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Sunday, 28 September 2014

NWG 2014

I was luck enough to be home this weekend & while two days of playing with the toys was never going to happen I did at least get a couple of hours to slip down to Wicklow & get a few photos (the length I go to lol) & chat with a few friends.

The games on offer this year where 40k WHFB & making it's first appearance at NWG FoW, now I don't know what the numbers where or if it was up or down on last year over all but sadly 40K was down as some of the more competitive minded players deciding to stay away.

This is not really surprising as NWG is pitched as  more of a hobby event then a hard ball tournament, the result of this could be seen in the results from the first round of matches, with all of the games apart from one returning very close scores, this fact making me feel even then I already did that I was missing out on a fun event.

If I able I give the results before I go to post or as they say in the newspaper business I'll hold the back page lol, right getting back on track another thing that makes NWG stand out from a lot of other events is they have what they call a Emerald Daemon competition for painting.

Now the Emerald Daemon competition is only in it's second year so like all thing's it will need time to grow, but having said that the standard is very high none the less & if your the painting type & reading this maybe you should thing about trying out NWG next year (I'm looking at you Dave Weston) making new friends having a good time & getting in some good games.

Right that's my bit on the promotion front done lol I'm going to post below the pictures I got of Emerald Daemon models below but be warned I hadn't my glasses with me so fingers crossed.


That's all I've got on the ED models there may have been more added after I left, anyway if you want a better look at them just click on them.

I'm not sure on this but I think this might be what the winners would be getting, so on that note I'm going to rap it up & despite holding the back page I still don't have the results so sorry about that.

As always my thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it I'll pop up all the pictures below.


  1. Very nice.
    Suggestion for next year. Get a tripod some simple lighting and a photo box ( white box) for the emerald demons. Photos are OK but could showcase better.
    Glad to hear event was a success. I was in the us which I always seem to be this time of year.

  2. Thanks for the feed back Mike, I would hope that some else has done the ED models in a more professional way lol

    I'll do an NWG update in a few days with the results & if there's a post with better pictures somewhere that I know of I'll do a link to it.

  3. Likewise for me it wasn't acase of just deciding to stay away. Family stuff had me tied up this weekend and like your good self I was raging I missed this.

  4. I know that mate & I hope it all went well for you .