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Thursday 31 October 2013

The farm kind of, as 40K meets bolt action

Darragh was over for Gaelcon & as is the norm we got together to roll a few dice & have a chat, so what did we play ? well the plan was to play a mission called the farm based on what Darragh tells me was the first 40K mission ever done.

Now this isn't to say we played a game of 40K, oh on things are never that simple & to the best of my knowledge we play a cross between 40K & bolt action that Darragh had come up with & to be honest was very enjoyable even if the main goal for both sides was hard to pull off.

But such is the joys of games or mission design but if both players are haven fun & enjoying it then it worked regardless of anything else, so what was it about ? well it had marines & guards with the marine captain trying to get off the table on the guard players edge, while the guard had to try to get one of their to leaders in to one of the buildings on the marine side.

Now as I've said the plan was to play the farm, but as we didn't really have the terrain for a farm we did a small village instead, that is if two buildings make a village, so for the first game I took the marines & was to bold with them to be honest & got hammered,so we changed sides & went again.

This time we got it right how do I know this ? well that's easy after the first couples of turns we both stopped taking photos, now I've played in enough of games to know the when the game gets intense you more then likely forget to take pictures,

Anyway be low is what this fighting was all about & the two army lists, but for the rules well try making up your own you might find it a lot of fun.

Imperial space marine briefing:
You are brother Captain Cato, 5th company salamander chapter of the Imperial space marines. 4 weeks ago you were assigned to provide escort to inquisitor Solomon in his mission to investigate why the planet of Pan had ceased to pay imperial tributes.  On arrival to the planet you accompanied the inquisitor to meet the regent. On meeting the regent the inquisitor commenced hostilities by blowing a hole in the regent head with her bolt pistol. In the ensuing fire fight the inquisitor was killed. You overloaded the city’s thermonuclear react and destroyed the capital in retribution. That was thirty minutes ago, now you are in a derelict farm outside the blast area waiting for Thunderhawk extraction.

Pan planetary defence force briefing:
You are Mandrake Hoth, captain in the Pan planetary defence force. Ten minutes ago the capital ceased all communications. The mushroom cloud that appeared on the horizon around the same time leads you to suspect the loss of communications may be permanent. Your commander has order you to take a platoon to make a sweep of the area. Your priority is to check the old hansom farm where you and your second lieutenant Kurtz have stored your retirement fund of illegal acquired fines. You are not expecting trouble but if you do you are expected to communicate it back to base. This would be difficult for you since you would then have to explain why you are outside of the assigned patrol area and have a chest full of money hidden under the farms floorboards

1 captain with bolt gun
1 missile launcher team (2 marines one with rocket launcher and one with bolter)
1 Heavy bolter team (2 marines one with heavy bolter and one with bolter)
2 5-man squads, NCO+ 4 marines (all with bolters)

degenerates/rebels/freedom fighters
2 officers both with pistols
2 10 man squads, NCO+9 men ( one with heavy stubber the rest  with lasguns)
2 10 man squads, NCO+9 men (all with lasguns)
1 Heavy bolter team (3 men, one with heavy bolter 2 with lasguns.

If you want to know more heres a link to Darragh's view of things.

My thanks to Darragh & I look forward to the next time your over mate & thanks to you for dropping in & please come back soon.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

A trip to Gaelcon

Gaelcon its been awhile since I last went.

One thing I miss about not playing in tournaments is meeting up with people that you only get to meet at them & not getting to see all the great looking models for all the different games.

So with those to things in mind I decided that this year I would head into Gaelcon with camera in hand so to speak, to see a few people get some pictures & sample the atmosphere & I wasn't disapointed on any front.

Anyway I got to the D4 hotel about 11.30 or so to find things in full swing & the place buzzng, the 3 big games running on Saturday where warmachine hordes, warhammer fantasy battles & warhammer 40K with lots of other kind of games & demo's taken place.

Another feature of events like Gaelcon is the trader stands where you can buy anything from cakes to boardgames or models & more than likely a few things in between.

Right thats enough from me & I just want to thanks the organisers for their generosity in given me free entry to the con, to all the players who kindly let me take photos of their models some in mid game & to you for dropping in & hope you enjoy the pictures.