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Tuesday 29 September 2015

Sometimes I paint models

Something I seemed to have stopped do lately is posts of models I've painted (washed) now why that came about I'm not sure.

Now needless to say I'm not a great painter & I would never do a post on painting as in how to do it, but the models don't look to bad I hope & some people like to see models :-)

First up is a little conversion I did for an old work buggy, I can see this getting a lot of use in games & it fits in well with the way I see the Tricol system, something as mad as this right beside a modern day forklift.

 The four guys below I just done up to be NCP's in games, as you can see none of them have any weapons which was something I needed.
 This little guy I just love, squig,s just I don't know seem to always take me back to when 40K was a bit different to what it is to day & I think if I was to do it all again I'd have been an ork player :-)

 Next up are some zombies, very useful models & one's that can be used for all kind of fun games.

 Here's a test model I did for some beastmen, I already have some & feel there some of the best models I ever painted, but they've got guns which doesn't fit what I looking for, the one below is mostly washes & I happy that there quick enough to do & look good.:-)

Below & indeed in some of the picture's above a little jetty  for the next perilous inland game.

Well that's it for me, as always my thanks for dropped in.

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Hobby Season, one down many to go.

I got the first of my hobby challenges finished just in time for last weekends game, so by finishing one I've now matched last years effort lol, but that is no great thing as last year I was a bit all over the place, where as this year I'm a lot more focused on what I want to be doing both hobby & gaming wise.

Right above is a picture of the first challenge finished but what whet into getting this done I hear you ask ? well the idea behind this one was the closing scene from Raiders of the lost ark, basically a warehouse full of crates.

All the crates all of the time, in the picture above is roughly 250 crates made form balsa wood, the main part of the crate is cut from some 12mmx12mm with the lids cut out of a sheet, so that's 250 of eash of them to be cut & glued together, add to to that that each crate then had about 15 lines scribed into it to give it the appearance of been made up of strips of wood & that's over 3k of them.

Then the shelving units to put the crates on had to be made up, there are 36 of these things in total, but we weren't finished there as I wanted some thing else to add to the endless amount of crates.

Then there was the matter of painting everything, for which I use the dark shade dip, but I didn't dip them as it wouldn't have given the effect I was looking for, so everything was painted with a brush.

I'm sure you'll agree that that's a lot of everything lol, but we weren't finished there as all the crates had to be glued to the shelves, I also made up the wall sections for the inside of the warehouse, so all in all & job well worth a niche on the hobby season belt done list.

Well that's it for me as always my thanks for dropping in  

Monday 21 September 2015

Tricol, Midnight at the lost & found Pulp Alley AAR

Our story continues with the search for a package to E.J. Demas from Tech-priest Darrow , which is been held in a warehouse by the custom's of  Abydos, if you are new here welcome & here's a link back to the start of our story.
Good luck finding the crate in there
The shock of finding Demas unconscious & his apartment ransacked had left Elaine more then a little unsettled & the messenger who had turned up to tell Demas about the package was quite clear that the customs would not release it to anyone but Demas himself.  
With little choice Panama Jack decided that there would have to be a little moonlighting done to retrieve the package that had been sent from Tech-priest Darrow as it was the only lead there seemed to be left as to his where a bouts.

The inside of the warehouse, the scenario been played is at death door from the Perilous island book
the four minor plot points where, custom's officer, his book & two watchmen, with the the major plot point a crate which was hidden
Forcing one of the doors some of Jack's crew enter 

while Jack with Elaine make their way in at a different point

Noticing Jack entering the warehouse Adele sends her cronies in to intercept him  

as herself & Numbers make their way in through a door over the other side

Spotting what they take to be a custom's officer having some trouble with some foul creature they make their way over to offer some help 

keeping an eye out for the night watchmen

who as they are walking about with touches are easily spotted

Soon enough a fire fight breaks out between the groups 
with Mad Willie getting bowled over
Lucinda follows after one of the watchmen but he seems to have an attack squig 
& challenges Lucinda as to what she doing here
Over on the other side the fire fight is still on going
with the Doc taking up some cover
as others of the crew continue the search, with Mr Smith following his nose 
Jack goes to the aid of customs officer  
but seems to frighten him off as he turns on his heels & runs
X4Y rushes Felix
knocking him t the floor
Pop's shots at Mr Smith
forcing him to lay down
Numbers notices a book sitting on top of a create & starts to look through the pages
Adele goes on without him
Deciding they don't get paid enough the watchmen stay well clear
His nerves shot the officer keeps running 
Mad Willie makes it back to his feet while keeping his finger on the trigger 
Jack deals with the foul thing unaware that X4Y is moving up on him
Mr Smith sniff's at the pile of crates covered by Olsan & Oilskin 
But Adele reach the far side & starts shooting at Olsan
Mad Willie spots the Doc behind the shelves & hits him with a load of buckshot
Pops adds his fire to Adele's
X4Y makes his way along the corridor trying to in on the action
Mad Willie finds his target as the Doc takes a fall
Jack dishes out some pay back
Things haven't gotten any better for Lucinda since we last seen her
With Adele still in the tick of it all
the bullets are flying 
& X4Y catches one
With Jack covering her Elaine approaches the custom's officer who has cammed down a bit   
The watchmen
don't really want to watch at all by the looks of things
Now where has that dam dog got to think's Adele
X4Y bravely makes it back to his feet
but Olsan & Oilskin are having none of it
Willie engages Jack in a shoot out, this is only going to end out way 
& it does
While Olsan & Oilskin where keeping Adele busy Mr Smith got round behind her, but not before Olsan took one for the team
reinforcements arrive for Adele while numbers stays out of harms way, but a little crate knock across the floor  
Adele dodges out of the combat & goes towards the falling crate, trying to make out the label on it
As for the watchmen 
well then really don't want to know it seems
Willie looks around confused wondering where Jack's got to
Jacks head to where the action is, as Lucinda beats Adele to the crate
Adele rushes Lucinda & a cat fight brakes out as Mr Smith keeps Maggie & Pops busy
Pops manages to dodge out 
Mr Smith gets away from Maggie & heads for the fight between Adele & Lucinda
Jack rounds the pile of crates & fires on Maggie
putting her down
At this point loud explosions rocks the warehouse & fires start to up in different area's time to get out of here everyone thinks. 
Designers note, when I read background for at death door the image that came to my mind was the closing scene from Raids of the lost Ark when they put the ark into a crate in a warehouse with what looks like a million others & I knew I just had to go in that direction with the terrain for this game.

So as with every terrain project you need to keep two things in mind (3 if you in clued cost) 1 can you get it to look right ? 2 will it be suitable to play the game out on ?
In the case of both of these things you really don't know until the event its self, yes you can draw out the table layout & it will give you a rough idea, but something in 2D is very different from 3D & there is no way to play the game before hand.

The answer to the first question came just before the game when I set up the terrain, it had turned out as I'd hoped, the second answer would not be knowing until after the game, but with the game over I can say yes it did work, the only thing we changed in the game was the placement of the major plot point which when found was to be placed within 6" of the centre of the table, this in the interest of fairness we changed to it haven to stay in the central corridor, which was just under 6" wide.

So that raps up this AAR on what once again was a very close & enjoyable game with both sides taking 1 minor plot point each, I thought I could pull off the win  by just going for 1 minor & the major plot point, but Paddy seen what I was up to & reacted quickly enough to stop me, so my thanks to Paddy for the game & as always my thanks to you for dropping in.