of Greg with a knife stuck in him lol this little masterpiece being the handy work of Jewels & testy it was to.

So what about the game its self ? well I choose to be a Gnome who also happened to be a thief, Jewels was a healer of some kind, Babs was a warrior while Adam was a Mage I think.

Your marry little band set out to save the world from the evil overlord (in cert BOO) by fighting him & his minions from forest to dungeon & a few places in between, until we got to the first part of last night game & that was to try to kill the fat goblin & take the iron crown which would protect one of us from Greg's dark charm in the final battle.

Failing to kill him we did at least stop him from getting out of the dungeon, so we decided on calling this adventure a draw, with us getting all the treasure on offer & the dark crown, while Greg got all the overlord card that where on offer for the grand finally.

All our hard battles would mean nothing if we could not over come this last hurdle & cast down the evil Barron Von Greg (BOO) & so it was that our four hero's where pitted against 4 zombies, 2 dragons, a pair of evil Lieutenants & of coarse the man himself  Von Greg (BOO)

How did it all go I hear you ask ? did you throw down the evil one & live happily ever after ? to be totally honest Greg flattened us & no two ways about it, we started off well with Babs taking care of 3 of the zombies that where in the room with us, while I want over to the door into the other room & did my little disappearing trick Jewels got up to the wall at one side of the door leaving it to Adam to get rid of the last zombie.

That sadly was to be as good as it got as Greg (BOO) in his turn flung open the door hitting us with everything he had, killing both Babs & Jewels & doing some damage to Adam the only thing that saved me at this stage was that I couldn't be seen to be hit.

Our turn 2 see me reappearing in the room where Von Greg (BOO) was hiding & drawing my bow managed to put some hurt on his evilness but alas not enough, as Adam battled bravely with the 2 dragons & one of the lieutenants.

Then it was Greg's (BOO) turn 2 & it was all over, our brave little gang had failed leaving all of the land to fall under the rule of Barron Von Greg (BOO) until the day arises that another band of brave adventures.

So I'll finish up by thanking Babs, Jewels, Adam & Greg for some wonderful & fun games, but this is not the end for this littls group as we next step into dragon age, so keep an eye on if it wasn't for ones for that & as always my thanks to you for dropping in.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

BFG Worth waiting for ?

Worth waiting for ? the great thing about a hobby is that no matter what it is your doing as long as your enjoying it then all is good

A while back I build myself a nid battle fleet gothic fleet a bit of a strange thing to do given the fact that I don't even play the game & a part from playing I think just one game never did.

One of the odd things about this hobby is the thngs you pick up from time to time & even given the fact that I don't play BFG I still had a few ships 5 in total, so why are you telling us all this Frank ?

Well at a time when most spaceship battles are of the starwars kind I bought  a chaos fleet, why the hell did you do that you might very well ask ? the answer is very simple to be honest.

Just as I built the fleet for hive fleet Nagaina I wanted a fleet for the 34th host, which is my Wordbearers by the way you see in my minds eye this just seems right.

Even if in the worst case I never play BFG I still have another project to do (as if I need one) in painting the ships & as I think gothic ships are cool I always have them for looking at & for using when doing things on this blog.
I mean who wouldn't want a ship named the Infidus Diabolus ? so first thing for this little baby will be a bath in withe spirits to help get all that blue paint off it & then a nice crimson & sliver paint job.

There is 27 ships in all in this fleet which are a mix of metal & plastic & while some of them will need to be striped down thankfully not all will.

After all these years why do I decided to get myself a fleet now ? to be honest I don't really know, but I do know one thing & that is it was worth waiting for & I hope to at some stage have an Imperial & space marine fleet.

The couple of in game pictures up above are from a game Patrick & myself had to try the game out so my thanks to him & to you for dropping in & do keep an eye on the blog to see this miss match of ship turn into a fleet worthy  of the 34th Host.

Saturday 15 March 2014

40K Ship to ship

Fallowing on from the battle for the space station Condren ( we played a ship to ship game & no this was not a game of BFG.

So what was the ship to ship game all about I head you ask ? well it was what it says on the can, Pearce set up two spaceships using the corridor set that we used for the spacestation game& mayhem fallowed.

So the basic idea behind this game was we man our ships with our armies keeps the units that where going to go across to the other ship in the dropspods of which each team had three a turn in reserve, each ship also had a teliporter that could send two units across to the other ship each player turn.

The mission was to cripple the other ship by knocking out their engines & bridge plus kill their captains of which their was two, one for each players the captains gave a reroll on something or another that I can't remember.

At the start of each sides turn we got to launch two missiles a piece that if they hit the other ship we got a point for, the rules where that they always scattered but if you got a 6 you breached the hull & every model in the section of the ship had to take a toughness test or be sucked out into the void, in other words killed.

This again like the battle for the spacestation was a classic game & great fun & a most enjoyable way to past a day, with Alan & myself getting the upper hand by knocking out both of their engines & doing some damage to their bridge for the loss of one engine.

There is one more game left to come in this little campaign as the lads ship crashes down into the planet & the fighting takes place on the ground so be sure to keep an eye out for that report.

I'll finish up by thanking Pearce for setting up a great day, Alan for the food, Ger, Alan & Pearce for a great game & to you for dropping in.

Sunday 9 March 2014

CQLG Airbase part3

Apart from a bit of detailing on the hanger this project is ready for painting, but with most of it complete I couldn't resist setting it up for a look.

Before we get to that there was stuff to be done one of those things been my GW landing pad, now I know GW terrain doesn't fall into the CQLG bracket but as I have one I'm going to use it.

Now the one thing that always got to me about GW's pad was how are you meant to get on or off the dam thing, think about it are all the VIP's going to be opening a hatch & climbing down a ladder ? I think not.

While the pad is fine for playing 40k (as long as you don't look into the rules to much ) for the likes of INQ28 it just won;t work as it is, which meant I'd to work out away to be able to use it in both games.

Luckily for me I had a plan, when I made the pad up a while back I left off  one of the double panels, so now I need to be able to take this panel on & off when I wanted.
This proved easy enough to do in the end & stilled permitted the to be move up or down when playing 40k.

So by putting a magnet in the pad & another one oi the panel & cutting a piece off the two little rounds on the inner part of the panel before gluing the panel together I can now take the panel off & put it back on as need.

The magnet in the pad would also help keep the walk way in place when I was playing a game where I just didn't want the pad on it's own.
You've more then likely guessed by by now from the pictures that I built a lift with a walk way for getting on & off the pad & I've got to say I'm very happy with the way the whole thing turned out.
I'm not going to do a step by step for this as really the pictures speak for themselves , but if you where going to try this at any time just leave a comment & I'll answer your questions.
This is the door at ground level I went for a couple of steps up to it to make it more interesting.
The doors are one piece with a score down the middle & the lift shaft is finished at this point a part from the roof & detail.

Theres a floor inside the shaft at the same height as the walk way which means if you leave the roof removable you can place a model inside.
The roof I made from a whfb moving tray.

The two pieces in the picture above are also from the moving tray.
In the picture above you can see the magnet in the walkway.

A view a cross the pad to the lift shaft & now some pictures of it all together, now as I've said this is only at the painting stage so in the pictures stuff like the wire on the fences is missing , theres no roads or scatter terrain all on which will be need to make it complete.

The 3 pieces of mdf outside the base will be woods or jungle or the likes.

Now depending on what type of game your playing you change things, a WWII game wouldn't have landing pads but you could add a run way, a game sat in nam the two smaller pads could be used for choppers.

So thanks for dropping in I hope you liked my airbase & that you found some of the things I did here helpful.