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Sunday 27 January 2013

Reports from the Inquisition

+++++Transmitted: UI449
+++++++Received:  Astropath Zyler
++++++Destination:: Inquisitor Lord Brightner
+++Telepathic Duct: Termis Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoHereticus 174834763/VB
++++++++++Author: Autosavant Timbru
By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, 
this mission report (and any transcript thereof ), are classified
information, of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord Brightner  (or his
duly appointed deputies), eyes-only.
Priority Grade: Alpha-Absolutum.

Lord Inquisitor our mission to explore this world has taken a turn for the worse.
Haven landed (one week ago (STT ) we first went about setting up abase from which to carry out 
our research of this planet's only landmass, as you know from Inquisitor Price's reports  we detected 
no forms of live from your sweeps from orbit.

With a secure base-camp to operate from we set out on your 3rd day heading in a north-west direction, 
it was not until nearing the end of the 2sd day that we started to pick up the lifeforms read-outs up ahead 
from the servo-skulls.

Upon hearing this news Inquisitor Price, Cannoness Gabrielle, & myself had a meeting to workout a plan of 
action, knowing that the read outs seemed to becoming from two locations we decide two send out rhino 
with a sisters battle squad in each to intercept each life-from.

While at the same time the Inquisitor would join with the cannoness & a small dominion squad would take a 
wide route around to come in from the flank to support the battle sisters, with a bigger dominion squad doing 
the same on the other flank.
These would also be reinforced by a small squad of storm-troopers who would drop in behind the lifeforms out of arvus ligther the only flying vehicle we had which was used for recon operation's.
A small platoon of IG' the rest of of the sororitas forces under my command would stay put until called upon.

As radio silences was to be maintained the first we knew of battle been commenced was a bright flash  to our left quickly followed by one to our right, these where from (as we where later informed) the two rhino's.
Thank the Emperor none   of the battle sisters where killed or injured in the explosion & where able to carry on 
on foot.

On the left flank just as they engaged with what we where informed over the vox where necrons, the battle squad were joined  by the dominion squad containing the Inquisitor,

While on the right hand flank the squad of storm-troopers dropped in behind two necron triacher  stalkers, just as the sister squad came within melta range.

The dominion squad that where to join up with these forces was unable to as the rhino they where travelling in threw a track going through difficult terrain. 

By this time dawn had broken so that we could now lend support to your advanced forces with the two stalkers being destroyed. while on the left flank both squads opened up on the necron forces backed up by some fire from the exorcist launchers but to little effect.

It was at this point that we realised we being lead into a trap as the necrons brought the battle to us from the skies.

As night scythe's arrived at super sonic speed beaming down  deathmask necrons along side the battle sister squads so they could fire up on them with some kind of alien technology thet rendered their power armour useless.

The night scythe's divided their fire-power between the storm troopers & the exorcist's, killing the storm troopers & destroying one of the exorcist.

At the same time the necron lord & his royalcourt returned fire on the dominion squad containing Inquisitor Price & the Cannoness killing four of the squad sister's & badly wounding the other a long with the Inquisitor & the Cannoness.

With our advanced force's wiped out we ready yourself's for the full onslaught of the necrons, it was at this point we saw it something that seemed to flicker in & out of reality as it move to assault one of the deathmask units.

On the other flank a small squad of ratlings that had infiltrated into a forward position fired on the other deathmask unit killing one & keeping the rest pined down.

The night scythe's made another fly over killing the ratling squad & costing some miner damage to another exorcist, & then it was over with our scanners picking up no reading's.

As we made our way slowly forward to retrieve our dead & wounded there was not a trace of any necrons or the thing that had assaulted them, there was to be some relief as thank's to the Holy Emperor we found Inquisitor Price & Cannoness Gabrielle not dead but gravely wounded & both are now back on board the Divine Light recovering.
We have pushed on in the north western diction we had set out on & have now come to the edge of what would appear to have once being some kind of settlement with a massive structure at the opposite end.
I've given orders to set up camp here & await your further orders as to how to proceed.

Signed Commissar Kozlov

+++++Transmitted: Conclave of Har
+++++++Received:  Astropath Romus
++++++Destination:: Lord Commisser Kozlov
+++Telepathic Duct: Termis Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoHereticus 174834763/VB
++++++++++Author: Autosavant Loff
By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, 
this mission report (and any transcript thereof ), are classified
information, of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord Brightner  (or his
duly appointed deputies), eyes-only.
Priority Grade: Alpha-Absolutum.    
Lord Commissar Kozlov please be informed that Inquisitor Eser Afacan of the Ordo Xenos is on route to join you, accompanied by a force of Salamanders space marines.
Hold your present position until their arrival.

Signed Lord Inquisitor Brightner  

My thanks to Paul for an enjoyable if some what quick game.
I've also adjusted Inquisitor Price's stats link below

Tuesday 22 January 2013

My Inquisitors

I've finely got my 6 Inquisitors made so now it time to do up their profiles, one (as anyone who has been following this blog will know) already has a profile & has in fact had two outing.
Now the plan is to use this page to keep a track of how the Inquisitors are doing, as redoing a page every time one gets a update is not on.
So every time I do a reports of the Inquisition post I'll put a link to this page.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ V Price
Ordo ++++++++++  Hereticus
Experience points +  18  
Type ++++++++++ Puritan, none Psyker
Retinue ++++++++ Warrior Acolyte with bolter,Inquisitorial Servitor

Wargear Carapace armour, Inferno pistol, bolt pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades two sevro-skulls
Special rules Independent  & Stubborn.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ Countess Gisila von Strum
Ordo ++++++++++  Hereticus
Experience points +  0 
Type ++++++++++ Radical, Psyker
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear Power armour, condemner bolter, bolt pistol, force weapon,  Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades
Special rules Independent & Stubborn, Radical, Artefacts.

.Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ Brynach Soto
Ordo ++++++++++  Malleus
Experience points +  0 
Type ++++++++++ Radical, Psyker
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear Power, Terminator armour, storm bolter, forcesword,  Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades. 
Special rules Independent, Stubborn, Radical & Artefacts.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ R Joyrce 
Ordo ++++++++++  Malleus
Experience points +  0 
Type ++++++++++ Puritanl, None Psyker
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear,Carapace armour, hellrifle, bolt pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades 
Special rules Independent & Stubborn.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ Eser Afacan
Ordo ++++++++++  Xenos
Experience points +  -3 
Type ++++++++++ Radical, None Psyker
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear,Carapace armour, plasma pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades 
Special rules Special rules Independent, Stubborn, Radical & Artefacts.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ Merock
Ordo ++++++++++  Xenos
Experience points +  3
Type ++++++++++ Puritan Psyker
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear Carapace armour, , neddle pistol, force halberd, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades.
Special rules Independent & Stubborn.

How to use the Radical & Artefacts rules.

Radical, the player must roll a LD test at the start of the game & if failed the Inquisitor so from been part of your main army to a Blood Brother ally.
If the Inquisitor has picked any Henchmen from the Radical section then the LD test is at -1
Note it's only -1 no matter how many Henchmen are picked from the radical seation.

Artefacts, if the Inquisitor kills an enemy in combat that has some rare Artefact he may take it but he does so it will also be -1 on the ld test in his next game.
Note it's -1 for every artefact the Inquisitor has os if he had 3 it would be -3
If an Inquisitor loses ep's he will not lose any wargear he has bought with them,
Some other stuff still wip

Thursday 17 January 2013

Reports from the Inquisiton

+++++Transmitted: The Divine Light
+++++++Received:  Astropath Zyler
++++++Destination:: Inquisitor Lord Brightner
+++Telepathic Duct: Termis Kaleb
++++++++++++Ref: OrdoHereticus 558037274/HM
++++++++++Author: Autosavant Timbru
By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, 
this mission report (and any transcript thereof ), are classified
information, of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord Brightner  (or his
duly appointed deputies), eyes-only.
Priority Grade: Omega-Absolutum.

Re; Ozial-Hinlum

Haven't been joined  in are mission by the forces of the Titan & the Adepta Sororitas of the Black Rose Convent we quickly cleansed Ozial-Hinlum of chaos forces,
forcing the band of Iornwarriors to flee the planet we then round up those of the population that had falling from the Emperors light.

Upon completing this most holy work I received a massage from the Brother Captain in charge of the Grey Knight forces informing me to return to the Divine Light while they set about the purging for the inducted Imperial Guard forces that had accompanied me on this mission (as is their way).

 I sent a reply stating that any suchact would be viewed as a act of war & would be meet with all the force the sisters of the Black Rose & my small number of Imperial guard could muster.
Their reply was short & simple & read "May the Emperor receive your souls"

So Canoness Gabrielle, Lord Commissar Kozlov & myself set about drawing up a battle plan, I know these Knights are believed to be the fines Marines that the Emperor (Beloved by all) ever created, but to me they are psykers one & all & therefore not to be trusted.

The plan was to use the classic pincher tactic drawing them on to us while, at the same time sending squads out to work around their flanks.
Commissar Kozlov, the IG & myself would would hold the middle ground supported by a couple of exorcist tanks & a full retributor squad of the Black Rose.

Believing in their own invincibility the forces of Titan came straight for us as we believed they would & despite taken some heavy loses we stood strong to buy the time
needed for our comrades  to work around the sides & start to squeeze them into killing lanes.

Needless to say we where hard put to beat back such might warriors but as my report bears witness to we were successful but not with out our losses among those badly injured in the fighting where Canoness Gabrielle, Lord Commissar Kozlov & platoon Commander Alselinus, among the dead a brave squad of Stromtroopers
who dropped right into the hart of the battle to help turn the tied.

signed Inquisitor V Price   
Inquisitor V Price gained an extra 13 ep's from this game I'll be updating his profile before his next outing.
My thanks to Alan for a great game, some more photo's belowe.   


Monday 14 January 2013

Using Inquisitors for Roleplaying in 40K

Following on from my last post forces of the Inquisition, I'm now going to explain how I'm going to to do a bit of roleplaying in 40k.
This starts with our hero's the Inquisitors, the plan is to have 6 of them 2 for each Ordo 1 a radical Inquisitor & 1 a puritan.
So I'll start off with the creation of the character, the example I'm using is in fact one of the Inquisitors I'll be using & who has already had his first outing.

Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ V Price
Ordo ++++++++++  Hereticus
Type ++++++++++ Puritan none Psyker
Experience points +  0  
Retinue ++++++++ None

Wargear Carapace armour, Inferno pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades.
Special rules Independent & Stubborn.

Now that we've created our Inquisitor the next thing is to work out how he goes about gaining Experience points. (here after know as ep's ) 
The next problem is to try to work out how our hero gains ep's & what ep's do, needless to say the only way our Inquisitor can gain ep's is in games.
Here we have to be careful if he gains ep's to quickly he'll rise to fast, to slowly & it will take for ever. 
We'll start with what type of games he might de involved in & award ep's for each.

Killteam, Space Hulk or any other game of less then a 1,000 pts.  5ep's note that any retinue used in these games will not gain points for the Inquisitor.
40k 1001- 2999 pt's 5ep's
Apocalypse 10ep's

There's our games, next the results of the games.
Win 5ep's.
Draw 3ep's.

In game actions
Kill enemy HQ = ep's = to models wounds
Kill enemy MC ep's = to models wounds   
Kill enemy IC or C ep's = to models wounds
Destroy Enemy vehicle ep's = to models hull points 
Claim any of the fallowing
First blood
Slay the warlord
line breaker  
1 ep
1 ep for every model in his retinue that takes part in the game.

That's how Inquisitors gain ep's now to try to keep it balanced some ways that he might lose ep's.

Lose the game -5ep's
For every wound he lose's - 1ep
If killed by instant death = 5ep's Note this does not stack with wounds lost.
If the enemy warlord  claims any of the fallowing.
 First blood
Slay the warlord
line breaker 
-1 ep

With that much done we'll look next at what the ep's do.
This part is a little bit trickier as I want to use the ep's for two different things,
 first I want to use them for buying wargear & building a retinue & secondly as away of working out how powerful the Inquisitor is.
We'll start with the first one & what we should set the ep's at in relation to wargear points, I've decided to go on a one for one bases.
So 1 ep = 1pt for buying wargear, so for example I want a servo-skull & its 3pt's I will need to have 3ep's.
Note that any wargear an Inquisitor buys he must keep whether he is using it or not,.
In the case of Henchmen if any are killed the Inquisitor does not lose the pts it costed but does lose that Henchman.
He is then free to spend the the regained pts on anything he wish's but can not for his next game. 

Next we have the ep's v power level this is important as it will unlock certain units & wargear.
Example a level 1 psyker may not b upgraded to a level 2 until he gets to a certain pts level even though he will have the pts to before that.
For this I'm going to update the Forces of the Inquisition codex link below.
I'm also going to add a new foc choice & some wargear upgrades  to the codex.

As i said Inquisitor V Price has already had hi first outing so I'll update him now.
Played a 2,000 pts of 40K 5ep's
Result draw 3ep's
Total ep's gained 8
Title +++++++++++ Inquisitor
Name ++++++++++ V Price
Ordo ++++++++++  Hereticus
Type ++++++++++ Puritan none Psyker
Experience points +  8
Experience points Spent 8
Retinue ++++++++ 1 Warrior Acolyte with a bolter

Wargear Carapace armour, Inferno pistol, cc weapon, Frag, Krak & Psyk-out grenades, servo-skull.
Special rules Independent & Stubborn.

Note even though the Inquisitor bought a warrior acolyte he can not be used until the retinue has 3 members, the servo-skull can however be used.

Friday 11 January 2013

Forces of the Inquistion

Forces of the Inquisition is what I'm going to try to make a little supplementary codex with to be used with any Imperial codex but not use up an allied slot.
Now to be honest I've seen many fan codices & most of them just end up stupid wish listing with a broken army that fan want to win every game he plays with.
The goal here is not about building a powerful army using Inquisitors because if that was all I was after I'd just use the Gray Knight codex & save myself a lot of work.
GW as is their way sadly decided to all but abandon the Inquisition codices never releasing one for the Ordo Xenos & replacing the other two with a WD SoB codex & a Gray Knight codex.
Their will also be restrictions put in place to try to keep the whole thing balanced.

So where to start well Inquisitors might be a good spot, but as this codex is to tie in with my roleplaying  within 40k their will be no named Inquisitors.
Codex Forces of the Inquisition is a supplementary codex to be used only with Imperial forces (except codex Gray Knights) & does not count as using an allies slot, however all units selected below take up a force organisation slot in your main army unless stated.

You may pick anyone of the fallowing Inquisitors below as a HQ choice in your army & while he does take up a HQ slot in your main army you must also take a HQ from that codex.
In addition the Inquisitor must be your warlord & their can be no named HQ's taken from either of the other codices been used 
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Radical
Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Puritan
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Radical
Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Puritan
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Radical
Ordo Xenos Inquisitor  PuritanSee 
Codex Gray Knights for details
In addition to the wargear  in the codex Gray Knights your Inquisitor may have the fallowing upgrades.
Rosarius 25pts 4++ 
Psyker (Master Level 2) 20pts
Note If your Inquisitor is a psyker then he may not be included in or have allies of Black Tamplers.
Also note If using a radical Inquistor you must roll a LD test at the start of the game & if failed then the Inquistor & his Henchmen are treated as allies of convenience


Inquisitorial Henchmen Retinue, This unit does not us up a force organisation slot & may be deployed independently from the Inquisitor however if at any point in the game the Inquisitor joints the unit he can not again leave it.
You may chose between 3-12 models from the list below, but no more then 33% retinue maybe of the same type.
Note If a radical Inquisitor is using any Henchmen from the radical section then he may not be included in or have allies of Black Templars or Sisters of Battle

Death-cult assassin
Inquisitorial servitor
Jokaero weaponsmith
Warrior acolyte
Techpriest enginseer 0-1 if any servitors are taken then both them & any Inquisitorial servitors taken count towards the 33% limit. 
Ministorum priest 0-1
Ogryn 0-2
See codices Gray Knights & Imperial Guards for details.
Any radical Inquisitor may also pick from the fallowing
Elder Ranger 0-3
Attack Squig 0-1
Ork boy 
Grot  You may have between 1-3 grots per henchman slot

Assassins you may pick anyone of the fallowing assassins below
Locked 10 ep's needed.
 Note you do not need to spend any ep's to use these unit but your Inquisitor must have that amount.
Culexus assassin
Callidus assassin
Eversor assassin
Vindicare assassin
See codex Gray Knights for details

You may pick one of the fallowing units
Gray Knight strike squad see codex Gray Knights for details 20ep's needed
Storm trooper squad see codex Imperial Guards for details 5ep's needed
Deathwatch squad (Sternguard veteran squad) see codex Space Marines for details. 15ep's needed

You may pick one of the fallowing units.
Locked 30ep's needed
Lightning Strike Fighter
Avenger Strike Fighter
Vulture Gunship
Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter 
You will notice that there are radical & puritan Inquisitors above, this is done just to add different flavour there will not be two different kinds in the Gray Knights codex.  
As I said in my last post my aim here is to roleplay within 40K, this apart from linking all my games will also give me the opportunity to model & paint a lot of models that I would not other wise do. 
Next time I'll have the rules for using the rollplaying system.