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Sunday 19 October 2014

NWG 14 update

A little update on NWG 14, when I did my post on this years NWG  14 I had none of the results & had wanted to do an update on it for a while but with been away so much I hadn't got a chance to fallow up on the different thing.

Anyway a long story short I've finely managed to get all the information together so here it is.

1st Chris 30K marines
2nd Peter Knight's
3rdLLoyd Eldar

Best painted army Lloyd

1stBarry WOC
2ndChris WOC
3rdNeil  WOC

Best painted army Ugo undead

1st Ulick
2nd Padraic
3rd Scott

Best painted Brian
Most sporting Craig

Armies used for FoW unknown

Emerald Daemon winner's
Large Single Model - Dave "Mr Saturday" Stafford for his Curs'd Ettin.
Small Single Model - Damian "Mordimer" Jaskiewicz for his Space Marine Librarian.
Best Command - Ugo "Emrys" Greevy for his Legion of the Damned.
Whiteshield - Thomas "Imperator Deus" Dillon for his Tau vehicle.

Here's a link to some Emerald Daemon pictures

Congratulations to all of the above on their placings & on that note I'll rap up this post but before I do as always my thanks to you for dropping in.

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