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Sunday 30 November 2014

Pulp Alley a setting

A setting for my games is something I've been thinking about for a long time now & while I've a rough out line of what I want, I need to get some time to flesh it out.

Now if you read this post ( ) you'll know that I took my first steps in where I want to go with this, but like I've said time hasn't been on my side but with Christmas coming up fast I should get the time I need to start the ball rolling.

The plans for this are big & I'm looking at a project that is going to be years in the making but that's good right ? I've seen others do this this kind of thing & it has really grabbed my imagination, it will however mean a lot of terrain building, but if I'm honest I'm more into that then painting a 2000pts 40k army.

So what type of terrain am I looking at doing ? well first off I need three different cities, then different stuff for 3 different worlds, one thing that I feel is that a lot of games are just played out on a table not in a place if you get what I mean.

Well that's the plan for going foreword & like all great plans it will most likely fail lol but you've got to aim high right ? I want something that I'll enjoy doing & hopefully inspire my hobby in a new way.

Right now that all the excitement over what the hell is near enough to us to try to get this old boat fixed up Lucinda ? asked Jack.
The nearest system to us will take about 2 months to reach with the damage we taken Captain, also it appears a bit unusual in that there 3 planets orbiting a round its star that are very close to each other & I mean really close, like no more then a week apart in our currant state Jack.

Well we don't have any choice but to head there as we need to lock into an orbit a round a planet while we try to fix the ship up so we can get back to where we belong said Jack
I wonder is there any life on them though Jack as I could really do with a night or two at the gaming tables.

Welcome to the Tricol system, until next time my thanks for dropping in.


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