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Monday 31 October 2016

Spook Alley, Pulp Alley AAR

In the sleepy hamlet of Pumpkinvil the sun has just set on October 31st also know as Halloween, at this point everything seems normal but strange thing's are a foot, it's going to be a night of spooktacular happenings.
 Can our five hero's save the day ? or should that be the night ? a night in which you wonder will any live to see the dawn,  que evil laugh.
The scene  is set there are 5 folk still walking around the town after nightfall (PP's) after the first one is saved the it's a trap card will be added to the reward cards, if this card is drawn that pp is replaced by a Necromancer, to win our hero's either have to save all of the town folk or kill the Necromancer,
At the end of each turn a d6 will be rolled for each pp on the table & on a 4+ zombie's equal in number to the game turn will enter play from a random table edge as close as possible to one of the hero's.

 So it begins, at the end of turn one we'd two zombie's show up, anyone who gets into a brawl with a zombie must draw a horror card from the deck, yep I finally get to use my horror deck.
This citizen doesn't want to know.
 Whereas this one
& this one do, at least that should help to keep the zombie count down a bit, but no sign for the Necromancer yet.
  Looks like someone thought it would be a good idea to shoot at one of the zombie's, but the zombie spit's a kind of acid spray back at him & take's him out.
 A zombie moves in for the kill
but we all know that nothing kills zombie's like a chain weapon.
 As if to prove the point
this zombie doesn't go down.
& there's still folk walking around
 & now there's more of the zombie's
much more.
That was a lucky escape I need to get a bit of distance  between me & that thing.
One I can handle three I'm not sticking around for.
Please you must get off the streets
nonsense I've lived here all my live now leave me alone.
 Pardon me madam, but I wonder would you be so kind as to get in doors ? as there something not right going on.
Thank you.
Still the zombie's multiply
even despite them getting killed.
 The old fool won't listen to me you try
looks like he's not listen to me either.
I need to talk with you
well I don't want to talk to you go talk to them.
Oh shit time to get out of here.
What are we going to do ? these things just keep coming & coming.
Not even a chain weapon can keep this many at bay.
Yet more come, it's really looking bad for our hero's.
Bad to worse now the Necromancer shows up
taking out another of our chaps.
We now enter the end game but all is not lost yet
as one after another the zombie's fall
but at a price
& no matter how many die there is always another
as there is only so much a man can do against such mindless things.
Just before dawn
alone lady takes to her heels, the lone survivor who told me the tale that I've now told you, of the night of terrorween in Pumpkinvil.

Well that's it for this post, enjoy your Halloween & be careful out there on the night that the dead arise & walk the land, & as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

Wednesday 26 October 2016

A gruesome twosome

Awile back I asked a friend of mine who plays (played) WHFB if he'd any models rats that he didn't want, he had & gave me some & with them where ratmen/plague monks thanks Nigel, I was given some wolfen hands/claws thanks Steven, I did some converting.
I started by removing the head from the model

I also had to remove the left arm which was holding a shield

Then it was a matter of carving a bit of robe detail over the area where the arm & shield had been

With that done I apply new head, then remove the hand from the arm's I was using & replace them with wolfen hands/claws.

Here's a link to the models.

Well that's it for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

Saturday 22 October 2016

Tricol, The Prisoner

When last we seen Panama Jack he was been escorted by armed guards from the Severedhead.
Also captured on the same night was Father Felix
out side Felix started a tussle with his guards
 which gave him the chance to make a dash for it
by vanishing down the bask streets.
However Governor Von Bittner had his prize Panama Jack held in cell awaiting trial.
 Known that the trial would be nothing more then a kangaroo court, High Marshall Ulberexis has had a meeting with the some of the Hermes crew to give them some information that might help them spring their Captain.
Meanwhile Governor Von Bittner (seen here inside the Imperial Palace) has set the date for the trial to take place & has also outlawed High Marshall Ulberxis & his sidekick Jackson following the events of the opening night at the Severedhead.

Well that's all for this post, as always my thanks for droping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed .