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Wednesday 30 March 2016

A long weekend of gaming

Not sure about the title but I couldn't come up with another one so it'll have to do I guess, so what's this post all about Frank you ask ? a good question it's about a bit of gaming I done over the Easter weekend I guess.

It all started with Darragh of sending out an email looking for some gaming action on Good Friday as he was coming home for the weekend, now Darragh's been having a wonderful time play all kinds of games of late with some of them having Indian's in them, now by that I mean the native American's & as some who boyhood was in the 60th's & 70th's they have a special place in my heart, not forgetting the fact that one of my grandson's is  part native American.

So we agreed to meet up with me requesting that he'd bring a game that had Indian's in it & in return I'd show him how Pulp Alley worked, my son Paddy was also home for Easter so decided to meet us in the shop/club, some other where hoping to be around as well but had to pull out.

Tomahawks & Musket's was the game Darragh brought over for me to try out, it's set I think a round the time leading up to the war between the Redcoat's & the Bluecoat's, think last of the Mohicans & it's at 18mm scale, a scale that still big enough to give some detail while at the same time making a 6x4 table seem a good size area.

The activation for the game is done using cards & in a cleaver little way with some of the cards adding fog of war type things to the game, I think a lot of the new games are some up with great ideas for taking turns, moving away from the old you go I go system, so you got a certain amount of cards & when they've all been turned up the turn ends, & then you go again.

Darragh was using the British with me using Indian's with some French back up, the mission was one John Wayne would never have agreed to but one that movie's like Soldier Blue or the Little Big Man would show in all it horror, Darragh had the job of killing all the none brave's & destroying the settlement, as always with table top wargames you have to remove yourself from the horror's of the truth & this is a good little game & one I wouldn't mind playing again.

So time to show Darragh Pulp Alley, I let Paddy go up against Darragh so that I could give Darragh a guiding hand through the game, but I fear I didn't show the game off in it best light tbh, in hind sight I should have brought my own terrain as the stuff in the shop wasn't really suited & secondly the trail of clues mission is maybe not the best one for a demo game more so when you forget that one player is meant to be the attacker & the other the defender as that makes this mission very different.

At least it did show him how the game works which was the point of the game but I could have done better, so if your up for it mate the next your over I'll give you a proper demo game as I really do feel I bombed out on this one so sorry.

Saturday back at the ranch as they say seen Paddy & myself take out Deathwatch for the maiden game, we played out the first mission twice, me taking the marines in the first game but only killing 21 cultist before Paddy dropped two of my guys, this set a trend for the weekend.

Next game Paddy picked 4 different marines & me take on the forces of the four armed emperor, things didn't get any better for my this time out as Paddy hit the 25 kill target with me having just one wound on a marine to show for my efforts

I will come back & do a post on the Deathwatch game but I want to play it a few more times first, how get the model's are has been done to death (PUN) but how much do you know about the game dear reader ?, good news for this game see GW give us rules for stormtroppers & a new mission in this weeks WD, hopefully they might add some other's at another stage.

Easter Sunday was Last Night Ultimate Werewolf time with my 9 year old Granddaughter joining in & loving every minute of it, this is one of those 10 minute bluff games that are great fun to play.

Monday & with Paddy not taking the train home until late in the day we went for Blood bowl, I for the first time ever played the orks & while Paddy did manage to keep his winning run going with a 3-1 score line, by the end of the game he seemed to be missing a lot of players, there are all different ways of winning a game & I think that instead of counting the score the ork's count the bodies in the injured or dead pile LOL

Well that bring this post to an end, so it's thanks to Darragh, Paddy & as always to you for dropping in I hope you enjoy it as much as I did playing all of those games & if you want to leave a comment it would be welcomed.    

Saturday 26 March 2016

Tricol, Breaking news

We're getting news of what seem to have been a massacre at a native beastman village, with unconfirmed sources blaming the attack on orks, this news will come as a big blow to Governor Von Bittner coming as it does just days after he was elected.

So what was behind this act of butchery ?  will be the question on many a lips tonight & what will the new Governor be doing about ? as don't forget he came to power on the back of a promise that all of the citizens of Tricol would be able to live with out fear of this kind of atrocity taking place.

It was a squad of guardsmen who came upon  the scene while out on routine patrol & sent in a report  as  soon as they'd had made sure that there was not danger of attack upon them, but it is believe the attack had occurred several hours earlier, we have also just received conformation that there are no survivors.

The new Governor is at this point is refusing to comment other then to say that such an act will not be tolerated & that no stone will be left unturned to bring those responsible to justices, but wants to wait until he's been fully briefed before making a statement.
 Ex-governor Jardine's  has out rightly condemned the attack & said these are dark days for Tricol, but could offer no further informations on the incident at this time.

Many hours earlier.

Designers note, It not looking like the new Govornors ragrime has gotten off to a good start, but how's really behind this & why set it up to blame the Ork's ?

As always my thanks for dropping in & if you've any advice you can offer the new Governor please leave a comment below.


Monday 21 March 2016

Fullush Mountains Sector six Rise of Tyranny campaign AAR

Dawn was still a while off when the forces of the 4th Reich came to a halt, they'd rushed through the night to get here & with their objective just a few miles ahead the scout sentinels had sent back word that the enemy was heading in from the opposite diction.

Their Kommander Otto Fulkner had decided it was better to stop short of the objective, 1of the 3 highest points along the Fullush mountains range & be set up to face the enemy then to try to reach it first, failure to prepare is to prepare for failure, let the enemy be the ones that's unprepared he thought to himself as he barked out orders to ready the men.

First could he heard the low growling of the vehicles & then as shadow shapes they started to appear out of the darkness, the order was giving to open fire right along the Reich's line as foot troops pushed forward under the cover of darkness, the night was soon lit up by traces of lascannon fire & from shells exploding upon the enemy tanks.

The element of surprise had paid off with first blood going to the Reich, but the enemy where quick to reply with thunderous fire power of the own & soon the early dawn was witness to vehicles a blaze on both sides & the ground littered with the broken bodies of the dead.

With so much at stake the Imperial forces decided to throw everything they had forward in an effort to try & hit & brake the Reich's lines, but these where crack troops under one of the finest military minds in the Reich's armed forces, the enemy had played right into played Fulkner hands, but it was touch & go for a while with the Kommander' own chimera been destroyed in the fighting.

If however there was one thing that Fulkner knew how to do it was to fight a war, & now he gave the order for his scouting forces to close in outflanking the enemy on both sides to put a squeeze on the Imperials & forcing them to start splitting their fire power taking pressure off the main line, who now started to wipe out the most advanced of the enemy tanks & troops while at the same time starting to move in on the objective themselves.

Shortly after noon the Reich High Kommand in the sector received a transmission, it was simple & to the point, Objective Secured,  Schwarzbar  out.

Designers note, the game played out was a 40K 1500pts  aside battle, using a mission that a long with it's back roun  can be found at as part of the rise of tyranny campaign been run by Major Guiscard so a big thanks to him for letting me take part, this time out seen me take on the part of Otto Fulkner as my guard went up against my son-inlaw's marines, so a big thanks to Ralph for a very enjoyable game, I don't think the dice help you mate.

I'll finish up as always with my thank to you for dropping in & if you care to leave a comment it would be most welcome.