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Saturday 8 November 2014

To many models

To many models I would think there are a lot of people out there with this problem, but what to do about it & how did it come to this ?

Lately I've not been doing much gaming & when I have played its been pulp alley a game that uses very few models, now while I hate to get rid of models I really have got more then I'm ever likely to use.

So how did it all come to this ? well tbh I think it comes from (in my case )2 things, the first one is the love of models, now you might thing that everyone in table top gaming loves models but that's not really the case as I know some people who just love the game their playing & wouldn't care if they where just using card cut outs.

The second part of the problem comes from the kind of games you play, which if I'm honest is how I ended up with so many models.
If your a painter & not a gamer this is I would guess is unlikely to happen to you, but for gamers it can get out of hand.

Lets take a look at some games I've played with models & some that I haven't & see what kind of games are likely to cause this problem.

I'll kick off with some board games with models that I've played.
Space hulk, first time round this game could lead you to getting more models but now it's a stand alone game with out any add on so you never have to buy any more models for it.

Descent again another board game with models but unlike spacehulk this game has some tokens that are used instead of models that you can if you like buy the models for, also this game has expansions which you've guessed it have more models.

Bloodbowl  is the last one I'll look at in the board game group, in the set you got 2 teams & I don't think there was add ons like in descent, but you could buy different teams from different races so again more models.

Moving on to smaller table top games you've got games like deadzone or infinity, so lets have a look at a few of these.

Deadzone this game is nearly like a cross between a board game & a table  top game, not a lot of model used it the game its self but like bloodbowl you can use different races.

Infinity again low model count but different races means you are likely to pick up more models.

Pulp Alley this one is different in the sense that while you can make up different leagues to play it there really is nothing to stop you using the same models all the time, as there are no races unless you want to add one & what weapon any model has is not an issue.

Boltaction low model count but set in WWII so different armies, the thing with boltaction is that there is only even humans used so it is possible to play the different armies with the same models & if you play it as a game in a different setting then you don't need to worry about the Brits looking like the Brits or the Jerries looking like the Jerries.
So while you could get more models for this game you don't really need to.

Warmachine/ hordes  still I think a low model count even if not as low as some of the games above, the use of different races & new units added all the time means you be adding to your collection.

Moving up the model count & coming to the games that are likely to get you up to a high amount of model quickly.

Historical gaming this might depend on the setting but by & large seems to have a high model count, but unlike other systems there is a cap as you can't keep making up new units for this type of gaming.

Now for the one that more then any other game got my where I am now 40K, when I started playing 40k back in 4th ed was still a kind of low model count game, now don't get me wrong some armies could have a high model count like ig or orks but even those would be small by the count of today's armies.

Over time the amount of models you own will grow in any of the above games where you can add more models, but with 40K it seems to be at a faster rate then others, now don't get me wrong here the only one to blame for the amount of models you have is yourself, but I'be fairly sure in saying that if I'd have played say infinity instead of 40K that I could have an army for every race & still not be anywhere near the amount of models I've got now.

So what about you guys ? do you look under the bed or in the shed & see models that haven't seen the light of day for years, are there un open boxs in the corner that if your honest with yourself will never be put together while you go out & buy the newest shiniest thing ?

If the answer to the above is yes then like me you more then likely got to many models, anyway thanks for dropping in & please if you know of a cure for the to many models sickness then please put it in the comment box.


  1. I have enough unpainted miniatures that I literally never have to set foot in a Games Workshop store again. The local store owner knows this, so I continue to amaze him when I buy things. I try to pick up something new every now and then, especially when I attend competitions at the store, just to support the store financially.

    I think my problem is that I am a collector, I always find myself going "I don't have one of them yet..." and the pile of unpainted sprues grows a little higher.

  2. Marc you know you could support the store by buying glue & paint for all those miniatures right LOL

  3. Ha Ha! I guess so. I buy a lot of paint there, but they overcharge even more than usual for hobby supplies.

    1. That's not very nice of him, I'm all for supporting hobby stores but been ripped off for doing it doesn't make it easy Marc.

  4. My problem is eBay. I find it hard to stay away from a good deal...I also paint really slow

    1. Oddly enough Mek ebay is something I don't do, but I feel your pain on the slow painting mate.