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Friday 23 October 2015

Tricol, building better worlds (I hope) 3

Its a jungle out there, well that's what I'm hoping for anyway, as I push on with the PA campaign perilous island so does Tricol come more into been, for as I wrote in another post way back in the long ago Tricol is a very long term project.
Now I'm still a million miles from where I want to be but that's fine but I am getting closer to the stage where I can start laying on top of the foundations, its easy enough to create characters but they need a place to function in & the campaign is an easy way to get things up & running.
As for the jungle pieces there's nothing done here that others haven't done before me so I'm claiming no credit for anything other them having the patience to make them.

Most of the plants are from petshops, but Ikea is also good & those plants balls that people are hanging up out side their doors are also good.                                                                                                                                                            
  I think these are a very good way of getting good looking cheap terrain & any plants left over can always be used on other terrain project like a park or gardens.  
 I also made up this little building, a warehouse lockup type, I went with the same style of building at was used for the building in Malice.
The name Shoebridge above the roller shutter is one you should see a lot of as Tricol progress's
    What I love about these buildings is their robust, quick to do, cheap & in my opinion look good.    
 So the building of Tricol continue even if at a slow pace but we'll get there I'm sure, now allowing in game terms the different type of buildings don't do much from one another, but what they do do very well is give a very different feeling to the setting & that for me is very important.
Well that's it for me as ever my thanks for dropping in I hope it was worth your while.                          

Friday 9 October 2015

Ship ahoy, a guardian & a nice find

Heading onward with the perilous island campaign we'll come to a shipping town to go looking for a sailor, as I've said many a time before I wanted Tricol to be all kinds of everything as that gives me more modelling opportunity's.

I'd never build a ship from scratch before & haven't build a ship of any kind since I was a child building airfix models which was not today or yesterday I might add, sadly I didn't do any WIP photos, but I must say I found the challenges of doing this project very enjoyible, it must be the carpenter in me as it's made of balsa wood for the most part.

Adding a few 40k bit helped mix it up a bit & create the pasted/future look that I wanted in keeping with how I see Tricol, to help add to that I just went for a wooden pier, I'll have 2 of these in the game.

Even given that we haven't gotten as far as the island yet anyone that has been fallowing this blog will know that I've been getting models ready for that part of the adventure & I've added another who will take the part of the guardian, I won't say any more then that.

The model it's self is nothing to writhe home about nor is the paint job as this s one of them things that I don't see getting much use, so I was never going to put in to much effort on it I will how ever stick it on a clear base.

Been for the most part a Warmachine/Hordes model it did give the different look that I need this to be to tie in with the story, a spat of sliver & a wash of army painter dip later & the jobs a good one.

Last on today's list is one for even further ahead I pick up this piece in the charity shop for 2 Euro (yes my wife thinks I mad) now all I've got to do is make it look like its a couple of thousand years old.

Since starting Tricol my hobby seems to be taking me in all kinds of directions & has me now making & buying things that a year ago I would never even have thought of which is really for me great & long may it continue.

Well that it for me as always my thanks for dropping in & may your hobby take you on an enjoyible ride.      

Sunday 4 October 2015

Beastmen & Idol's

Well I got the beastmen finished & based & I happy enough with the look of them for what I want.

As primitive natives in a 40K setting beastmen work nicely if you ask me, now I know you didn't ask me but that's part of the price you pay if you come to my blog lol.

I needed one to be a witch-doctor so had to go for something a bit different, going through the bits box I came across an Eldar head that I think is from FW but might be just finecast, it never ceases to amaze me what us gamer will have lying around as I've never had an Eldar army.

Now as I said in my last post I had some beastmen already but as they had guns I didn't think they really fit the bill, I know now how Lucas felt when he was doing the Return of the Jedi.

 I also managed to pick up the little guys in the picture below that I can use for like idols or whatever.

I've been looking for something a long these lines for a while now & when I seen these guys I knew I just had to get them.

Size wise I think they work well & will be nice additions to my games when we at last get to the island in the perilous island campaign, not sure at the moment on whether to repaint them or not.

Well that's me for another post but before I go I'd like to point one a new bolg I'add over on the right hand side, it's called The Minatures Man & on it is some great work by Joskim so why not pop over & have a look, well if you came back my thank as always for dropping in.