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Friday 27 November 2015

Setting's, The art of illusion

With models as with anything in life what we see is a very big part of what we believe, ok but we kind of know that already Frank I hear you say & I agree that yes you do, but what this post is about is looking at why with models & if your trying to get things looking as right as you can (in your games or on blogs or whatever) getting the setting right is so very important.

I'm going to start off by giving you a link below to the blog of Major Guiscard, this guy is a master of what I'm talking about, as you'll see if you pop over & look at the invitation post, go on I'll still be here when you get back & we'll talk about what you seen.

Your back I hope as I know it can be very easy to get drawn into the doings of sector six, but on the off chance that you did come back we'll carry on, the post is about an invitation to the up coming Princess Ball, so how did the Major draw us into what he was telling us ?
He started by telling us we where at the home of some well to do & then showed us a picture of 3 models with a floor a wall & to columns or supports whatever you'd call them, now its the picture that creates the illusion of grandeur.

First of all were give the impression that it a very big house, owned by someone very rich, what makes me say he rich ? easy one of the models is a butler, & yet this is only a picture of an very small area, to complete his illusion he then showed us a picture of a invitation, all very cleverly done I think you would agree, but the setting had to be right for us to believe.

Right lets give it a try & see if I can pull it off shall we ? here we go.
Tonight  High Marshal Ulberexis would like to address the citizens of Tricol from inside Government House.

Stop stop stop you scream that's picture doesn't look like the inside of Government house & yes your dead right so lets try it again shall we ?
Tonight  High Marshal Ulberexis would like to address the citizens of Tricol from inside Government House.
 Happier this time round ? I hope so & yet apart from podium  that he's standing behind all I did was change what he standing on & what's behind him, a small area of flooring & timber panelling wall & bingo the illusion is complete.

The floor is from a fantasy movement tray, I was going to use a cheap chess board but when I went to buy one the shop was sold out of them.

The wall is just balsa wood on a piece of cork with two props to make it stand, simple & yet when you put it all together.

Some times it's only little things you need to do this, like the butler in the invitation to make us thing this is a wealthy family.

Well that's it for this time, as always my hanks for dropping in & remember it just an illusion.

Sunday 22 November 2015

Tricol, Braking news Trouble in Dunmarn

For over 200 years the different races with in the Tricol system have lived in peace, tonight that peace was broken with running battles on the streets of Dunmarn between mutants & beastmen, reports coming out of Dunmarn would indicate that the trouble was started by a large number of beastmen, who set upon the small town mainly populated by mutants.
Dunmarn just before the attack. 
The beastmen pour out of the jungle setting fire to the first building they come across.

Trouble this way comes 

Hearing the noise of gunfire & shouts the citizens come on to the streets 
Horrified they grab anything they might use as a weapon 

With no apparent motive for the attack which left many dead & injured & a number of buildings damaged, High Marshal Ulberexis has ordered a full investigation in to the events, but most worrying must be the reports of how well armed the beastmen where.
The beastmen charge any local's that cross their path  
While Ugo-Cal leader of this gang looks down from his high point
Out gunned & out numbered the mutant's put up the best fight they can
As the fighting continues another building goes up in smoke  
With the election's to take place in the next couple of months this will not be news that Governor Jardine will have wanted to hear & will be an issue that Senator Von Bittner his main rival is sure to bring up at the next meeting in the parliamentary house.
The fighting like the fires spreads through the small town
Well armed there is just no stopping the beastmen 
Yet another building & a car are set alight 
At the cantina the fighting is heavy but there's just to many beastmen
& the window is smashed in 
before this building is also set in flames
Main street at the high of the attack
Backed by the powerful business tycoon Airy Shoebridge for the up coming election's, Senator Von Bittner has said he will be demanding answers as to what costed the event's of  tonight & as to what will be done to make sure that the likes of this doesn't happen again.
Ugo-Cal bellows out a roar & the beastman vanish back into the jungle
Leaving the town of Dunnarn 
& it citizens wounded & ruined 
He's also likely to come down hard on High Marshal Ulberexis who is the man responsible for law & order on  Thalassa, something that the Senator think's the Government should have more power over, If indeed the stories about the beastmen been so well armed turns out to be true, it will rise serious questions as the manufacture of arm's is something that is very heavily controlled, while every citizen has the right to arm's there is strict regulations on what type they may have, something else that the High Marshal is responsible for controlling under the right to bear arm's act.

Designer note's, while Panama Jack is far removed from the events above if you've been fallowing a long you might remember the events on the asteroid in which Jack & the crew removed (stole) a few creates which happened to contain weapons.

It seems that something sinister is a foot in the Tricol system but who is behind it all ? & can the council of Marshal's get to the bottom of things & so prevent further happens like what just happened in Dunmarn, to find out keep an eye on if it wasn't for ones & as always my thanks for dropping in.


Wednesday 18 November 2015

Got the blues

It's that time of the year that is for me at least not hobby friendly but I'm still getting some stuff done, I'm finding painting up all different types of things to be like a breath of fresh air, so I'm not coming down with the blues unlike some of the lads below.

I'm finder that a lot of the older GW model's seem to have a lot more character 
& that was definitely the case with this model, I've still to decide on some type of banner for him to be holding, maybe do an add for a fast food joint.  

MC Hammer he can't.
I didn't want to go green with these boys so went with a very dark blue instead & am more then happy the way they've turned out.

How I even came to own some of these models I've no idea

but am more then happy that I do.

Leaving the blues behind we this lad, I want with a gray robe as I think the face on the model give the impression of misery 

& I wanted to try to highlight that fact so what better then gray, the flames are not done overly great, but as I've seen a lot better painters then me have trouble doing flames I can live with it. 

Last on the post is this chap how I think will make a great bouncer on the door of a certain club that's in the works at the moment

I think it's a WMH model but I' not 100% on that.
I really need a better way of doing pictures as the detail on the models can't be seen, where as I see other post stuff & the detailing is more clear then if you where holding it in your hand.
Well that's it for this post as always my thanks for dropping in:-)

Tuesday 17 November 2015

Tricol, Flight 174 out of Malice, Pulp Alley AAR

The story moves on following the incident at the dig site, if your new here welcome & below is a link back to the start of the story.

Malice spaceport viewed from above
As Jack arrived at the space-port he could see that it was already chaotic & getting worse by the minute, Alex had informed him that all travel documents & tickets had been left in some crates at the back of storehouse 3, & that if he got a chance he should try to have a few words Flogs the Mechanic before getting on the flight.
Flight 174 getting ready for take off
Slick's orders had been to find servitor L39H who would show him where the bomb had been left that he was to put on the craft.
The plot points
Adele had turned up with  Elaine Darrow hoping to get some seats on the flight, but had for the moment lost her in the crowd.
Adele making her way to the ticket masters office
As Jack & the crew start to search around storehouse 3
While Slick & the gang keep a look out for L39H
Felix see some crates at the back of the storehouse & goes to investigate
Mad Willie goes for a wonder 
The Bash street gang find L39H
As X4Y heads their way
Having found him they don't want to lose him
Slugger rushes X4Y
Downs him over but bring the attention of the guards to himself 
Adele in conversation with the ticket master 
As the gang do the same
Numbers doesn't function to well outside the office 
& gets set upon by some beast
Mr Smith would like to invite you to a game of where's Wally
I think Alex said it was around the back guys 
X4Y gets back to his feet
I think the plan was for L39H to tell them where the bomb is but it doesn't seem to be happen
Unknown makes his way through the crowd with Number's still pined to the wall as Pops takes cover
Whay part of tell us where the bomb is are you not getting ?
So it over by those crates thank you & now beat it before I put a bullet in your skull  
Mr Smith has worked his way over to the Bash Street gang unnoticed by Jones
Adele up the offer for two tickets
Bravery is not Number's strong point
Maggie joins Mad Willie who fires at Oilskin 
Flooring him but now the guard has his eye on him
Number's spots Elaine in the crowd 
Have we not seen this before ?
Maggie heads over to Elaine keeping well away from that thing whatever it is 
Looks like Doc is taking no chances 
& is joined by Lucinda I think they've spotted Elaine
Unknown blasts Pops & Numbers
Olsan looks a bit confused
Or was he just keeping watch out for Felix
People think rabbit's feet are lucky think about it, either way it hasn't work out for Felix 
No such worries for Jack
Everyone Knows he's a lucky devil
But even he only has so much luck as his search turns up nothing, dam I was such she said storehouse 3 
Brave or foolish Slick go to get the bomb
Jack just can't understand it
Slugger now rushes Pops with Numbers still pined to the wall, come on Numbers show a little backbone
Pops goes down Numbers goes nowhere
He's up again
Blast it Unknown is becoming a real pest
Adele tries getting rid of him
As Mad Willie does whatever Mad Willis does
Numbers finally gets away from the wall 
As, well you know yourself at this stage
I think Slick is trying to figure out a good way to carry the bomb, is there such a thing ?
3 1's on 3D8's & it wasn't me lol
Mr Smith decides to take a nap
Where following the Leader, Jones Face & Shades play a game
Just how much fuel can you get into a little can ?
I still think it was 3 thinks Jack as he heads over to 2
Felix offers to help 
Is he finally out of fuel ? 
Oilskin & Lucinda try talking Elaine round 
Which is not what Maggie wants
But you can't always get what you want & Lucinda tells Elaine to get out of sight
 Mr Smith rushes out from behind the barrels & attacks Shades
But Shades beats him off
Slick there really is no good way just get on with it
& so he does
No I didn't keep loading up the same picture
Ah come on
Did anyone see what happen to Slugger ?
Whatever it was it must be catching as Shades now goes down to it, oh it the guards shooting them
Is it now to late for Adele ? as Jack gets involved 
With the fuel runnig out Maggie decides it time for some pay back
But it doesn't quite work out
& now their dropping like flies
Felix fines them at long last, leave it to Jack to get the number wrong he thinks
Maggie get back to her feet as Jack puts some hurt on Adele
There seems to be a bit of confusion 
As with the noise of the engines getting louder Slick makes it to the craft but will he have time to prime the bomb
He's going to give it a good try
Mad Willie fire's off a couple of rounds at the Unknown 
Putting him down but taking a slug in the returning fire
Numbers doesn't know what he can do to help out
Adele goes down trying to get to the plane dropping her tickets
Numbers goes to try to pick them up
But with the trust from the engines can't manage it
Face also tries & gets blown from his feet with the plane just about to lift off, contraband spills from his pocket 
Is there enough time left for Slick ?
The plane takes off & the guards move in ordering everyone out of the spaceport with all flights cancelled until further notices 
I've always been a believer in no matter what the odds anything can happen with dice & in a game where we'd 3 1's rolled on 3D8's what better way to finish off then 3 10's rolled on 3D10's this believe it or not was rolled by me, but I think the dice gods where fooled into thinking they where give me the only things worse then 1's & that's 0's lol
Designers note, once again PA served up a very enjoyable game with my thanks to Paddy & Ralph for helping to make it so, the mission we played out was final flight the second game in your perilous island campaign & while it is designed as a two player game it works well as a 3 player game, my thanks to Rags on the PA forms on what way to set it up for 3.

The game end's with 2vp's to Panama Jack's crew 1vp to The Bash Street gang with the Severed Head club getting 0vp's, so with the last flight out of Malice gone where does that leave our hero's ? With Elaine now in Jack's care will he be able to find another way to get her to her father ? will the Master mind that's behind Slick & the Bash Street gang put up with even if close yet another fail ? & what of Adele & the Severed Head club where does all this leave them & what is their interest in it all ?

For the answers to all this & more make sure to catch the next trilling adventure of Pigs in space, no wait that not right Tricol that's better & with that as always my thanks for dropping.