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Thursday 29 May 2014

40K new ed & new army kind of

So where now in the world of 7th ed 40K for better or for worse only time will tell but I'm liking what I see so far & lets be honest if your not a tournament player which I haven't been in a long time then 7th ed doesn't really give you many problems.

You still have to learn the rules & figure out a few things with maybe the odd fix here & there but over all it should be fun getting use to all these new things, so what better way to get use to them all then to throw a new army into the mix lol.

Now when I say a new army it really is in this case a kind of, I'll explain some years back I built an IG army to bring to an event now this army had lots of FW models & if I honest was not really built for me to use in games & a part from the 5 games in the event the army really hasn't seen much action.

The army was a FW Vark's army so it a chaos guard army & was built on what looked good more then anything else, after that I'd still some model's left & built an other part of a guard army which I used as allies in games from time to time, so as you can see I've never really been a guard player.

With 7th ed I decided what the hell why not give guard a go as my main army & between the two armies I should be able to build an army that I'l be happy with without having to buy a load of new models.

A challenge in 40k is something I need now I feel & while I don't want to go back to been a tournament player I really have got to get over a hang up that has hung a round my neck like a weight for far to long.

I also think it is clear that unit's that where once only part of apoc games are now in 40K like it or not & just like when fliers first entered people at first might not want them but as time goes by they'll become a part of the game, so all in all a lot to look forward to.

So from using the super men of the game to using the most alien race in the game I find myself with the normal joe soap of the game a normal man & his lasgun, may the Emperor protect.

So thanks for dropping in & please call back from time to time to see how I get on in this brave new world of the humble guards man.

Thursday 22 May 2014

WWII Chain of command.

Darra was over the other week & is the norm we got a game in, with it been a game called chain of command a WWII skirmish game.

WWII seems to have any amount of games & if you want to play in that setting your sure find one that you really like, also a big plus for WWII games is that model wise things are the same a cross the board a spitfire is a spitfire kind of thing, so its very easy to try out lots of different games with the same models in that scale.

Anyway back to chain of command the thing about this game is really how you activate your units, at the start of your turn you roll a certain number of dice & then compair the results you got to a table eg a 2 might let you activate a squad will a 3 might be a for a corporal who can give I think 2 orders eg activate 2 units with in i think 12" of him.

Now as with the picking of the dice out of a bag in boltaction I like this Idea as it adds an air of uncertainty to the game as you can never be sure what your going to be able to do in advance of rolling the dice, not everyone's cup of tea I know because of the randomness but a game like boltaction that you really need to think about to master & a game that depends a lot more on player skill then you might think despite the randomness.

Another interesting thing about this game is how you deploy, you begin by each players taking turns to place markers these can not be with in i thing 12" of another one, so this part of the game is a bit of a bluff double bluff thing which is good fun, you then bring you model on within a certain of these markers but they have to be behind them or you can bring them on from your table edge.

If you want a more detailed report on the game just hit the link over to Darra's blog

So what did I think of CoC ? I liked it to be honest the game mechanics are very different but very well thought out & make you have to make choices whit is always a good thing & while easy to pick up & start playing has enough of depth for to keep you playing it as each battle will always seem different, plus like I said above its a game that would not be to easy mastered.

Well that raps it up my thanks to Darra for a very enjoyable game & to you for dropping in.

Thursday 15 May 2014

killteam family feud.

An update on the killteam where doing in the DGG at the moment, as is the way of such things I was drawn against my soon in law in the first round of games, setting up a family feud.

I decided for reasons of madness to play nids in this event when I had a very good ig killteam, anyway such is life, the first game really was a none event with Ralph  hammering me but I did manage to get one point out of it, score 10-1.

The second game was to be a bit different as we'd to place 6 objectives 7 as we came in base contact with them roll a D6 on a roll of a 6 that was the real objective, I won the roll of & decided to take the deployment zone with only one objective instead of the one with two which lead to Ralph thinking I was up to something, ah mined games you have to love them lol.

So my turn 1 I roll for the objective in my zone & the dice gods smile on me as I roll a 6 meaning Ralph will have to come at me, which he did making this a more enjoyable & closer then the first one with me nicking a 4-3 win.

Anyway here's how things stand after the first round of games & the draw for the next round.

Mr Slow 16pts
Dwane 15pts
No Good 13pts
John 9pts
Alan 5pts
Frank 5pts
Mr Lazy 4pts
Ger 2pts
Roman 2pts
Stephen 1pts

For the next round missions 2 & 5 will be played, the game to be played between the 17th & 31st of May

Mr Slow v Dwane
No Good V John
Alan v Frank
Mr Lazy v Ger
Roman v Stephen

Sunday 11 May 2014

Once upon a time in the west

As a kid I had a good diet of western movies to watch, movies like High noon, Shane, True Grit, How the west was won, The Good The Bad & The Ugly, Blazing Saddles, Blazing Saddles WTF lol anyway the point been I always loved Westerns so really it not surprising that sooner or later my hobby would lead to Westerns.

Its funny how what you do in a hobby can change over time & for me this is certainly true & lately I find I want to be doing terrain more then anything else, I still play games but unlike a few years back this can be anything where as once it was more or less just 40k.

Now don't get me wrong this not me saying 40k has become a bad game or anything like that it just that people change, I told myself a few years back that I would stop playing when I hit 50 I pasted that a couple of years back & with 7th ed coming soon it might be time to drop out but then again ?

Anyway back on track, as I was saying I enjoy making terrain & love Westerns, now on some of the sites I go onto I've seen some great western towns that people have built & I keep think to myself I'd love to build a western town, so I set about building a small western type of building to see if it was something I'd enjoy.

The little building you see in the pictures was my test model & allowing I keep it fairly simple & I've really enjoyed making it, another thing I find these days is I now do what I like when I like unlike years back when I'd have to have models painted to go to an event & boy is it a big plus as I remember sitting down & painting models when it was as enjoyable as getting teeth pulled not really a great way to enjoy your hobby.

So with this project a runner I'm looking forward to building the rest of the town & painting it up, I think I'm now more of a modeller that play's the odd game these days & to be honest I can live with that.

Another thing about doing terrain like this is it cheap I would think that this building costed no more than 2 Euro to make & I see the whole town costing no more then 50 Euro to build & paint, with the paint being the biggest part of the bill,

Will there be any model cowboys to roam this wild west town ? I don't know but then that just makes a hobby better when you don't know what tomorrow will bring,so I'll leave you with the closing line from a great Thin Lizzy song, A cowboy's life is the is the life for me.

Thanks for dropping in partner & I hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

40K 7th ed & my anphelion project

So 7th ed 40k is inbound & we've gotten a few tidbits on the rules with one of them been about the FOC, which it looks like you can either use to build your army or not, now oddly enough this seems to be getting players up in arms but how do we know that this rule isn't like the double FOC in 6th ed isn't for games over 2k.

Anyway that's enough on rules as people who come here often enough will know its not really what I like to do on this blog, so on to the other part of the tittle above my anphelion project, now the anphelion was the first IA book I ever read & to say I loved it is an understatement.

A while back I brought all this stuff, it the same stuff that was used in the ship to ship post & the space station post on this blog, the rooms & corridors are made from laser cut mdf, now a little tip for anyone that has not use this stuff before its no harm to give a little sanding on parts that are going to stick into one another.

Now while I'm calling this stuff my anpheloin base the truth is it can be use in many a different way & in many types of games which is really a big part for me the reason for having it, as the more ways you can use something the more likely its going to be used.

For me table top gaming is as much about what is see as it is about what I'm playing & the more life like I can make the table top look the more I'll enjoy the game, so for me terrain is really a big thing, now I couldn't help myself & had to set it up & take some pictures but it's not finished yet as there are lot of panels to put on the inside, but I think it might be easier to paint everything first & then glue them in.

So the next thing I've got to decide is what colour to paint it & to be honest I'm not sure but it will be either green or white but you'll see which in another post when I've got it done.
Anyway just before I go the Anphelion project is at this moment getting updated by forge world & all the stuff is from spartan games.
It can of course be layed out in lots of different way & another big thing is that for all there is it doesn't take up a lot of space as it all fits into this box.

So thanks for dropping in & please call back soon, some more pictures below.

Friday 2 May 2014

WHFB a game of mirrors

A little guest article for you this time round, enjoy, with the pictures been a little how to do & a story.

> Soul Takers of Tzeentch

> The caravan plied it's way across the plains of Rak'aal. The slaves were to be a sacrifice in honour of Tzeentch at the festival of change but Khorne's followers had other ideas. The Skullcrushers fell on the caravan and slaughtered the defending warriors with ease but Tzeentch's gaze was already on the caravan and he was not pleased. As each defender fell a glittering Disk of Tzeentch appeared from beyond the veil and the fallen defenders rose up clad in multi-hued armour.

 Tzeentch's will used a mirroring spell to imbue the Discs with all the ferocity of their opposing Juggernauts and the Tzeentch riders with all the martial prowess of the Khorne Warriors they carried. The battle then drew the eye of another Pantheon Lord, Khorne no less, who relished the bloodshed to follow.

 While the Screamer Warriors and Juggernaut Warriors were matched as martial equals, more of Khorne's warriors died as felling blows were averted from the Tzeentch's Warriors by the blessing of their patron. Khorne was furious and rather than resorting to Tzeentch's underhand methods of enhancing his warriors he simply cursed the Screamer Warriors so that they could gain no favour from their patron in combat. 

The battle became all the more brutal as the field was levelled however the advantage of numbers was already with the newly arisen Tzeentch defenders and the Khorne raiders fell one and all but at great cost to the faithful of Tzeentch. The blood god's rage was appeased by the blood that fell and Tzeentch's ire was assuaged by the unexpected boon of souls from his new creations.

> Thus the Soul Takers of Tzeentch were born.

My thanks to John aka Mr Slow, well done mate & my thanks to you for dropping in.