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Monday 13 July 2015

Tricol,The Aeronautica Factory Pulp Alley AAR

With Paddy home for the weekend, it was a chance to get a game in, with Paddy once again using Jack & the crew & me using some NCP's as guards, we played the race against time mission with Paddy in the roll of the defender.
Inside the aeronautica factory

While staying in Malice, Jack & the crew learn that not far away is an aeronautica's factory where they might be able to get their hands on some of the parts need to fix the warp drive on the Hermes.
We decided to make coming within a half inch of any of the flyers a perilous area 

But with no means of buying the parts they are going to instead have to do a little bit of moonlighting, We join the action with Jack & the crew already inside the factory, but they seem to have triggered the alarm.

But first a link to the start of this story for anyone new dropping in (

Jack & the crew search the factory, looks like Jack might have found something of interest 

But they've set the alarm off

& the guard are quick to respond

Pull up a chair the actions about to begin 

The Doc gets behind some cover, while Oilskin goes to investigate a crate  

Jack gets to work on opening the canister that he found so interesting 

While the Chief heads over to another crate to see what he can find 

Doc fires & downs one of the guards

Felix & another of the guards exchange shots to no effect but it is gloomy in here & viability is limited    

The commander of the guards noticing the the crew seem to be taking interest it the crates takes control of one

With the bullets flying one of the guards runs the perils of getting to close to one of the flyers to find some cover 

Another guard hits the dirt but their both soon back on their feet

Which is more then can be said for Oilskin leaving the Doc on his own to face some guards

But in the nick of time Mr Smith lends a hand (paw,  teeth)

Mr Smith is floored & then the Doc gets tagged teamed

While shots ring out all over the factory, Jack works on

Finding the bullets to be of no use Felix rushes one of the guard

Jack gets his reward finding a plasma converter part they need

The Doc's holding out but things don't look like they got much better for Mr Smith

There's a good boy stay down

Jack in now in the thick of the action & in danger of getting swamped 

Will this be the end of our hero ? turn in next week lol only kidding

Yep Felix finds the chainsword to work much better then the bullets

With Mr Smith still down the Doc battles on while one of the guard investigate another crate

The Doc brake's free of combat & moves back towards Jack, who is still battling in out with the guard commander 

Lucinda decides to add her muscle to help out 

While the Doc intercepts one of the guards stopping him from rushing Jack 

They don't call him corporeal Clott for no reason as he hurts himself trying to open the crate

Jack dodges out & makes a run for it while Oslan cover's him

Olsan goes down dropping the crate he was carrying 

The Doc's still in the tick of it as Mr Smith comes back to his paws

Felix seen the Chief drop tries to go to his aid only to be felled himself 

Clott finally works out how crates work as Mr Smith rushes a guard 

& brings him to the ground

Jack & the Commander have a last parting shot at each other

with each getting noting more then a flesh wound, as Jack gives the word for the crew to get out of the factory

While the part that they got for the plasma converter would be a big help in trying to fix the warp drive on the Hermes they where still short of many other parts & with there funds getting low again Jack knew they where going to have to think up something.

They still had the crate of weapons they had taken from the asteroid that they could try & sell, but Jack was reluctant to go down that route as he believe it would lead to all kind of problems, still if all came to a must then he have to, but they still had enough credits to do for a few days yet.

Well that's it for me this time round, but before I go a well played to Paddy who used the dodge rule very well to run out a 3-2 winner, also my thanks to Paddy for taking part in what was another very good game of Pulp Alley & also my thanks to you for dropping in, I hope you enjoyed it & will call back for the next Perilous episode.

Wednesday 8 July 2015

Tricol building better worlds (I hope) 2

I made up some river sections to go with my board, now I'd many an argument with myself over what way to do this I must say, do I make them up if full tiles or make them up to just sit on top of my tiles.

While this may be limiting in some ways it also gives my more freedom in others, so in the end both sides of the argument had their points, while I was at it I also sprayed enough tiles just what I though was a flat gray but Halford's gray seems to have become a bit more blue since I used it last lol

I also made a few more of the rising sections, & between them & the river sections feel I now have a lot of choice when it come to table lay out which is good.

With the river sections I can now also make up a 4X3 table should I have the need, also a good thing.
  As you can see in the pictures I didn't try to do much with the water, as unless your using stuff like water effect I thing water can be very hard to get right.

So all I did wall after I had sprayed the tiles cream I mixed GW dark something blue wash & water at 1to2 & gave the river two coats.

Well that's it from me as always my thanks for dropping in.