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Saturday 28 February 2015

40K the rhino stormbolter

Something that has drove me nuts over the years is the stormbolter on the rhino, it just seemed that no matter what way I put them on sooner or later they would break off & from what I've seen when playing other people it not just me that has had that problem.

Now if you come to this blog regular (thank you) the chances are that you know I'm redoing my sisters of battle army, as I didn't do them the first time round I'm not sure if redoing is the right way to put it but I'm sure you get my drift.

Anyway back to the point of the this blog & let me tell you its nice to be doing a modelling post as I've not done one in awhile, but this one is small but simple & one that will hopefully fix once & for all.

A model I've got a few of is the sister with a stormbolter & as a stormbolter is not really an upgrade that I'm likely to give them these models will be used for doing the stormbolters on the rhinos, now I'm not doing a how to do here as the pictures show you all you need to know.

If I ever go back to doing marines I'll do something similar using stormbolters off terminators but maybe that will be something some of you might do & if so might let me know how it turns out.

So here's to hopping that I've once & for all fixed the problem  with the stormbolters on my rhino's for once & for all & there's also the added bonus of it making me rhinos at little bit different.

I think it's worked out well, I will of course put up some pictures when I've one of the rhinos repainted, so until then thanks for dropping in & I hope you found this little post helpful.

Sunday 22 February 2015

40K To Ad-Mech or not Ad-Mech that is the question

The Machnaicum the weird & wonderful of 40K & if the rumours are to believed soon to be joining 40K & an army I'd thought about starting over a year ago even got a mate of mine to pick up a few models for me at some gaming thing in England that FW where selling at.

Been the owner of many armies & unfinished mins I'm finding it hard to start up another army, but were not just talking about any army here now are we ? no were talking about what is in my honest opinion the coolest army in 40K.

Why I even want so far as to build a Dark Machnaicum some years back using a fan made dex, happy times & quite a fun army to play, why I even had a knight made from a Lego bionicle complete with a real jigsaw blade for a chainsword.

Anyway that was then & this is now & you can even buy real knights now, I've resisted buying one so far but as I see them more & more in the club I know that resistance is futile lol.
There in lies the problem as I know in my own heart that that is all so true of the Machnaicum, so maybe the question shouldn't be to do or not to do, but should be when to do.

This is where the rumours are not helping, do I now push on with getting some more FW stuff or do I hold on to see if GW do in fact do an AD-Mech army, certainly with the strength of the pound against the euro at the moment holding off is made a little bit easier.

I do how ever see myself picking up a knight fairly soon to add to my little collection, while I'd like my next FW order to be these's guys.

What's not to love about them ? & what a great army the Mechnaicum would be to bring to NWG 2016 & that is more then likely what I see happen here, the parts of the army will be added & like the above held in storage until this years NWG has come & gone & the sisters have been done.

That give's me the time to see if GW do in fact do an Ad-Mech army & hopefully for the pound to drop back a bit against the euro, added to this is it will give me a chance to get a few bob together & maybe buy a lot of FW stuff together so that I don't get stuck with the robbery that is the 25% shipping, or failing that I could always get a friend to pick some stuff up for me when he at another gaming convention that FW are at.   

Well that's it  for now & as always my thanks for dropping in, my little old blog just wouldn't be the same without you.    

Friday 20 February 2015

40K The list for better or worse

I've been wrecking my head over the list to take to Leprecon, while I'm only going for one day I still want a list that I think can compete but what to take ?

In another post on my thoughts on what I might bring I was at that point toying with the idea of a guard blob that would be more then able to look after its self & while I know it would be a tough nut, what with a 5++ sv that might very well be rerollable in combat, I've decided not to go with it as I hate moving big units a round.

So I've decided that I'm just going to go sisters on their own end of story, the reason behind this is just so that I've got small fast to move units, which as someone who was a marine player for years is how I like to play.

With my mind made up it's just what units to take, now the great thing about sisters is there is not all that much to pick from, for a HQ people ill always you should use the saint, but depend on your army Jacobus can be great value & if I was going the 50 man ig blob he'd get the nod, the canoness I'd only take if I wanted to get a command squad in.

Don't take up a slot but also in the HQ slot are priests of which you can take 5 & for every priest you take you may take a battle conclave, if your looking to get a bit of assault into the list these guys do a good job.

Elites really there's sadly nothing to see here which really is a pity celestain can't do anything you'd want them to do that another unit can't better & do for cheaper, the repentia well the less said about these the better.

Troops & you don't have a choice as it either battle sisters or battle sisters, but that fine in all honest as battle sisters are a very good unit that can take 2 special weapons in each squad & with an act of faith that gives then preferred enemy in that phase they don't tend to miss much when you use it.

Fast attack give you 2 good choices in the dominions who can out flank & that 4 special weapons add to that an act of faith which ignores cover & the seraaphims who can take 2 models with 2 hand flamers each & with shred been their act of faith can put out a lot of hurt.

Heavy support & no the exorcist is not the only choice you have believe it or not, but it most definitely is a unit that if your dice go hot can have a big effect on the game, but what people tend to forget is that it works the other way around, in a long side the exorcist you got the penitent engine & the retributors, sadly I've none of the former but do have the later, with my favourite way of running them been with heavy flamers, given that their act of faith is rending this lot can be the bane of marine bikers.

Wow it looks likes I've just done a review of the sob dex which was not what I'd planed lol, but it will give you some insight in to why I'm running the list I am, so on with the show the list.

HQ saint celestine  135pts

HQ priest x2 1 eviscerator  1 melta-bombs LoF 95pts

HQ 2 arco-flagellants 3 crusaders 3 assassins  120pts

T 5 sisters 2 meltaguns rhino 120pts

T 5 sisters 2 meltaguns  rhino 120pts

T 5 sisters 2 flamers  rhino 110pts

T 5 sisters heavy bolter 70pts

FA 5 sisters 4 maltaguns combi-bolter immolator 175pts

FA 5 sisters 4 flamers immolator 140pts

FA 10 sisters 2 with 2 hand flamers each 170pts

HS exorcist 125pts

HS exorcist 125pts    

HS 5 sisters, 4 heavy flamers, rhino 140pts  

Total 1650pts

The pictures above are from my game with Ger so my thanks to Ger for a enjoyable game, as always my thanks to you for dropping in & to prove it hasn't been all play & no work a wip shot below.

Saturday 14 February 2015

40K 7th ed newb

I was in the club on Wednesday night & with my necromunda game over, we had a 3 way just kill the other person fun game not the kind to do a writhe up on but just to let you know I once again failed my LD test & ran away, so I'm thinking of calling them the brave Sir Robin gang lol.

If you don't get the reason behind the name go watch Monty Python's holy grail movie, any way where was I ? oh yes after my game was over I started watching two of the lads 40K game & as one of them was drawing his to cards at the start of his round the other player said you get one this round as you hold one objective.

This had me confused, so I asked what has the amount of objectives he's holding got to do with how many cards he gets ? well it turns out that this is how one of the missions works, (thanks for that guys) any way I carried on watching the game, but when driving home I got to thinking on things.

So I come to the conclusion that while I might be a 40K vet I am in fact also a  7th  ed newB be about 8 months after 7th ed came out, in all that time I've played very little 40k I'd guess no more then 20 games & some of them have been special missions.

The more I think on it I can only really remember playing 3 of the new missions, the one where each player get's 3 cards each, the one where you don't show the other player what cards you have until you achieve it & the one where you start with six & have less each turn

I know now that there's one based on how many objectives you hold but don,t how many you start with as you could start your first turn holding no objectives (think drop pod marines) so does that mean you've none for your first turn ? or do you always have to have at least one ? I'm kind of half thinking that you do but no sure.

What the other two missions are at this point in time I honestly have no idea, I'm sure that when the rule book came out I looked to see what they all where but for the life of me can't remember.

Well what's all this got to do with the price of onions I hear you ask ? well the thing is I'm going to take part in the first day of a tournament in 3 weeks, now as I'll be away for one that means that more then likely I'm only going to play 2 games of 40K between this & then ( yes I could arrange that its those 2 missions that I play) I'm more likely then going to go without having played all of the missions before.

Also to added to the fun, tournaments have a different way of working out who won the game from the rule book, so not only have I not played all the missions before I've not played any game of 7th ed the way they'll be played at the tournament, throw into the mix that I haven't even designed an army list yet to use, never mind played with it & it should all add up to an interesting day.

That's it from the 7th ed newB so as always thanks for dropping in.

Sunday 8 February 2015

40K the long & winding road

As part of my given 40k one more try I feel that I need to be able to take part in tournaments, now don't get me wrong I'm in no way thinking of going back to the power gamer I once was, nor do I have any ambition to try to win one, but I do want to go with a list I feel can make a game of things.

I have in the pasted tried to go to tournaments with lists that if I'm honest about it where crap & while I don't mind losing for me going to a tournament with a crap list is point less as at heart I'm a competitive person.

Ok what's above  unless you know my very well doesn't make much seance now does it? when I started tournament play first I built what I believed was the best list I could & would go in the hope that I might win, now the last time I done that would have been in early 5th ed, even though I've gone to tournaments since then.

So the grand plan is to sign up to a two day event but only to play in the first day, confused you most likely are lol, by only playing in the first day I get to see people I only ever get to see at these things plus I get to play some competitive games without ever having to put myself through the ringer that is two days of competitive gaming, I'm not getting any younger you know.

Now like I said above I've not built a competitive list for a tournament since early 5th ed so rusty I most certainly am plus as I haven't brought models in a long time I don't have any of the newest must haves.

I'm taking my sisters & yes I do feel I can make a competitive list using sisters, but it won't be sisters on there own, I'll be adding some IG into the mix with a pinch of inquisition, well it would be rude not to now wouldn't it ?

Building a list, which I'm not doing here btw just briefing over some of what i think are some of the questions I think I need to ask myself ( boy was this much easier back in 5th) when trying to put a list together these days.

Based on the models I've got & the type of army I'm running, first question flyers do I take any ?
Lets see, sisters don't have any & fw models are not allowed so that brings it down to two types of flyers the valkyrie or the vendetta both good flyer's btw in my book, but both the kind that you need to take more then one of, which I have but I think 7th ed can punish you if you sink to many points into flyers, plus I think the wolf's & cron's are on top of the tree here while armies like tau & eldar just blow flyer's away, no flyers for me then.

Next up are psykers, this one for me is a no brainer as in I feel you need to take lots or none, don't get me wrong this just like the flyers above is very depending on the armies you face, but with Elder been the top army out there & others using gk & marines for other tricks you'll find there just could be game where these points might not be worth anything, so just like with the flyers it's no psykers.

At 1650pts I find trying to build the list a real challenge as you don't seem to be able to get all the toys that you'd like in, at least I don't seem to be able to but that's part of the fun imho, now needless to sat there are some units & wargear in these codices's that just pick themselves, but the trick is to try to get the balance right.

Did I get the balance right ? well we know more about that in a month's time & as I said I'm a bit rusty when it come's to this kind of thing so most likely it'll turn out I should have brought both flyers & psykers, so on that happy thought I'll finish up & as always my thanks for dropping in.      

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Hobby Waffle

This post is going to be just a basic waffle from me as with the cold weather I've done nothing on the hobby front, so if you want to stop now please feel free I promise I won't hold it against you, right I'll carry on then I'll be talking about a couple of things but I'm going to start with the necromunda campaign that I'm in.

Necromunda is a game by GW from the way back when & one that sadly I didn't get to play the first time round but better late then never right ? now while to someone who didn't know you might think that this game would be like 40K killteam but you'd be wrong.

While yes some of the rules are similar to 40k & with stats line like in 40k this game plays very different & is very enjoyable, yes from a business point I can understand why GW dumped this game a long with others but it is one that if you can you should give it a try, I've another game to night & can't wait.

Next up a bit of waffle on 40K, as you now I'm playing with my sisters these days & while last time out they where on their own that won't always be the case but for the moment I'm trying out different things to see where I can go with them.

40k is a game that is pumping out stuff at an unbelievable rate at the moment which should help to keep it exciting & fresh, not sooner had the crons dex dropped then the harli's where in coming.
The crons like the gray knights was really just a codex update as there was not to many new models.

I think the crons are still an unusual dex as just like the gray knights there is not really a unit in it that is no use & this is something that GW should be trying to make happen with all the codices, the harli's is one that has got certain players watering at the mouth for & if GW can pull this off in a fair & balanced way will be a great addition to the game.

After that I've no idea what dex will be next but I've a feeling in my bones that the sisters dex is not to far away & this is something that would have my on edge, as yes new models & units would be most welcome, the fact that GW would be after putting so much money into it might lead to a very bent dex with all the bandwagons jumping on it.

So if the sisters did get a new dex what would I like to see ? well I can tell you here & now it's not plastic sisters LOL as I plenty of sister models already, so the wish list would be something like this.
1) A flyer would be most welcome as at this stage I believe their the only army without one, to fit in with what the sisters are melta flamer & bolter weapons are what I like to see keeping with the holy trinity.
2) Plastic penitent engine 's would also be very welcome but I think would need something is their rules that would enable them to have a chance to get into combat.
3) Repentia that had some use as I think at this stage they might be the worse unit in the game.
4) Acts of faith, I love the idea behind these but need to be done in away that their all useful.
5) One or two new units.

Other waffle get back to playing pulp alley as this game offers so much & has so much that I want to do with it, there are other games that I want to play as well like imperial assault that I got as an xmas present, well that it for now so as always my thanks for dropping in.    

Sunday 1 February 2015

40K sisters are doing it for themselves ?

With the new cron dex after dropping my son inlaw Ralph & I where keen to get a game of 40K in with the sisters of the Black Rose going up against the newly awakened.`

This time I decided to run an army taken only from the sisters dexs & on top of that I wanted to try one or two things out, chiefly among this was a 20 girl battle squad with Jacobus joining in with then as to give them all a 5++ sv & make them fearless, & to try to finally pay attention to what the guys rules are.

So apart from the big squad, a 10 strong squad of seraphim's & one exorcist the rest of the army was small squads of 5 sisters of different kinds packing as many heavy & special weapons as I could & all in tanks.

Ralph's army was very close I think to one I'd faced before with the nightbringer throwing in for good measure, so after setting things up & deploying I keep the seraphims off the table to deep strike in & deployed the rest, my first mistake I think  as in hind sight I should have gone all or held a couple of more units back, but for what my plan was for this game I should have gone with all.

It was the mission where both players have 3 TO cards each btw, so we rolled for first turn which I won & let Ralph go first, the thinking behind this is I'm running a close range army so taking first turn can be like given away a turn of shooting & with all those wraiths Ralph was going to want to come to me.

I scout two immolators forward with 4 meltas in each & wait for the crons to come on, which they did killing one of the immolators in assault but over all not a lot else happened, payback time or so I hoped but the change from T4 to T5 on the wraiths was to prove a whole new ballgame when it comes to an army like the sisters as the maltas will no longer id them, & for some reason my flamers that had proved se effective in other games just seemed to wash over them & through the wall of frame they came.

2-1 to Ralph I think after the first turn, turn 2 seen 1 of Ralph's 3  flyers come on & Ralph done his moving & his shooting but it didn't do to much but I want to bring up the nightbringer at this point who apart from have that shooting attack that he rolls on a table for also has a gaze of death pick an enemy none vehicle unit within 12" roll 3D6 & for very one over the units LD they take a wound with no armour or cover save & if the unit losses a model the nightbringer can regain 1 wound if he has lost one.

Now the reason I wanted to bring that up was I think it raises a couple of questions, can he target a unit in assault & can he target an invisible unit ? fun times a head with this me thinks, anyway back to the show the d-lord had split off from one of the squads of waiths & mashed into a rhino with 5 sisters in it that had gone to grab an objective last turn, while both of the wraiths hit a squad each, one of which died but in the other one two brave sisters held on under the bravely.

My turn two & I knew I was in trouble, I tried something & it just hadn't worked time for a plan B, so after I got some of the squads back into their tanks & once again some poor shooting even from my seraphims who had pulled off a brave deep strike & got off their act of faith for shred, I could only hope to play the objective grab game.

To try to keep some of the wraiths busy I charged one of the unit with Jacobus & the 20 sisters, been able to reroll save meant I should tie them up for awhile, after this turn I think it might have been all square at 3-3 but this was as good as it was to get for the sisters.

The rest of the game seen me play gorilla warfare tactics of hit & run while try to pick up scores off objectives while the cron set about taking my army apart my army piece by piece, people might be saying that tesla is fixed but when your taking 8w from 4 shots its hard to agree LOL

Turn 5 & the game came to an end which was the only thing that stopped me getting tabled tbh, Ralph had score 11vp's to my 8vps but don't let that score line fool you this game was never that close, so in conclusion the plan I tried didn't work out at all but that's fine as long as I learn from it & move on, the extra T on the wraiths is a huge plus for them but as someone who believes that this is something that needs to be done to the mid-size nids I'm not complaining just hoping.

Even in getting that sound beating that I'd I'd said was bound to come is my post on the game with Alan, I really enjoyed this game & found Ralph's army a fun one to go up against as it had a bit of everything & I look forward to facing them again, as for the sisters been able to do it for themselves ? well this is early days & I'll push on trying to find out, so my thanks & well done to Ralph & my thanks to you for dropping in.