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Saturday 26 July 2014

40k Assault & an Immolator

My favourite part of the 40K game has always been assault, from my very early games when I just use to play my son right up until this day it's the part of the game that for my captures the vision of the grim dark future the best.

Why am I on about this now you might ask ? well it's a fair question with a simple enough answer, as readers of this blog will know I've been playing a sister with guard army & for what reason I can't say but there just seem to be more assault in my games lately, which needless to say makes me a happy camper.

Now I've really got a bug for 7th ed & have been getting a lot of games in of late & I'm finding that assault is playing a big part in how this army needs to play which is funny given the fact that there is only one assault unit in the whole army.

This post is not a tactical as there are many sites out there that better then I could, it's just to give you an insight as to my love for assault & that thankfully despite what the internet would tell you that assault still has a place in this game, even if it's not as much as it once was.

On to the second part of the show, which is as you might noticed already an Immolator I've got painted up, this sister's tank while not having the same level of detail as the exorcist still has quite a bit.

But to be honest I cheated a bit in that I've left a lot of the of the detail pieces off for now as time in not on my side at the moment, so after NWG these will be added but over all even as it stands now I'm happy enough with this model.

If it wasn't for ones will be off the air for the next couple of weeks as I'm off on my summer holidays,
so if your reading this & thinking about robbing my house I'm sure the two below would be delighted with a bite to eat lol.

I'll finish up as always by thanking you all for dropping in & hopefully you won't have forgotten all about if it was't for ones by the time of my next post, now where's the plane tickets.

Tuesday 22 July 2014

40K Exorcist

One of the most deadly tanks in the game & a jewel in the sisters army the exorcist has some amount of detail on it & I think that's what makes it so deadly as you might be dead before you ever get the thing finished lol.

Luckily for me I've just gotten one finished but that still leaves me with two more to do, is it possible for someone to live that long I ask myself ?

Anyway joking aside this gives me another bit of the army done & over all I'm happy with the way it turned out, now like I said this model is just covered in detail & would be a real painters dream, but sadly I'm not a real painter but do like painted models.

I think the level of detail across the sisters army is what is stopping GW from updating them even if Phil Kelly said at the open day that he'd like to do a sisters eldar supplement like the one that's just hit with the orks & the wolf's.

These supplements I believe are the way GW are going to do thing's for the next while & while I don't know any more then the next guy if I was a betting man I think I'd put a few bob on BA & Crons been the next one, so maybe I can live in hope that some day the sisters will get some love.

In the mean time though I'm more then happy playing with them so you can take your Phil & get them right & by that I don't mean bent just balanced will do nicely thank you very much.

Right back on topic with in this case is the exorcist, the weight of the model is unbelievable you see for those of you not familiar with the model apart from the main body the rest is all metal, so just as I did with the other models I've painted so far in this army I gave it a good coat of varnish in the hope of stopping it chipping.

I'll rap up this post by thanking you for dropping in & hopping you'll call back again.

Saturday 19 July 2014

40K Father Felix & Maggie

I got another couple of models done up for the army, these where a priest & a death cult assassin not the GW official models but I think they both fit the bill for what I'm looking for.

First we'll have a look at Father Felix, called so because the model use is the WHFB model of Felix &  Gotrek  fame, just a little conversion removing the sword & giving him an eviscerator & the jobs a good un.

With Maggie there wasn't even that to do just painter her as she was, Maggie is a necromunda model to the best of my knowledge but I like the look of her & as there is only two different type of models for death cults you need to think outside the box a bit.

On the gaming front I got in a game yesterday with my son in-law Ralph who was using his crons, now Ralph is a good player & has a very solid cron army so this was to be my biggest test yet with the SoB's IG's.

Now if you've read my last post where I talked about growing pains this game summed up exactly what that post was about with me making newb mistake all over the place, now this is not me trying to take anything away from Ralph who played a very good game & fully deserved his win, no this is me talking about me doing stupid  things like in a combat first off forgetting I'd ++saves & then braking in that combat with my HQ (who is fearless btw) & running off the table to give up slay the warlord.

So while I lost the game I'm happy enough with how the army did over all considering some of the mistakes & bad play on my be half, as I've said already the plan is to to get to learn the army inside & out & hopefully be able to give a good account of it in my games as that is after all is all I'm looking for.

I'm in a good place hobby wise at the moment & this army has a lot to do with that both from a modelling & painting point of view & from a gaming point of view, I'm happy with the way the army is coming along on both fronts & I look forward to the day when it can take to the battlefield in all it's painted glory & I hopefully by then have mastered using it or at the very least remember all it's rules.

Losing I can live with, bad dice rolls I can live with, but bad play & silly mistakes get right up my nose, but when you've let your game decline as much as I have well you've just got to except (that to quote John Lennon) it'll be just like starting over.

So from Father Felix, Maggie & myself thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it  

Wednesday 16 July 2014

40K Growing pains

I'll open by saying I'm loving 7th ed even if I haven't gone to far into it & by that I mean gone unbound or used lots of cad's or a LoW, no it just that for some reason 7th ed 40K just seems right for me.

There's not one thing I could point a finger at & say it's the reason for my new found love for 40K as a game, the setting has been all that has kept me going in the GW universe over the last couple of years, but now the game is also giving me great enjoyment.

Now there will be further tests up a head I'm sure as to where I go with the game but for the first time in a long time I've put together an army that seems so far to be able to put up a fight & that I feel happy with & want to keep using.

Which brings us to the point of the post, growing pains which basically means after you gone & built your army you've then got to learn how to use it & that is not something I've done with an army for a long time.

It all very well & good when you sit down & make up a list & think to yourself this will do this & that will do that, the reality is always something very different which is why I believe it's always very important to get to know your army inside out so that when you take to the field of battle you've given yourself every chance that you can.

If there is one thing you can be sure of it's that plans very seldom go to plan & it's how you & your army can react to things is what will most likely decide how well you'll do in a game, how many times have you herd someone say after he lost a game he stole the initiative ? that can hurt but in most cases it shouldn't be enough to cost you the game.

So as I set out in the brave new world of 7th ed I look forward to going through all the growing pains & learning (hopefully) from them as its my belief a lot of games are lost by players making mistakes & that the best way to cut out on a lot of the mistakes is to know your army like the back of your hand.

The real acid test for me & this army is going to come at the end of September when I go to NWG & play for the first time in a long time in a tournament & while NWG might not be the most hard ball event out there there will still be some very good armies in the hands of some very good players.

If I can come through that with the army having given a good account of it's self & me still having a feel good factor about 7th ed even at a competitive level then the further for me in 7th ed 40K will indeed be very bright.

I'll finish up by thanking you for dropping & please do so again as I'm sure the growing pain won't be that bad, I hope lol.  

Thursday 10 July 2014

40k objective marks & the first replacements

With 7th ed & the TOC's you really do need to have objective markers not only that but you now need numbered one's so I set about making some up as gone are the days of just pulling some change out of your pocket.

One of the funniest stories I ever heard about a game of 40k was based a round an objective marker, it would have been back in 5th ed & two lads Ger & Phil where having a game in the club, as like most of us they no markers & just grab a few things one of which happened to be a tree which Phil then placed in a woods.

Ger got a rhino with some guys inside & sat it beside this tree until come the last turn, Ger forgets that the tree is an objective & drives off losing the game by doing so lol.
Ger a short time later picked up the markers with the little flags in them, so funny & all as that little tail was hopefully these markers will make sure I never suffer the same faith.

Now an easy way to do this things is to grab a few poker chips spray them & stick numbers on them & these are over all fine, but in a game that seems to take a long time to play the last thing you need is to be spending time looking for the markers & trying to look at them to see which one is which, also when there flat player can move things like tanks on to them which can then lead to a player forgetting where it is.

When I made these up I was just going to paint them all the same colour but then I had a idea if I made them all different colours after a while I learn which one is which just by the colour which should in the long run help cut out on the time players spend to see which one is which.

Finished just in time for my game with Jamie.

 I didn't do a how to here as the pictures show you all you'd need to know if you want to fallow what I've done, these really are one of the easiest thing you could ever hope to make.

The second part of this post is just a little update on my sisters as anyone who drops in to the blog from time to time will know I've started using my sisters of battle to encourage me to work on them,
luckily enough for me I've enough of them that I can work away on a unit behind the scene's while still using the same unit in the army.

Then when I've got the unit ready I'll just swap it a round for the one in the army, this way of doing things should make painting up the army a lot easier I hope, these 5 sisters is one of my troop squads & will go into the army for my game with Jamie.

I put numbers on the bases as a way of doing squad making that way if I want to take certain models in or out of  squads it's not a big job to just change the number, in the back round is the exorcist I'm working on which like the squad once finished will swap out for one of the two that's in the army.

Anyway thanks for dropping in I hope it was worth your while & that you'll call back soon.

Tuesday 8 July 2014

40K bring your Daughters to the Slaughter

I know that a couple of posts back I said I was going to be using guard as my main 40K army, well it turns out I lied lol.

Now at the time I done that post I had indeed every intention of doing just that & did play 1 & a bit games with them, but since then I've changed things a little.

So what have I been using you ask ? well it just so happens I've been using my Adepta Sororitas aka SoB, now while these girls have had a big fall from grace in power level they are not by any means useless.

With some very good units still in there dex & been able to take allies to plug a few holes I've come up with an army that I'm enjoying playing & while not anything silly seems so far to be able to put up a fight.

Why did I do a u-turn on the guard ? well that's an easy enough question to answer, you see I bought the sister's army a while back & my plan was to strip it down & repaint it, the problem was that because I wasn't using it it was just sitting there in the very same way I got it.

I done a test model which if you haven't seen yet is here & have been working away on the army since.
The plan is to replace the units with the newer one as they become ready something you'll be able to see if you come to this blog often.

But that is not what this post is about as there's no slaughter in painting other then my bad paint job that is lol, no this is about the army fighting as I said in another post I'm trying to get back playing a bit better then I have over the last couple of years.

To be honest I'm loving 7th ed & I think this has given me the lift I need to up my game & while I've only just started out on that road its so far so good but I'm sure bigger tests lie a head for both myself & this army but as long as I'm enjoying it alls good.

Anyway here's what I'm running & while I'm sure as time goes by it will change a bit I'm more then happy to use it at the moment.

HQ saint celestine  135pts

HQ priest x2 1 eviscerator LoF 95pts

4 crusaders 4 assassins  120pts

T 5 sisters 2 meltaguns condemnor boltgun rhino 130pts

T 5 sisters 2 flamers condemnor boltgun rhino 120pts

T 5 sisters heavy bolter condemor boltgun rhino 120pts

FA 5 sisters 4 maltaguns condemnor boltgun immolator 175pts

FA 5 sisters 4 flamers condemnor boltgun immolator 155pt

HS exorcist 125pts

HS exorcist 125pts

total i300

HQ company command squad 60 pts

T platoon command squad 30pts

T infantrysquad 50pts

T infantry squad 50pts

T cocscripts 60pts

FA vendetta 170pts

HS wyvern battery 130pts

total 1850pts

Not everyone's cup of tea I'm sure but then I'm not everyone & it suits my style of play, so I'll rap this post up by thanking you for dropping in & hoping you'll call back soon.

PS Had the army out again today & very happy with how it played once again.