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Saturday 28 May 2016

40K Colour coded

If you came here lately you know I've gone back playing 40K using  a Vrak's list that allow for Renegade Infantry Squad's to come back on a 2+, with me more than likely settling on 6 squad's for 16 that's' a lot of guardsmen to try to keep track off without slowing the game down to much, more so when you take it to a tournament.

 My answer to the problem was to use a colour code system for each squad by painting the left shoulder pad a different colour, so what I have now is squads blue, brown, grey, green and red, yes I know that's' only 5 I'm working on the last one which I think will be squad purple.

I used this system in a game against Cathal & found it worked very well much to my delight & doesn't' seem to take anything away from the armies appearance which would be important to me.

No do not adjust your screen or wipe your glasses that is a monolith & if you look at the picture below you'll see another of  the mostly forgotten crown units.

Yes that is the nightbringer, Cathal been the cleaver lad that he is decided that instead of bringing the usual default go to Crom army that a lot of people are using & that won't die but doesn't' do much else brought an all round list & we where both rewarded with a very enjoyable game, which just goes to show that just because you can take something doesn't' mean you have to :-)

Another thing I'm happy about is the piece of terrain above which while been a good line of sight blocker is also interesting looking on the table.
And what about that hole in the centre is it large enough that someone like Panama Jack might crawl into ? I'll finish up with you thinking about that, my thanks Cathal for a good fun game & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed :-)

Sunday 22 May 2016

40K Death from the skies, all or nothing

Death from the skies the latest addition to 40K & an interesting one, not because I believe the book is something 40K needs, although if you now except that 40K is now 40K apoc & you should BTW then I guess you should welcome the book as it does add to the over all feel of the game.
Now I've got you, but were not over the battlefield yet.

I said above that I felt the book an interesting one & here's why unlike other books of this type that came before even the last death from the skies, this book replaces the rules for flyers that are in the rulebook, could it be that GW have learned that if you give player's the choice that most of them won't use the new rules ?
Someone better go back & tell the Inquisitor that he can't use us any more, well I'm not.

There are I feel 3 thing behind this book & a lot of the other books like it that we've seen over the last couple of years planet strike/  strong hold assault, 1 to try out new rules before a new addition which I believe will come next year, 2 to add more for flyers to feel right in the game in real war flyers are in danger long before they reach a ground battlefield & also to give the different types different roles, 3 to try to sell us more models, fancy them doing such a thing.
Is this the end for me ?

For me I like the book to be honest even though it seems my guard will no longer have a vendetta & can the inquisition still use a valkyrie ? what about FW flyers ? if GW want FW to be part of the game which they do btw then the two need to work a lot closer & no I don't think FW need to release a book with rules for all their flyers in it, just a down loadable PDF will do thanks.
How do I work now ?

Now where was I ? yep the book & that I like it & here's why, 40K is not the game it was a long time back GW have changed it & dragged most of us a long kicking & screaming with them, 40K I think at this stage is more like how FW was from the 3rd IA book, as in they want us playing out campaigns & telling stories in our games & the rules & the missions in this book add to that.

Nan't like old times Bill.

if you think 40K hasn't change much then take another look at the picture above at what was at the start of 4ed for GW a typical 40k army, now do you believe ? on that I'll finish up but watch the skies my friend's because GW knows what way they want us to play 40K even if we do or don't & sooner or later I would guess we'll be using these rules & with that my thanks for dropping I & if you'd like to leave a comment it would be welcomed. :-)

Thursday 12 May 2016

40K The Blood God would approve

On my return to 40K two things are standing out to me, 1 either free USR's left right & centre or free units formation are how players build armies these days, the other seems to be players building armies that don't want to die (I know) be it warp spiders jumping away before you can shoot them invisible deathstars, lifestars or ravenwing jinking & rerolling to beat the band nothing seems to want to die.

So what's a guy to do ? fight fire with fire ? that would not really be my thing tbh as I want death & destruction on a grand scale in my wargames, so instead of fighting fire with fire I intend to fight with water & my savour is the 2sd ed Vrak's book.

You see in it is a detachment that uses the master of the horde rule but in stead of infantry squads of 15+ models coming back on a 5+ with lets them come back on a 2+ with the out flank rule as well, now this might seem very bent & in away it is but as these units are basic crap troops & you have to invest a lot of points in them I don't see it as the type of thing top tournament armies will lose to, but what it might be is a spoiler as it would be hard to table & I think (don't know) to get a 20-0 win over.

My days for having any interest in winning tournament are well in the past but I've no wish to be getting tabled in 2 or 3 turns either, a mate of mine (Doc) told me I was still building armies like it was 5th ed & that I need to move with the times, this is my way of doing so.

I had my first game with a list from the Vrak's book last night & found it to be good fun & we got in 5 turns in under 2.5 hours which was good as it was one of the things that I worried about using is army, close on 250 models that's a bit of managing that's why I've no pictures for you.

In the game last night I got I think 5 units back while losing 2, well if it wasn't for one's lol, there's a certain freedom for me been able to throw my army at some one else's with wild abandonment & for me this army seems to be ticking the right boxs, you don't want you army to die ? fine lets have fun killing mine, I think the Blood God would approve.

Before I go a good mate of mine as done a post on his thought of going from WHFB over to KoW, don't worry it is not a rant just his honest feelings & thoughts, here's a link.

Well if you come back my thanks as always for dropping in & even if you didn't come back my thanks anyway & if you like to leave a comment it would be welcome.  

Sunday 8 May 2016

Some WIP

I don't know about you guys but from time to time for what ever reason I find myself working on a few different things instead on just working on one thing & getting it done, this is one of those times
So what have you been up to Frank ? well lets take a look shall we as pictures are the easiest way of doing so.

In the picture above is part of a building this will be used as a back drop for the house of Senators in Tricol which hasn't been abandon btw, it just I still have moved to the new hobby space which I really need to do to move on with things.

The cron in the picture is just for scale & no I've not started a cron army it's my son inlaws he left it behind him the other day.

I'll be adding a removable door & an inter hall but I need to get the tiles painted first.

This little gem I picked up in the pet shop a while back & as is the way of things done nothing with it but I had a plan .

Again our friend Mr cron for a bit of scale.

Right so now you know what the plan was, yes I'm making a big rock king of thing out of it.

The used for everything these days tile adhesive been applied, just a little heads up if your  going to put the likes of tile adhesive over the king of insulating board coat it first with some watered down pva.

Ready for the painting table, the last thing is a couple of more tanks for the Vrak's army.

 This will be my lead Russ, it hard for you guys to really see what's done to it when is's just black so you'll have to come back.

Another russ & a chimera, it's good to be getting work done on these as they've been lying around for a long time, well now you know what I've been at so I finish up with my tanks for dropping in & if you'd like to leave a comment it would be welcome.