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Saturday 29 December 2012

Ending the year with a big bang

We had an apocalypse game in the shop run by John (thanks mate) chaos v chaos & chaos it was but I'm jumping a head a bit, so where to start ?
Well with the players might be a good point so we'll start there.

Above from left to right Colin, Frank, Ger, Alan, Darra, Adam & Pearce
Darra was a late comer to the game & was to be my team mate, I was running my Wordbearers with dark mechanicum, Darra was using my Varks renegade guards with my salamanders been the Alpha legion.

Adam as always was playing Deathguard & even had the lord of death himself Mortarian (I'd a plan for him)

With Adam where Ger with a nugle space marine army & Colin who was using a lost & dammed Varks list.

Looks like the Alpha legion aren't the only ones with twins

  Some of the lost & dammed, I for one am glad to see Coke made it into the dark grim future
The other team was a farther & son affair with Alan playing Black legion.

Well more blue to be honest but at lest his T-shirt was black & Pearce playing T-sons

I know they where red pre- heresy not sure about the yellow doh well they are Tzeentch after all.

The object of the game was 9 little discs of Tzeentch which the other two teams had to destroy & Darra & myself had to despoil, but this is dgg style apocalypse & things are never what they seem.

Ger closes in on one of the discs while my dark Magos fights the Deathguard.

One of only three Epidemius who took of the battlefield, but there was a nice twist to the tally rule with the nugle player who killed the most the turn before haven the tally so as Colin's Epidemius was the first to die guest who keeped killing the most things on there team.

 My grand plans for Mortarian are undone by a rule technicality who would believe a small monstrous creature couldn't go in a mole so he came back to hide in the building for the next turns.
The one thing I learned from this game was why he was called the long lived.

Haven made a deal with with Alan & Pearce that we would help them to kill the nugle players I then turned on them, this was to set the stage as th how the rest of the game would develop.

   The turning as my bikers & spawns attack the T-sons.

Colin's titan has nothing to fear or has it, this was to become the first of the two titan's the Wordbearers would destroy & become the first thing to go nuke in many a game as Colin insisted in rolling for it as it was his titan.

The other one my Knight titan maybe not as pretty as Colins but I like it but that was not enough to stop my Wordbearers from killing it, at first when I said it to John he wasn't having it until I explained it wasn't in the Wordbearers army only an allied.

As I said earlier this game was to turn into utter chaos with each member of each team turning on each other in true chaos fashion all that was except Alan who funnily enough was to end up winning the  game, but enough of that for now back to the important stuff of back stabing.

Darra had earlier parked a landraider on one of the objective we had despoiled & is my want I'd attacked the landraider with my blood slaughterer & being me hadn't even chipped the paintwork.

Oh to my shame me the great betrayer was to be betrayed as Darra move a beastman into contract with the objective & turned it to khorne claiming it for himself, at this stage of the game all hell had broke out but I was to have my last laugh as I was to tank shock Mortarian just as Pearce had lined him up for Ahriman to hit him with a vortex grenade.

Pearce has to sit down I spoil his plan with oddly enough the game ending with the Wordbearers saving Mortarian after trying so hard to kill him at the start.
So a very big thanks to John & my fellow players for a fun day's gaming I look forward to the next one.
So I'll finish by wishing anyone who reads this a happy newyear some more pictures below.

Saturday 22 December 2012

Painting away

Firstly I have to say I'm amazed to see that the blog has pasted a 1,000 view's already, so a big thank you very much to those that take a look as it helps to keep going if you know people are interested in what your posting.

How as I've said before on this blog I've seem to have a  thing for the Inquisition at the moment & I've finest painting my first Inquisitor, a model which funnily enough always reminded me of the movie the witch finder general staring Vincent Price here's a link

Sadly I'm still very hit & miss with my pictures, something I really need to work on.

I've also being doing up some guard & unlike the last guard army I did this one will be loyal

My platoon command squad I was looking a colour to tie them into my SoB's so I went with a green & cream as the SOb's are cream & red.

I gave the sergeant a bolter as it's cheap & help's to make him stand out.

Also have my first platoon squad done, so that's 15 done & who know's how many more to go.

The heavy weapons in the platoon squads I wanted to have a more of a mobile feel to them so I converted a guard with a flamer into a autocannon, the guy next to him has a meltagun.

A Commissar to help keep their mind on the job ahead, this is a very old model with had a hand flamer which I changed to a bolter.

The thing I really love about Inquisitors is all the cool things that go with them this was the first time I've ever painted a servo skull & at only 3pts are some thing I'll be using with my Inquisitor.

Still a wip a cute dog to be a loyal companion for the Inquisitor to keep him  company when he's far from home.

So all that left for me to do in this post is to wish anyone who reads it a happy Christmas.

Thursday 13 December 2012

Christmas Carnage

We had your  Christmas Carnage game in the club last night as it was the last club night before Christmas, & like the year before it didn't disappoint with carnage a plenty.

the cast

Your carnage game is the work of Lenny who does all the hard work for this making up the rules & of course the presents with the help of his minions in the Lenny cave.

evil santa's

We ended up with 6 players turning up to play with 1K armies so two table s where put together to give us a playing area of 6X8, with two csm armies, one ig, one bt's, one sob's & one nid the scene was set for a couple of hours of fun.

do they know it's Christmas

This game has some very unusual rules which can be found here ( ) but what would Christmas be with out a few Raindeer ? who then decided to run through a brood of hormaguants killing eight of them to joyous cry's of laugher by all.

what hit my hormagunts 

The sisters found themselves with chaos marine's to their left & right, so straight away they had targets to their liking, with the saint heading over to santa's cave to see if she could sit on his lap.

Santa Ive been  agood girl 

So with plenty of presents up for grabs their was enough for everyone but it was only when you opened them  that you found out if you been naughty or nice, as not all of these presents are the kind you might wish for.

looks like no one told them it's the season of good will

Games like this are played in away that would see any self respecting general turn in his grave, but this is the season of good will to your fellow man or bug or what ever the case maybe.

I wonder do they have a turkey for dinner

But good will only goes so far & at the end of the day there was chaos marines to be killed & a game to try to win, but more so kill the chaos marines.

could you direct us to the nearest church please 

There not much in this game that would make sense in a normal game of 40k but the whole point of the christmas carnage game is well carnage, but not alone is there carnage but mayhem as well.

don't worry guy's I can take you all on
What with snow blizzards, reindeer & some very bad singers in santa's cave a very enjoyable hours of fun a games past by in the blink of an eye.

hammering home the true meaning of Christmas

So that's our carnage game over with for another year but I think all of the players went home with happy memoires, so there nothing left for me to do but to rap this post up with my thanks to Lenny, Adam, Alan, Colin & Tom.
looks like the saint over done it with eggnog as she was unable  to get back up.

& the winner is


Sunday 9 December 2012

Tomorrow's war & things

Its not often I play anything other then 40K, but I like to play Greg & as he doesn't play 40K any more if I want to play him it has got to be something else.
This time it was tomorrow's war a game by Ambush Alley Games who also do a present day version of the game called enduring freedom set in Afghanistan between 2001-2010.

Now I think this game is meant to be played using 15mm models but as Greg had some 28mm models he wanted a reason to get painted up we we went at that scale instead, with me using my SoB's.
Now like I said I don't often play anything else but playing other games has it's advantage's, it can be a nice change of pace & one of the things I really think is good about this game if it's a game you don't play to often is that the mission gives you the army list's so that create's  a balance.
( I only remembered the photo's half way through the game )
Another good thing I like about this game is there is no set number of turns so you don't get someone hanging on until the game ends.

Lastly it's a good way of getting idea's for 40K missions see bugs in the reactor
& take the bridge
both of these missions came from the two game's.

Greg's last model is in there somewhere I promise, & as always with Greg I had an enjoyable few hours gaming, so if you get a chance I'd say give this game a try.

Next up is a game of 40K I had with Adam ( I only got one picture before the battery died ) but it was Adam playing csm & ork's against my sob & ig's, haven more or less played nids since 6th ed started I was looking forward to finely  getting to use allies.

Now I know ig are popular as allies at the moment but what I'm after is trying to make a Inquisition feel to my army, so I took a psyker prime (using an Inquisitor model ) a platoon command squad two infantry squads & a small 5 man Stromtrooper squad coming in at just over 300pts leaving 1550pts for sisters.

Now with a colour picked that I was happy to go with I've started yo do some work on the guards that have been lying about for about 18 months or so, I really do have to much stuff but don't we all ?

My platoon commander I gave a bolter as I thing it a good way for making him stand out but different from what a lot of people kit theirs out with plus it's only 2 pts.

I also had a grenade luncher & a vox-caster so all in all cheap & cheerful.

I also want to try to do something a bit different with my heavy weapons guy's in the infantry squads to try to make them seem more mobile.

Been a big alien's fan I just couldn't help myself with the autocannon.

  Then there are the stormtroopers these are metal & will be getting striped down & repainted but for now at leased their painted.

So what I could say was my first time using allies is I found it to be very enjoyable & worker well in giving me the feel to the army I'm looking for.