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Thursday 29 January 2015

Necromunda the rescue

Once again I mucked up on the photo side so no eye candy sorry, so the game of necromunda was the rescue mission as Ian had captured one one of my guys the last time out.

Been better organised this time round as I'd all the main facts I'd need close to hand this game flowed a lot smother then the last out which as you can imagine with it been the first time any of us played the game was a bit stop & go.

So how did the game go I hear you scream, did you rescue the poor guy from those horrible girls ? let start at the beginning shall we, Ian set up first with the prisoner in a ruin guarded by a heavy with a heavy stubber among others.

I won the roll off & went first running all my guys forward while using the terrain to keep out of line of sight of the heavy stubber, Ian's first turn seen him spread out his guys a bit white moving them up field.

My second turn was much like my first, but Ian's seen him put one of my guys down & break another who ran of cover, but that was fine as I was now where I could start to put some hurt on with my three pronged approach & I took out a couple of Ian's guys.

Ian's turn & his boss puts down one of my heavies only to then hear the click of an empty bolt pistol, the heavy stubber opens up with 4 shots only to miss the target, the rest of his shooting also hits nothing & one of his guys die on his recovery roll.

Turn 3 & were in the tick of the action now with me getting some assault moves off & some good shooting, payback for those pesky juve's who mugged my mighty leader last week, but no I've made a big mistake as after given one of the juve's a good what for my boss man is standing out in the open & my stubber friend has a line of sight on him through a window, not only that but he's the only model that he can see that's not in assault.

This could turn out bad, Ian does what ever bit of moving he has to do & me reach a big moment in the game, the heavy stubber open's up with 5 shots, but only one hits the mark still it should be enough as it only need a 2 to put him down & it will puncd right through my flak armour, Ian roll's & you guessed it a one turn's up he's really had no luck with this in the two games so far.

there's a bit more shooting & one of my lads drop, but one of my guys finish off one of Ian's in the assault phase & it over to me.

Next turn & the guy who just won the assault runs over to the base of the building where the prisoner is, the game is going my way as I knock off another couple of Ian's guys & get a line of sight on Ian's boss with my plasma gunner but funk it, still next turn should see me free my guy & win the game.

No a sneaky little super juve that Ian has pops a round a corner  & pop my guy at the base of the building, but at this stage Ian's force is getting low but luckily for him he doesn't need to take morale test in this mission.

It's looking like Ian has only pro-longed the inevitable & I get another guy to the base of the building & take out both the heavy stubber & the super juve Ian is down to 3 models & I've still got 8 on their feet.

I take my recovery roll on the 3 guys that's down, first one stays down, next & it's a six so the guy is out of the game so I put him over with the guy I'd losted earlier, roll again & you wouldn't believe it another 6, another guy out & I now have to take a morale test on ld8, well by now my friends you all know why this blog has it's name so as safe as house's.

I still can Adam & Eve it a double 6 lol, I've fail me ld test & my gang buggers off snatching defeat from the jaws of victory much to Ian's delight, funny old game as they say in football & not only was it fun but very enjoyable too.

So that's it a big thanks & well done to Ian & as always my thanks to you for dropping in.            

Monday 26 January 2015

40K A day out with the Sisters

Saturday seen me head over to Alan's for a game of 40k this one was set at 2K a side so I just added 300pts to the list I'd used the week before, which turned out to be a battle conclave & a battle sister squad with a heavy bolter & a rhino, the learning continues.

Alan is a very good painter & only ever use's painted models, which made me feel a bit bad using the sisters as they are still a wip, any way this time the sisters where to go up against his ravenwing.
This is my favourite one of Alan's army & one I really enjoy playing against as it's just so different to other marine armies as it only use's bikes, speeders, & a couple of flyers.

The mission we where playing was the one where the players have 3 TO cards every turn, I deployed & when first with just the gunship in reserve & as it was night fight for the first turn just moved a lot of my vehicles 12" & popped smoke for a 4+ cover save, while the exorcist immobilised a speeder.

As I've said before the sisters are a close range army & if your using them you just have to except that your most likely not going to do much in the first turn, Alan's first turn seen him score first blood a TO, so 2-0 for Alan, but just like with the game from last week with Ralph this was to be as good as it got for Alan as the sisters started to do their thing.

Now I'm not going to do a blow by blow account of the game as that would seem pointless & I'm not saying that sister's are one of the best armies out there or that I'm one of the best players, but whether its good luck or what this army is surprising me with how it's doing, I'm sure that a good beaten is just around the corner but if I can keep learning how to get this army to thick then I think the rewards & results will be worth the effort, as I really do enjoy using them.

When I started running them first I was running IG with them to fill in what I believed to be the gaps is the sister's armoury, & while I still think that the two together is the better army it's nice to see what an army can do by it's self, so much so I might even leave out the gunship next time round.

7th ed for me is a game that has a lot of depth  in it, & the different missions I feel don't really give any army an advantage, nor does it I believe give either infantry or vehicles the upper hand, why I think it has even balanced out flyers.

I did think to get some pictures this time but not as many as I should & none that are really doing Alan's work justice, so sorry about that.
Going forward I'm reading the shield of  Baal at the moment & hope to get to play some of the missions out of it, as they are very different from the norm plus there's the updated cities of death so plenty of games for the sister's to flex their muscles in.

Looking even forward a head to NWG to which I'll be taking the sister's, one thing that I've never done in this hobby is to build a display board so that something I'll be putting right as I know what it is I want to do.
Well that it for this time hope it was worth your while & as always my thanks for dropping in & please call back again soon.

Friday 23 January 2015

40k Necromunda The week that was.

I'd a busy & event full week since my last post, Saturday seen me dust off the sisters to do battle with my son in-law Ralph, we went for a mission out of the sisters dex the one where you had to collect holy relic's.

Everyone & their dog knows that exorcist's are good but what about retributors ? tbh I'd used the heavy bolter ones before so this time I ran with a heavy flamer squad & a mulit-melta squad a long side an exorcist.

New to my list was also Uriah Jacobus as HQ & a squad of seraphim with two of them with two handers flamers each, the last but by no means least was a vulture gunship packing a twin-linked punisher cannon the game was at 1700pts.

Ralph was running Gray Knight's & marines & did score first blood but that was about all he got from this game, part of the reason been some bad dice rolls & the other part been that you really don't want to get into a close fire fight with this army, which is what his army is designed to do.

So how did the new stuff do ? well 4 heavy flamers that can become rending are not was marine bikers need even with only one rend the unit put on enough wounds to wipe the squad, the multi-meltas do a similar job to the exorcist but at closer range & with 4 shots instead of D6.

The vulture is just plain broken & Jacobus who I in all honesty I hadn't pay much notice to at the time give some nice buffs & is someone I'll be trying different things with in other games, as for the seraphim well I went for a brave deep strike on a tremi squad & with their act of faith given them shred the wounds just clocked up.

Just to finish off on this, sisters might not be Elder or Wolf's power level but are not the useless bunch that the internet would have you believe either & while I was hoping that I could have built an assault nid army, I see sisters as been my main army for the time been as I think their play style is better suited to my own play style.

Wednesday seen the Necromunda campaign kick off & as three of us were only able to make it into the club we'd a three way game, now as none of us had played the game before it was very much a case of the blind can lead the blind but it was very enjoyable none the less with thw high light been that the three of us managed to mess up with our heavy guns the first time we used them lol, two failed ammo rolls & a grenade stuck in the launcher.

The game sadly didn't go very well for yours truly with some dam juves mugging my leader & making off with the lute he was carrying & then to top it off one of my ganger's went & got himself kidnapped, which nicely set up my game for next week as I've now got to go & try to get him back.

You'll have noticed the lack of eye candy on both the reports ; sorry about that, on the hobby front I've been working on (yes you guessed it) sisters & got a bit more done on them.

What everyone needs is a target, so I've set myself one & one that I think (hope) is do able, always set the bar low that way your not likely to be disappointed, so the goal is five infantry models a week or say the likes or a rhino, now if I could do five infantry models a week that would be at the end of the year 260, I'd take getting 200 done right here & now but we'll see.

Now as I'm sure you all know sisters are all metal models so that means give them things like combi-weapons is not really the easiest thing in the world to do, but as luck would have it there are one or two that its easy enough to do it with.

In the picture above the sister on the right is now the new owner of a combi-plasma, I think for an army like sisters that combi-plasma's are the best pick of the 3, as flamers & melta's are not something they lack.

 Varnish something that you really need to do with metal models, but as you might be able to see the model on the left has had one of those bad varnish moment that happens from time to time, I'll leave her be for now with the hope that as I've more done I'll re do her, the last part of this post is the saint, I've got her stripped down but can't make up my mine whether to put her back together the way she comes or to give her wings.
Now I'm not taking any credit for the idea of giving her wings as its something I seen somewhere on the net, but it was something that I liked it, so she's on hold until I can make my mind up just as well I've got Jacobus to cover for her.

Well that it for now so as always my thanks for dropping in I hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday 17 January 2015

40K holding out for a hero

I was back in the club on Wednesday night for the first time in a long time & played a game of 40k also for the first time in a long time, so how did it all turn out ? grab a chair while I tell you.
Mae me wish I played Eldar

The game we'd played was one that Mike & myself had spoken about playing a long time back but had never gotten around to playing, it's a mission from the Iyanden supplement recreating a battle between the Eldar (Mike) & the nids (me).

Now this mission is a fluff mission & must be entered into in that frame of mind, as the nid play to have a tyrant that is T10 with a 2++sv , the Eldar player has to take a couple of named character one of which has a weapon that can wound the tyrant on a 2+ & the tyrant gets no save, as you can see it just says a tyrant nothing more so how would the game work if I gave him wings ? or if Mike decided to run a load of serpents.

Luckily we both have a bit more about us then that, so I took what was a well round nid list with a sprinkling of poison, while Mike had awakened many of the Eldar dead to stop the nid onslaught, plus a certain  pirate prince & his crew who had to go into reserves & would turn up on turn 3.

So we came to me rolling off on the nid warlord table, first roll something that was all together useless, second roll see my tyrant getting fnp after he takes his first wound just the thing a T10 2++sv models needs, so taken a leaf out of GW's book & making our own rules we decided to give him the out that made synapse 18" how fitting for a super nid.

Deployment seen Mike set up around an Eldar tower, with me setting up as close as possible to him as I could, First turn didn't see a lot happen (but did see something happen that is very rare), with Mike moving a bit then going to the pp stage & taken a perils not very Eldar like at all, his shooting saw him kill a few goyles & that was it.

Like wise my first turn was none eventful with me just getting a little closer, I think one model shot & everything else ran.

Turn two & this is where the game exploded to life with Mike taking out the goyles for first blood & putting a end to the dakafex for good measure, while also putting a big hole in the swarm or guants.

My turn two seen the rippers turn up & miss the mark by only 11", me use some pp with my zoans to put some hurt on one of the Wraithlords who I would finish in the shooting phase & then I was assaulting, the dice gods could have seen fit yo ruin  our game there & then as a 6 fallowed by a 6 from Mike fallowed by a 1 from from me would have seen a dead tyrant & believe me when I tell you I'v been in  this game long enough to have seen many an unlikely dice rolls.

The gods decided to smile on us & we came to turn 3 & the hero ? of the hour turning up, so more things been wiped out from shooting & Mike pulling off a major double assault with a roll of 11 thanks to a little help from the harlequins fleet, but they would pay of that at the hands of some devourers, but I'm jumping a head a little, as Mike's wraithknight charged my exocrine & my tyrant killing the last of the wraithguard & consolidating over towards Prince Yriel.

But for all this I couldn't help but feel that both Mike & myself where just seen all this as a backdrop to the main event which was to now come, as after getting off some more pp's to finish off the other wraithlord & wiping the the smile off the harlies faces, the hive tyrant charged into the squad of the Eldar Prince & the epic brawl was a foot.

Mike's one worry for this game was that Yriel would put a couple of wounds on the beast & then stuffer an instance death wound, which in all fairness is what should happen, now I have to add here that a thing I would never had though would ever happen did, with me for whom the Eldar have been the bane of my 40k life & who I have gone on record many a time to state that I've a pet hate for them, found myself half hoping that the little prince might defie the odds to win the day

True to form Yriel puts 2 wounds on the tyrant, who bellows out in pain & strikes back with 5A hitting on 3's & wounding on 2's, the moment of truth I roll the attacks & get 2 hits, I roll to wound the dice seem to move in slow-motion as Mike & myself watch with held breath, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

this blog has it's name for a very good reason, yes my friends you guessed it snake eye's & Mike & I do a high five lol.

Turn 4 Mike is now on the up & putting the pain on what's left of my army & puts the might tyrant to the sword in his assault phase, in fairness he'd only one wound left as the rest of the squad had also put a wound on him in the last assault phase, but the hero wasn't safe yet.
Our hero stands aloft 

My turn 4 & my mawloc that had decided to have a lie in turns up from beneath the ground, I place the template on Yriel's head & roll the dice a hit with 5 models under the blast, so 2's to wound no 1's this time & as the Eldar hero is the one under the hole we start with him (pay back time).

Mike does his look out sir's & fails one, it's 50/50 as Yriel has a 4++sv. he make's it & the other 4 are dead, oh but I'm not finished yet as the rules are that if all the models are not removed you put the template down & try again.

So one more chance all I need is a 2 & were back to a 50/50 dice roll, once move it's a one & gone is my last chance, Mike plays out his turn 5 & all I've left in a few gants so we call it.

Conclusion, this game in a lot of ways felt more like a 4th ed game then one from 7th if I'm honest about it, but it was a lot of fun none the less & proved what I believe is the truth about 40K & it is this, 40K is still one of the most enjoyable games around when played by two people looking for the same thing.

But it never plays like the fluff I hear you say, well me answer to that is that in this game at least I fought the fluff & the fluff won, Mike was holding out for a hero & boy did he ever get one, so well done & my thanks to Mike for what was really a great game of 40K & my thanks to you for dropping in.

Tuesday 13 January 2015

40K FTN & why not ?

As I said in a post a while back I think GW has brought the game of 40K to a good place & this more then any other reason is why I'm giving 40K one more chance, now I know enough to know that been a member of a club like the DGG that certain players are tournament players & like to play tournament style games.

That's fine & is something I can live with, but for me it's more about playing different type of games of which out side of the rulebook there are plenty to be found, plus there is also always FTN or in others words make up your own.

Now while I'm willing to play some tournament style games I'm not willing to have nearly every game I play be of this kind, so what to do ? on the week leading up to a tournament I'm more then happy to play this type of game if someone wants to practice, outside of that I want to play more scenario style games.

This is how I see myself bring able to keep up playing 40K & as I'm the one wanting to do things this way I'm more then willing to except the fact that it is up to me to arrange these type of games be they out of a book or home made.

My first game back is against Mike a former ETC captain tomorrow night playing a game out of the Iyanden supplement with Mike's Elder taking on my nids, the thing about these kind of games is they have a focal point & they step out of the rules as need be to fallow the fluff, which is what I think GW are doing by giving us formations & what not & yes it is also another way for them to make money but that's what business do.

So that my first game, another one I have coming up is a FTN game against the Doc,  you see the Doc has something that I want, so what's below is the lead up to this game.

+++ Transmitted : Conclave of Flas ...............................
+++++ Received : Astropath Zemmond .........................
+++ Destination  : Inquisitor Auel Brybycin ..................
++ Mission Time : 8 080 955 M41 .................................
+Telepathic Duct :  Terminus Kaleb ...............................
+++++++++ Ref  : Ordo/Hereticus/33570845/GT ..........
+++++++ Author : Autosavant  Flagstaff ........................

By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof ) are classified information of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Auel Brybycin (or hie duly appointed deputies ) eyes-only.

Priority Grade; Omega-Absolutum
Re Celexus Assassin/ 487543/W

Inquisitor it has come to our notice that an Assassin of the Temple Celexus while on a mission of the up-most importance  to this conclave has falling into the hands of the sons of Russ, all diplomatic attempts for the release of the Assassin has falling on deaf ears.

Now as you very well know Inquisitor it has been a long held belief of this conclave that the Wolf's of Fenris are not to be trusted & this insubordination on their behalf does nothing to help change that point of view.

So you are charged with bringing these dogs to heel by assembling a task force & securing the release of the assassin, our network of informers have located where the Celexus is been held & it is vital that you act quickly.

These orders are effective immediately, may the Emperor's  light always shine upon you Inquisitor.

Mission special rules.
The assassin start the game captive & must be place in a infantry unit belonging to the space wolfs.
This unit can move as normal but can not run or assault, but if assaulted will have to fight the assassin also, as the assassin will see this as a chance to brake free
If at any point the unit guarding the assassin drops below half of it's starting number then the assassin can try to brake free by assaulting the guarding unit in either players assault phase.
The assassin can be passed from one infantry unit to another by moving so that the assassin is within 2" of the other unit, but remember only one infantry unit can ever be in charge of the assassin at any time.
The wolf player can recapture the assassin at any time by removing his wounds & then moving within 2" of him, but can never kill him as he is to vital.
If the assassin should lose both his wounds while free then he will remain down until one side or the other moves an infantry unit within 2" of him.
The assassin can not be move off the table by either size at any point in the game.
The space marine player may not use drop pods in this mission.

Set up & deployment.
The space wolf player sets up the terrain & picks what deployment zone he wants.
The space wolf player sets up first & must start with the unit guarding the assassin on the table.
The inquisition player gets first turn but the wolf player can try to seize the initiative, the inquisition player can choose if he wants the first turn to be night fight.

Victory conditions
If at the end of the game the assassin is a captive (been in assault because the guarding unit was under half it's starting number does not count as been free) then the space wolf player is the winner.
If at any stage of the game the assassin should kill the space wolfs leader then the game comes to an immediate end & the inquisition player is the winner.

Well there you have it, this mission could of course be played out using any two armies & any model as the captive, but a little of the thing behind the mission & the armies been used.

Its a well know fact that there is an uneasy truce between the space wolfs, & the inquisition, added to this is the fact that I lent the Doc my celexus assassin awhile back & well the story really wrote it's self.

Then it was just a matter of coming up with a few things to make the mission different & away you go, for my this kind of thing is at the heart of 40K & is something that I really enjoy doing.

So I'll leave you now with as always my thanks for dropping in & keep an eye on the blog as this mission is one I'm fairly sure will get played out soon.


Friday 9 January 2015

Necromunda meet the gang

So I've got my gang worked out for the up coming campaign, as I said in the last post I'll be house Van Saar & the models I'm going to be using are taken from my Vrak army.

This has some good points & some bad points, the good I don't have to paint any models, the bad I'm limited to what ever weapons I've got models with, now had I knowing sooner that I was going to be playing necromunda I most likely would have built a gang to use much like I did for INQ28.

But enough waffling out of me & on with the show & yes for the first time in many a post there's some eye candy.

Leader 120pts, weapons plasma pistol 25pts, chainsword 25pts
Total 170pts

Ganger 1 50pts, autogun 20pts, frag grenades 30pts
Total 100pts

Ganger 2 50pts, shotgun 20pts, man-stopper shotgun shell 5pts
Total 75pts

Ganger 3 50pts, lasgun 25pts
Total 75pts

Ganger 4 50pts, autogun 20pts, maul 10pts
Total 80pts

Ganger 5 50pts, autogun 20pts, knife 5pts
Total 75pts

Heavy 1 60pts, plasmagun 70pts
Total 130pts

Heavy 2 60pts, autogun 20pts, frag grenades 30pts knife 5pts
Total 115pts

Juve 1 25pts,maul 10pts, laspistol 15pts
Total 50pts

Juve 2 25pts, bolt pistol 20pts, bludgeon 10pts
Total 55pts

Juve 3 25pts, laspistol 15pts, knife 5pts
Total 45pts

Juve 4 25pts, knife 5pts
Total 30pts

 For those of you that made it this far a little sneak peak below  at something I'm working on, so as always my thanks for dropping in & please call back again soon.

Thursday 8 January 2015

Necromunda campaign

This one came right out of the left field I can tell you but none the less I was all over it like a rash, so yesterday I sent out an email to the dgg looking for the rules for a vulture gunship, as where ever I had mine I just could not locate them.

Well you can imagine my surprise when the first reply back is someone looking for players for either a necromunda campaign or a mordheim, so in total we got 4 players & decided to go with necromunda with a view to maybe doing mordheim at a later date.

Now while I've an odd necromunda I wouldn't have anything that would even come close to making up a gang, but what I have got is a defenders of Vraks army that I did a couple of years back that I feel could past nicely for a under-hive gang of scum.

Anyway as it turns out I'm going to go with the Van Seer's as they where one of only two of the gangs that would let me use the model I wanted to use as my leader, the other one was the Escher's.
I've all ready started on my gang & will put up the list with photos in the next day or so.

Now the great thing about using the Vrak's models is I've got lots to chose from & their all painted so its win win, all I've got to do now is to learn to play necromunda lol.

For regular readers let me point out that necromunda will not be taking over from pulp alley & that going foreword you will be able to fallow the adventures of Panama Jack, so just look at this as a little detour, so as always my thanks for dropping in.


Thursday 1 January 2015

40K nid assault list first try

First off I'd like to wish you all a happy newyear & may all your games be fun filled ones, right with that out of the way it's time to look at trying to build a nid assault list, not the easy's thing in the world to do imho.

Anyway onwards & upwards, in my last post I talked about trying to use stealers, pods & formations, so I've since had a look at the ones I've got the rules for.
The one I think that would be of the biggest help to me is the endless swarm, the thinking behind this is that sadly I believe that hormagaunts just might be better then stealers.

For a brood of 20 with toxin sac's its 160pts & with a 50% chance that when killed they might come back that makes them well worth a look, so when I said above that I believe that gaunts are better then stealers it was of course from a pts point of view, plus I believe that out side of assault stealers are no more survivable & with giving the way the game works these days is a big factor to me when making a list.

Right so in my endless swarm I need one brood of warriors, 3 broods of gaunts & 2 broods of gants, so how to kit these guys out ? I'll start first with the warriors these guys don't come back so I'm going to keep them cheap, so a warrior brood (which is 3 warriors) 90pts.

Next up the gaunts for these I'm going to take 3 broods of 20 with toxin sac's, now the reason for going with 20 instead of 30 is that while I want these guys to play a big part in my army I know enough to know that I need other thing as well, so at 160pts per brood that's 480pts.

Last but not least is the gants here I'm going to use 2 broods of 15 with devourers, so at 120pts per brood that's 240pts, given me a total of 810pts which with most games played at 1850 these day leaves me with 1040pts for the rest of what I need.

To keep this army a bound list I next need to take a hq & 2 troops, for this I would really to take the swarmlord but feel he'd eat up to many pts, another way I could go would be with a tervigon & this would add to the whole endless swarm feel.

Synapse is something that this army is going to need to hold it together & I might do worse then to look at a tyranid prime + flesh hooks at only 130pts, I'd also like to try out deathleaper, who is 130pts, so cheap hq's to start off with & we'll see how we go, as for troops I think I'll run with some ripper swarms, so at 39pts a brood I'll take 3 broods for a total of 117pts.

Now carrying on down the synapse road I'm going to go for a brood of 3 zoanthropes or maybe 3 brood of 1 either way its 150pts & a brood of shrikes for 90pts, so lets put that all together & see where we are.

Hq Prime 130pts
Hq Deathleaper 130pts

Troops 3 Ripper broods 117pts

Elites 3 zoanthrope 150pts

FA Shrike brood 90pts

Formation Warrior brood 90pts, 2 Gant broods 240pts, 3 Gaunt broods 480pts

Total 1427pts

So now to get some big hitters in & really one thing this list needs is trygons, so I'm going to go with 2 one normal for 190pts  & one prime for 230pts, & that brings the over all army total to 1847pts.

There are lots of other list I've got in mind that I want to try out & will be looking at them & trying them out & I'll put up reports here & let you know how the army's felt from a fun point as well as how well they did or didn't do, so I'm sure you'll all join me in welcoming back hive fleet Nagaina & as always my thanks for dropping in.