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Friday 27 June 2014

40K Adepta Sororitas


A good while back I bought what was a Witch Hunters army off one of the lads in the club now this was after the WD sisters of battle codex had been released but that didn't matter that much to me as I just loved the sisters of battle models plus a lot of the other stuff was cool so win win for me.

Any my plan of the army was to strip it down & repaint it, so I've done a test model for the way I want to do them, now as I said many a time on this blog I'm not a painter & as anyone who ever took time to look at a sister's model will know there is a hell of a lot of detail on them.


Not a good mix's I sure you'll agree, but I had an idea & that was what if like I've done with a lot of models lately I just used washes ? I've found that with models with lots of detail washes are get for bring it out & you don't run the risk of losing it like you cant with paint.

Sadly the photos are not the best & the model looks a lot better in the hand, I was undecided to be honest on the colour's as I was also thinking of going white amour & maybe black robes but been happy with the way this one turned out I'll be painting (washing ) the whole army this way.

The hardest part of this project I think is going to be stripping the models down & while some of the later one's Gerry worked on are just sprayed cream with no primer & strip handy the old ones are cream over the over the colours above with a good dose of dip for good measure.

 One done with lots more to do but then every journey starts with the first step & if I can get the whole army looking like this one then come journeys end I'll be one happy modeller, but like most modellers I know I always find getting the first one done is always the easiest & aftera while the road can become very long.

 I'm really liking the affects you can get with washes so much so that I might look into how to go about making some up as GW don't have a great range of colours in them & while thats not a problem when you doing things like sisters I find that where doing the likes of henchmen it is.

 So there you have it the before & after & no offence if you read this Gerry but I know with one I like best, it like they say once you go black you never go back lol, as always my thanks to you for dropping in I hope you found it worth while.

Saturday 21 June 2014

RPG Dragon Age

Last Wednesday our little roll playing campaign came to an end, now this had me with mixed feelings to be honest, a bit sad because it was over & glad because it's was the first RPG I'd taken part in that made it to it conclusion.

So what did I learn from playing in a RPG ? well first off they are very enjoyable to take part in & I would advised anyone if they have never taken part in a RPG before & get a chance to do so to take it.

In our group we'd 4 guys & 2 gals, & I think having a group made up of the 2 sex's is a bonus as women think differently from men & after all thinking is really at the end of the day what a RPG is all about.

Now I'm not going to go into details of what Dragon age is about as anyone who played the video game will already know & if you like me didn't play the game & know nothing about it then your better off not knowing in case you ever take part in a game of it as an RPG.

The greatest thing about an RPG is I think how as the game goes on & the weeks go by you see how all the players start to get more & more into their characters, this is a really fun experience as the people around & yourself start to change & go about doing things in away that in real life they might not.

I could go on a bit more about RPG's but I'm sure everything I would put down on this page has been covered a million times already & really there is nothing like first hand experience, so I'll finish up with thanking you for dropping in & if you are luck enough to get the chance to try out an RPG then take it.

Tuesday 17 June 2014

40k Ork's & the fine weather

No I haven't taking to playing the green skins though as someone who love to build think they really are an army I would get a lot of fun out of, anyway on with the post.

I've done little or no modelling or playing of any kind of table top war game of late to be honest, now this is down to a couple of things 1 the worldcup is taking place so lts of football on the tv & 2 summer as it does every 10 or so years has come to Ireland.

So that explains one part of the title but whats all this about ork's I hear you say ? well it based on something I read about the up coming ork's codex & it this that Ghazghgull is a Lord of War ( please remember this is just a rumour at this point in time but one I believe to be true ) now that got me thinking as so far apart from the knights only the big apoc units are lords of war.

To see into the further maybe we need to look into the pasted I think about 10,000 years should do it lol, I am of course talking about 30K which seems to be leading the way a lot of things in 40K are going.

You see in 30K you have the Primarchs who are lords of war & as should be very power, now here's the thing what if they decided to bring this type of thing into 40K ? they can't of course use the Primarchs, but what if they where to take certain hero's & make them very powerful ? starting with the famous ork warboss.

With the wolfs or the blood angles more then likely the dex to fallow the ork's what's to stop say the great wolf Logan Grimnar or Dante getting a major power boost & becoming a lord of war ? & as other books get released the likes of the swarm lord & Abaddon making the grade.

If I'm reading this right & Ghazghgull does turn out to be a very powerful lord of war character this will be a big change to the way we play 40K, so I'll be watching the ork dex with interest to see how this all plays out & to see if we'll be playing hero hammer in the not to distance further.

Well that it sorry there's no eye candy for you but hopefully you found it interesting none the less, so thanks for dropping in & I'll leave the finial word to Ghazghgull Waaagh  

Saturday 14 June 2014

40K more Scorpions

After a good while doing all kind of terrain stuff it was time to get back to painting some models, so I decided I start back on the red scorpions which as I'm playing IG as my main 7th ed army was probably not what I should have done but what ever.

This time round it part of a dev squad now the reason for it only been part as in 8 of them is I'm undecided on if I should go all the same heavy weapons or no, now I know from my tournament playing day's that you really should kit them out with all the same heavy weapons but I not sure that how I want to do it.

So as it stands I've got a serg 2 guys with plasma cannons & 5 gunts, I've also got a lot of other stuff for this army well advanced but that for other posts, now as I've said above I'm playing IG as my main army this time round but if I'm honest I'm really a marine player at hart & as this army grows the harder I'll most likely find it not to start playing it but for now I'll just have to be happy putting it together & painting it.

 The serg just like the rest of them in this army can swap out his weapon which is some thing I'm really happy I've done with them all.

Thanks for dropping in & if you keep an eye on the blog I'm sure you'll see these guys in action sooner or later.

Tuesday 10 June 2014

INQ 28 Tuco the bounty hunter

Tuco the bounty hunter a colourful larger then life character, born in the slums of Tanta & been an ab-human meant that even the lowest of society looked down on him, from his earliest memories Tuco can only recall having to fight just for the right to survive.

The advantage to this was that fighting was something that Tuco very quickly became very good at & been an ab-human Tuco was also a lot bigger & stronger then the other kids growing up, by the time he was in his mid-teens he had falling in with a gang carrying out muggings & had already had run ins with the local law enforcers.

While not educated Tuco was still none the less smart, something that his looks would make hard to believe & something that many a foe had under estimated to there cost.
This smartness was what really set Tuco apart from the rest of the gang & what help Tuco to realise as a young man that if he keep going the way he was that the future held nothing but a bad ending.

Now a hired muscle for a very powerful criminal Tuco  was having a few drinks in a bar on his night off & trying to come up with a way out but the opportunities for someone like Tuco where not very promising.

Leaving the bar in a dark mood Tuco had only just stepped outside when he noticed this wanted bill on the wall of the next building & as faith would have it Tuco recognised the face on the poster as a guy who was at this very moment sitting up at the bar in the place that Tuco had just left, ripping the wanted bill off the wall Tuco was just about to throw it on the ground when he had another idea & turning around he headed back to the drinking hall.

Walking in-through the door Tuco noticed that the guy who's picture he was looking at was still over at the bar now talking to another guy that Tuco knew to see, upon reach them Tuco slapped the poster down on the bar & said "Jim Houch I'm taking you in", knowing Tuco the other guy started laughing & slapping on the back said "good joke my friend now come & let us get you a drink".

Without taking his eye's off Houch Tuco replyed "it's not a joke & my business is not with you unless you make it so", Houch now knowing he'd to do something as he sure as hell wasn't going anywhere with this big ape grabbed for a bottle that was on the bar, but before his hand closed on it Tuco drove his fist into his troth sending Houch sprawling backward & trying to catch his breath.

Tuco fallowed after him & with Houch doubled over still trying to catch his breath, look down at him & said "we can do this the easy way or the hard way the choice is yours" & then droved his locked fists down on top of Houch's head knocking him unconscious.

So it was that Tuco got into the bounty hunting business & has since become one of the most fearsome bounty hunters out there & if you've got a price on your head you better hope that Tuco doesn't decide to take an interest in you.

Thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it & please call back soon.              

Friday 6 June 2014

The Prisoner

An odd bit of a post this round, a couple of years back I started writing a story that I could use in a campaign but then as thing do things change & stuff often gets forgotten about.

That was the case with this story I'm going to put the start of here, now there are two reasons for this the first one been that by putting it here on the blog I might start writing the rest of the story.

The second that if I finish it I might still some day use it in a campaign which would be cool, so I'm going to give the open to it & try to update it once a month.

“ To be  ruler of a place such as this is like been a god & prisoner at the same time ” so it was that such a throw away remark would lead to so much destruction.
The two men stood side by side at the window of the over-lord's office to watch the paradise planet
of Juegos come up over the horizon the only one true pleasure on this stinking rock.
When the two men return to their desks to carry out their duties of running this penal moon of Basta,
 over-lord Foley kept hearing his assistance Hertford words in his head it seems the seeds had taken root.

Over the coming weeks as he sat in his office staring out of the window at the planet below all he could think about where Hertford words until months went by & he only seemed to hear one word over & over again prisoner as the planet seemed to mock him through the window.
Zachary Foley had only been on Juegos once for a few hours on his way to Basta but he could still taste the sweetness of it's air on his lips, not like the recycled stale air he's had to breathe here for the
last twenty-two years.
It was unfair he started to tell himself he had committed no crime having to spend every day stuck on this hell hole over-seen the manufacturing of imperial guard uniforms.
He told himself that he deserved better then this that if he had money he could live on Juegos with the
rest of the elite for the system population if only he had money but how to get it.

Then a plan started to form in his mind he had all of this manpower under his commend if he could somehow put it to work making him money he could forefill his dream.

Over the next couple of day he would try to come up with ways of putting a plan together but each one
apparently seeming good to begin with would always come to the same conclusion, that he needed the help of other people.
But who could he turn to although he held the power of life or death over everyone on this rock if word
of what he was attempting to do should get out he would soon find himself amongst the people he was here to rule over but who could he trust.

The first person to come to his mind was his assistance Hertford but he dismissed him almost immediately
Hertford was a product of the system & besides  he wasn't sure that his assistance would see eye to eye
with his ideas no he'd have to look further afield for his man.
Cunning & guile that's what the man he needed had to have, he would have to start paying close attention to the members of his staff.

It didn't take him long to find what he hoped would be the right man, chief security officer Maxima Olsan, Olsan had risen up through the ranks & seemed like a very resourceful man.
So he started keeping a close a watch on Olsan as he could without arisen suspension & although he could not find anything on Oslan the more he watched him the more he became convinced he had the right man.

After deciding that Oslan was indeed his  man the next problem was how to approach him' this he would have to give a lot though to.
Olsan was after all the  chief security officer & in fact could place him under arrest there & then.
There was also Hertford to worry about although not the sharpest blade in the box he would have to be
careful not to arouse his assistance suspicion he would have to go slowly, if only the screaming in his head would stop then he could think.

If you've gotten this far my thanks for dropping in & I hope you enjoyed it.

Monday 2 June 2014

40K Tactical objective cards

Tactical objective cards (or from here on toc) is a new way to play games of 40k & one I think every none tournament player will love & most likely from this point on will more often then not play there games this way.

Now don't get me wrong this is not me saying that tournament players won't like them & won't use them & as I already see in a tournament rule pack for 7th that they won't be using them, & while I think it's a pity I can understand why as I don't think anyone would want to lose a tournament based on the cards they got as I told a good friend of mine.

Anyway as you guys know by now tournament play is not what this site is about ( there a lots out there that do that better then I ever would) so we'll move on & look at toc & try to see what it brings to the game.

Well the first thing I noticed as I tried playing a game without the cards is two fold, 1 it's a major pain to try to play the game by rolling dice instead of having the cards so well done GW on not putting out enough packs, 2 is it really changes the way the game plays & what you need to have in your army.

This is not a tactical on me telling you how to play this game that not what I do, but it really does open the game up & makes many units that people don't take usable, you now have to build your army a round many different things not just what can mash the other guys army off the table.

That fact a lone makes toc well worth the afford on GW be half to bring them into the game & yes GW also did this as another way of making money, but ask yourself how hard would it be to make them out of a cereal box if you don't want to hand over a few bob ?

As we all know one of the biggest problems with playing any game can be trying to keep it feeling fresh & let be honest most of our games are the missions right out of the rulebook even though there are many different missions out there we still seem to more often then not play the same ones over & over.

Toc should add a lot of variety to this as depending on what cards you draw the games should play out very differently & for a while at least have us playing sword & shield as we all come up with new ways of trying to do what the cards tell us to do, that will mean using units that maybe we've not used in a long time & that in my mind can only be a good thing.

So I'll finish up by welcoming toc & by thanking you for dropping in & I hope you have a lot of fun with toc, I know I will.