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Tuesday 28 April 2015

40K Vulture gunship

I'm at least the 3rd person to own this model but the first of the 3 to paint it, I first seen it in the shop in a very sorry state indeed & keep meaning to ask Martin what the story was with it, in the end the Doc beat me to it & became it's new owner.

Now in fairness to the Doc he carried out some repair work on it, but he only want it to use as a vendetta as at the time he was using a small allied guard force, he'd even gone as far as getting some twin-linked lascannons from FW for it & based coated it black.

 But good luck was to come my way some changes in the rules & a new IG dex, this put a spanner in the Doc works as he couldn't use his IG like he once had & decided to flog them, so I agreed to buy the vulture from him but of course been me I end up buying the lot LOL.

So when I got it home I went about stripping off all the twin-linked lascannons & doing other bit & pieces, to bring it back to what it was meant to be & get it ready for painting.

There was a little bag with it that had a few of the bits belonging to the model, but sadly one of the two little like under wings that help balance the model when it not on it's flight stand was missing, so a root in the bits box & I found something I could use that would look like a part of the landing gear.

While I was at it I also magnetised the weapon points of the wings & some different weapons so as I could swap them about, I din't have the punisher cannons so I just made do with some assault cannons  instead.

Now all I need to do was come up with the colours for it, in the end I went with yellow & green & am more then happy with the result, I used the same little design on the cockpit & wings that would be yellow, picked out to little panels  nearer the tail as well as the cockpit canopy's.

I'v two valk's   to do when ever I get around to them & will paint them the same way, well at least that's another model done, with a long with the hellhammer  addes some more fire power to my guards & that brings us to the end of the post, so as ever my thanks for dropping in.

Friday 24 April 2015

40K ? Apoc the only game in town

Try this to the air of solitaire.

There was a game a lovely game that people played called 40K & it was brilliant.
there was a plan a GW plan that we should all be playing apocalypse, & now apocalypse is the only GW game in town & every new codex that comes out gets us down & as play it's getting harder & harder to pretend were playing 40K again, even though we keep on playing the game with GW we know it will always end the same, now as new games spring up around us every where were playing apocalypse.

As you buy new toys it really no surprise at the more & more broken little joys, with the Eldar having D weapons everywhere & their D slapping all in front of them with out a care where playing apocalypse, now we have the tools to fight the pointed eared clowns but because of the TO's silly rules we can not use them, now apocalypse is the only game in town & every new codex that comes out gets us down & as GW just keep on releasing more lovely new toys for all us little boys & even if their the dearest ones a round GW has to get every last pound & as new game spring up a round us everywhere were playing apocalypse.

So now apocalypse is the only GW game in town & with every new codex that comes out getting us down I think it's time we gave up the pretence were playing 40k, because we really know that isn't what were playing & with GW it always ends the same, so as new games spring up around us everywhere were playing apocalypse, now apocalypse is the only GW game in town, so it either play it their way or starting playing out of those new games that's spring up all a round us because with GW apocalypse really is the only game in town.

I lay no claims to been a song writer but I hope it gave you a laugh & remember the sky never falls it just get dark from time to time but after every night is a bran new day, so carry on playing & don't mind that D lol, as always my thanks for dropping in.

Monday 20 April 2015

40K looking for a change at the Warroom

Right so who packed the armour ? oops, not since the stone age I would think has an army gone to war with no body armour, so it was just as well that this was not an army but a mix match of lost & dammed souls lol.

I was down in the warroom on Saturday for a 1200pts tournament & this day was like something out of reeling in the years as there was about 10 players from the DGG something not seen in a good few years.

so much love in the warroom

This was the second tournament I've gone to this year & where the other one seen me turn up with a tournament list, this time out I went on the flip side with what I can only call a list that would give you giggles  all day long, handing a dude a plasmagun & not giving him any armour is odds on to only end one way.

My main goal for the day apart from having fun was to turn my witch warlord (who had giving himself over to Tzeentch) into a lord of change or die trying, sadly the former didn't happen but the latter did, so I guess your still Tzeencth's main man Doc.

An army like this one really does put you in the hands of the dice gods & if your going to run something like this then you must except the highs & lows that come with it & let me tell you there was many on the day, from rolling 3 6's in a row to keep the last hull point on a chimera against a lot of twin-linked crons, to losing 3 out of your 4 plasma gunners in one round of your own shooting.
Mike must have found out Eldar are getting a new dex
Among other things was watching the look on your opponents face as he went over your list trying to work out what the catch was with the army as they thought to themselves no one could come to a tournament with a list like this.

But when playing the game is behind the models in importance & trying to compete in a tournament is even behind that, then you really have the freedom to take what you dam well please,
where once an exploding tank killing 8 guys inside it & then another 8 outside it might have had me wondering why the dice gods hate me so much, now it all just part of the fun & something I can tell you the good reader about.
What is it about Heidelberg ?
One thing I've learned over the years is that the things you remember years later about games are things like when you snap fire something like a plasma gun against an squad charging you, get two 6's & then roll snake eye's not when my hitting you on 2's twin-linked killing you on 2's with a reroll shots & kills something.

The nicest thing that happen to me all day was when after one of the games the other play said to me that was the most fun I've had playing 40K in years :-)
So every thing outside Cork in dublin right.

So a part from the four games there was also a race to rise a few bob for the ETC team (which is what the event was for) madness & mayhem is the only way you could explain this & great fun to boot, as we all stood around one table in fits of laughter while the race was run.

First & second place's went to the DGG in the form of Paul & the Doc with third going to Chris well done lads, a big THANKS to Nigel for hosting it & to Eoin for running it, I'd all like to say thanks to all of my opponents yes even to my no good son-inlaw who's Gray Knights stole the initiative & then deep striking into the gap I'd left for summoning daemons cleaning flamed my sorry ass, it may have been as fluffy as hell but there's something you just don't do to your father inlaw.
This winning is hard work
I'll finish up as always with my thanks for dropping & there are some more pictures below.

It mightn't look like it but this is 40K's fastest model

some one had to mind the shop

Thursday 16 April 2015

40K Off the shelve

This one is one if I'm to be honest I thought I might never finish but the other day after about three & a half years I took my hellhemmer off the shelve & set about finishing it.

so sad & lone looking

What brought this about I hear you ask ? well I think it was my game with the Doc where we got our greater chaos daemons out & went at it, were now in 7th ed 40K & things have changed a lot in GW over the years.

I'd say he'd be glad to see the back of me

Now you might well ask isn't 40K still more or less the same game it always was ? the short answer to that is no plain & simple like I said things have changed a lot over the years.

big tanks need loving to you know

Once a model like the hell hammer was only to be found in epic then FW started up & made big kits, flyers & all kind of wonderful stuff but this was still very far removed from what most people think for as main stream 40K.
he loves me he really loves me

Then a long came apocalypse & with it GW first steps into the world of the big kits, I had many a great day playing apoc & in those days the hellhammer was given what at best could be called a quick lick of paint in my Sallies colours, then after I did my Vrak's army I decided I'd do the big guy justice & paint it up the same way but with the work 90% done did what a lot of us do & moved on to something else.

I've got to say I'm more then happy with the way it turned out

 For one reason or another apoc died & with it the use of models that apart from what I paid for them are models that I love & want to use,  GW tried a reboot of apoc but that failed it also got rid of epic as a game but had plans for the models & formations.
it even got to see some action as I used it in my game against Alan last night

 So now while a lot of people are bemoaning the Elder getting the first ranged D weapon in the game or at any rate in a codex (yes I know that that the crons can get one) I'm Delighted, why because if I'm willing to put a 600 pt tank on a table that can get one shot killed by another model than any nonsense about banning stuff to keep the game fair or balanced really is just that nonsense.

with the game gone so slow these big guys are a great way of getting it played in time

Like it or not GW are now designing the game with all of both their models & FW,s in mind, the amount of people I've heard complain about the 3 knights or crons that they just don't seem to be able to kill, well guess what weapon kills them real good ?

when I see it now all painted up I really feel a bit of a dick for leaving it there for all those years

When flyers first came we made that mistake of not letting player who's codices didn't have them take either flyers from FW or other stuff that could deal with them, making an already unbalanced game even more so while kidding yourselves it was in the name of balance.

the details on these models really are something else

 Making the same mistake all over again is just going to make sure that the dex that's already king of the hill is just going to stay there while we complain that Elder are so over powered, the game has moved on my advice for what it worth is move with it because at this stage telling an ork player that he can't use his stompa makes about as much sense as trying to take out a wraithknight with a sluga.

& now that its finished maybe we should have a party, I wonder what's in those barrels ? 
GW want to sell us these models plus all the other ones they make, now they can't make us buy them but they can design the game in such away that you might just find doesn't work very well without them, well that's it folks as always my tanks :-) for dropping in.

Tuesday 14 April 2015

40K The lost & the dammed

I played a game of 40K in the house the other day with my son-inlaw using what I think of as my competitive list & while we played my son watched, later on talking to him about the game he said something to me which I've often thought myself about 40k.

What he said was neither of you seemed to be having much fun & in away I think he's right, you see imho  there are two type of 40k games competitive & fun, that's not to say one is more enjoyable then the other & Paddy never said we weren't enjoying ourselves just that we didn't look like we where having fun.
Tzeentch favourite son ? 

List for me have a lot to do with a game of 40k,  yes I can go to a tournament & bring a list that has 3 flyrants & 3 mawloc's & enjoy it but if I'm playing at home or in the club then this is not really the army I want to run with.

The lost & the dammed an army of those poor souls lost to chaos just my kind of scum, IA 13 has an army list for just that type of thing & it from here that I'm going to build my none competitive army, now don't get me wrong I'm hoping this army will be still able to fight the good fight but should have just enough draw backs to keep it interesting.

Flavour the HQ you pick is what should set up the style of army your running, it works like this a single commander called demagogue in a command squad can pick from a list of devotions, so he could be a rogue witch, a dark magus or some other things with each one opening up different units or up grades.

Now I ran a defenders of Vrak's list before & is was a very fun army to play & it's the kind of army that give you lots of modelling opportunity's be it mutant conversions or run down looking tanks with kit bashed extra's.

As I've said more then once on this blog I really do have to many models & do find it hard to justify buying more & while its easy to talk myself into picking up something like a knight which I can use across a few different armies, do I really want another 70 to 100 infantry models to build & paint when I've a fully painted army sitting there ready to go.

That's not to say I won't be picking up stuff for this army, but for me much & all as I'd love an ad-mech army unless I build a dark one where I make a lot of stuff myself I don't see it happen.
So as I'm putting the finishing touches to this post I've already sent my list in for a tournament in the war room next Saturday & tbh I should be using my nids but as this event is FW friendly & I've banged the FW drum so many times I feel it would have been a sell out on my be half.

Not wanting this army to be just my Vrak's army even if a lot of the models from that force will be used I'm also using other things like beastmen as a squad of ig's plus some not chaos ig's to mix the look of the army up a bit.

For someone who plays sob the fact that I've picked a rouge witch as my HQ is not losted on me & that if devoted him to a certain chaos god it something a good mate of mine will get a kick out of, well that's it for me but before I go you might have noticed that there's a big tank in one of the pictures, well that's been added to my list for my game on Wednesday as I start playing what I like to think of as full 7th ed.

Thanks for dropping in & kept an eye out for my report from the war room, unlike my last tournament I'm setting the bar a lot lower this time out 20 pts form the 4 games with this list will have me more then happy.