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Thursday 28 July 2016

40K, Shoot the big thing

Along ago when 40K & Apocalypse where two different things I spent many a joyful day playing apocalypse & on the other side of the table in many of those games was a young man from Barcelona named Oriol & to whom An'ggrath became the bane of his 40K life & once he would appear on the table Oriol would say shoot the big thing & if you ask why his answer would always be because it's a big thing, fun days indeed.
Some of Alan's wonderful Ravenwing.
Now you might remember awhile back I did a post about using the models you want to, & I'm a firm believer in practice what you preach not that I'm trying to preach to anyone you understand but you hopefully get what I mean, anyway one such model is An'ggrath who's points are base on the god he belongs to & not for what he brings to the table.
Let the Blood flow & the skulls role
But what he did bring to the table was fun & a return to the good old days of shoot the big thing even if it was never said it was there for all to see, as the Ravenwing put every shot they could into him & for payment he wiped out a squad a turn & brought about the death of their leader Sammeal.
Your end is nigh.
I'd no way of knowing what Alan would bring nor would I want to as I was never a believer in building an army based on what your going to face, but having faced the Ravenwing before with the renegades I know it's a bad match up as I've nothing that ignores cover & they've to many reroles, but there's no ignoring  the big thing & that why like Oriol use to say you have to shoot it.
We'll just hang here & let the big guy do his stuff.
40K really has become a strange game 888pts for a model that could be take out in one go from D weapon or that can totally dominate a game & singlehandedly  butcher a whole army, but like I've said before 40K has become so bad imo that its now good in a Nazi's from the Centre of the Earth sort of way if you know what I mean, if not then go watch the movie lol.
Come my axe thirsts  
It wouldn't be fair to finish this post without going back once more to those wonderful days of Apocalypse, for on the last faithful day before Oriol returned to his homeland he slayed the beast & returned home a happier man for it, so it looks like in the end Oriol was right about shooting the big thing or was he ?
The charge of the bike brigade but this is no Russian cannon lol
Well that's it for me my thanks to Alan & Cathal for a very enjoyable game & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcome.
Coming soon.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Tricol, The inside of the Severed Head, part 1

I've spoken before about building sets for the inside of buildings like seen here
So the Severed Head is going to be the first of these sets, it will be 3X3 so that games can take place inside it, which means we've got to think of buildings like Doctor Who's Tardis which is bigger on the inside lol.
First thing I needed was a little plan of what it would look like, in other words what the lay out would be.
The Severed Head is Basically an old west saloon & with Panama Jack been fond of a flutter a place he's sure to like to visit if he can ever get off that perilous island.
To get things off to a good start I picked these up from a while back, note of warning these are meant for use with which is set at a bigger scale I think 35mm.
As you can see Jake is more like a smell child standing against the pool table.
So I cut the legs down & the pool table is a snooker which is 12X6 & feels about right in size.
 While the roulette  is bigger then it should be it does show off the detail better & will make it a bit easier to paint I hope.
Whats meant as a small safe Is now a large one & some of the stuff like the chairs & bar stools are way to big but I've ideas for them.
 Things like the poker table or the crap table have no markings & so where fine apart from just lowering them.
The bar & the pay-window cage (that you can see in the back round) where the one's that needed the most work on them, with me needing to turn the pay-window cage upside down to get it to work & then needlessly to say forget to take a picture after all my hard work lol, what that you say Jack ? how about a drink good idea lol

Well that's it for me as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

Thursday 21 July 2016

Tricol, Gluloop

It occurred to me a good while  back that Tricol seems to be lacking animal's & that as well as many other things is something I want to push on with now that I've move my hobby space.

Oilskin keeping watch in the camp just as the dawn is starting to break, spots a Gluloop at the jungle edge.

He's not on his own either as the day lightens but the small fires placed around the the campsite have done their job of keeping the beasts at bay.
These are WHFB chaos hounds that I've had lying around for a long time & had even lost some of the parts, so I had to use things like beastmen horn's & spawn parts to make them.
The Gluloop are fearsome beast that live in packs that can reach into the hundred's, but away from the den they are normally found in hunting pack's of between 5-10.
Gluloop's are different from most creatures in that when they mate both parties become pregnant given birth to between 2-6 offspring each, this help to keep their numbers high which is very important as in times of food shortage the Gluloop will turn cannibal eating the young & the weakest in the pack to make sure the pack survive's in hard times.
 Named the Gluloop because of the strange sound they make when calling out to each other, glluuuloop, glluuuloop, Gluloop can be-found on all of Tricol's planets
The four tent's I pick up awhile back, they come unpainted with two open & two closed.
The fire's on the other hand did come painted & there's six in the pack.
A view of the camp as seen by the Gluloop, well that's it from me as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to comment it will be welcomed.

Sunday 17 July 2016

Going up complete

For most hobbyist there are 3 things that govern a lot of what they do, money, time & space & blessed indeed are those that have all 3, but moving up to the attic should at least I hope help me out on the space end of things.

So day' I decided the first thing to do was get the second window in.

  I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but yes it started raining
 Then needless to say when the window was in it turned into one of the nice's afternoons we've had in weeks
So after that it was get the flooring down in the front half of the attic.

With that done I could get all the Christmas stuff stored away, before cleaning up for the day.

The next yep you guessed it another lovely day just the kind of weather for working in an attic not, but anyway I made a start on getting the table done & if you don't mind a few uprights I now have a 10X4 table.

So next was a work space & some storage.

The work space will be over by the windows as you would guess.

This is an area of about 12X3 so plenty of room.

On the other side I put a shelf for storage as you can never have to much storage
Time to get the servitors out to help with the ladder.

The ladders in so time to call it a day.

Next day I began the hard bit getting all of my stuff up.

I've about 90% of it up going to post the rest I'll bring up tomorrow, well that's it for me my thanks to Paddy & Joe & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be well come.

Thursday 14 July 2016

Going up

I've spoken here before about how Tricol is a long term project & of my need of more space, well happy I am to let you know that I've finally got start on the extra space project :-)

                                          So it begins as I start to remove the trapdoor.

                     Next think is to make the opening bigger for the folding ladder below.
                         I won't be able to fit the ladder until I've all of the sheets for the floor up.

                       It's dark up here but hopefully there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
                                                It doesn't look any better in the light sadly.

 Progress as I start to get some of the flooring down.

                             With the flooring down on the back half I decide to have some fun.

So I make a hole in the roof, needless to tell you the moment I did it rained.

But with the first of the windows in all is looking good, it feels great to have this started on this at long last.

Well that's it food this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to comment it will be welcomed :-)

Monday 11 July 2016

40K So that was Brocon 2016

An interesting week that seen me cop last Sunday after the list submission date that my list was illegal & leaving me with a lot more work to do then I would have want end with a very enjoyable return to the tournament scene.

Every since I'd started using the Vrak's renegade's allied with the IA 13 renegade's  something at the back of my mind was troubling me there was in there a feeling that it just wasn't right, now I'll be the first to admit that I'd never embraced this new way of building an army, sure I'd ran IG with SoB's but I didn't need to look to deep into the rules to know I could do that, so I decided that I'd look into thing's just to be sure & low & behold I fined that even though their both from different books they both come under the same faction & unless your running GW's chosen ones that's a no no.

Long story short I submitted a new list did what needed doing model wise & Saturday morning headed down to Limerick where Jan of ork fame was awaiting me with his meganob'z, I'd never played Jan before so had challenged for the first game, I knew Jan was a top player & that I'd need to play smart to try make a game of this, deployment turned out to be 12 inch's in down the table length not really the one I wanted.

I split my force's to each end hoping I could get him to do the same but he was far to smart for that & done what I'd have done myself & hit me down one flank oop's, well as long as I start getting the things he kills back it not the end of the world, but when you tempted the dice god's by having a blog named if it wasn't for one's &7 return to a place where legend has it you rolled 20 odd one's in a row the last time you where there well your just asking for it, two plasma squads dead roll to see if they come back on a 2+ & yes my friends you guessed it, if it wasn't for ones lol.

Anyway the lads fought on bravely even if it took thing's like 3 deep strikes to get one squad where I wanted it, first deep strike mishap & guess what I roll ? well just because it didn't work the first time doesn't mean it won't work the next time, deep strike mishap ( it's beginning to look as if deep striking is as dangerous a job in my army as having a plasmagun) I roll a 4 back into reserves, well just because it didn't work twice.

At his point Jan is looking at me as if I'm mad & laughing his head off, but it's third time lucky time to roast  some grots that'll put the grin on the other side of his face, anyway when the dust had settled it was what I believed was a 15vp's to 5vp's win to Jan which was in fact as my son inlaw told me when I got home the next day a 14vp's to 6vp's  win to Jan, which is good as it just goes to show you all how little interest I had in scores, I was hear for one reason only & that was to have fun & nothing else mattered.

Next up Caolan using Eoin's ETC cron list & this game has kill points involved in the mix, I just know my guys will be dying to come back in this game to make yet even more kill points (pun) as I face what is know as the lifestar, well if ever a game didn't go like you might think it would it was this one.

If Monty Python was to have ever done a game of 40K it might very well have gone like this one & while it might not have been one of the most nail biting games I'd ever played in it was with out a doubt one of the most fun, as I started to turn killing my plasmaguner's into a fine art, but then was to come what was to be the high light of the game as Caolan tell's me I shouldn't kill was is the last cron left in a squad as the whole squad will then come back.

Did I mention that I was only hear to have fun & that nothing else mattered ? so I go about trying to kill this cron that I want to die that Caolan wants to die but nobody seemed to have told the cron as he every save I put on him in my shooting phase like a boss, right so I'll just have to do it the old fashioned way, hand to hand with the beastmen the cron goes into overwatch rolls to six's then rolls to get to wounds on me which kills to beastmen & end's up with me failing the charge lol.

Anyway when the dust had settled on this one I'd won, don't ask me what score as I don't know & don't care, this game was so much fun that there was no loser just two winners, it getting late in the day now as there was a big delay at the start waiting for the terrain & the heat inside the hall is really uncomfortable but there's still one more game to play & it's everyone's love to hate army at the minute Elder, I just want it on record that I've always hated them lol.

So it Alan from Cork & it's a council  on bikes spiders & some more bikes, sadly we didn't get to play much of this game as time was up but had it keep going the way it had started I might well have been tabled, against one of the top armies with the dice gods stilling beating down on you there can be no escape from, so lets just say I was saved by the bell, I still lost but maybe by not as much as I would have, once again I don't know the score.

Sunday was to see me getting thrown to the dog's & I was facing off against what is called the dogstar or maybe it should be the wolfstar either way Bob had one hell of a lot of furry four leg's friends on the table, this is yet another ETC list.

Now the dice god's are still playing games on the plasma front but at least they seem to have forgiven me on the getting my guys back front which was just as well as Bob & friends real wanted to put the bite on me & me a dog lover, you'll never know dear reader how hard it was for me killing all of those dogs & this ended with Bob one wound away from been tabled & to be honest I'm glad that didn't happen as this was one of what is for me one of the great 40K battles & was out & out slaughter.

If you watch a game of throne's  just imagine  the battle scene in the second last show of the season just ended to picture what this game was like, if the blood god wasn't happy here then he will never be, this result I do know it was 11-9 for me two ETC lists played two ETC lists beaten & both in mission that had killpoints added maybe be I should be heading over there lmao.

Last game was to pitch me against the only lady of the tournament Elaine & while it was more wolf's there wasn't as many of the four legged kind, it seemed that by this point the legend of my ability  to roll one's had gone to the four corners of the hall & Elaine was looking forward to witnessing this first hand, but the dice gods can also be benevolent & had decided that enough was enough I had paid the price for been so bold as to build an army around a 2+ roll.

A start that see's you getting 5vp's for killing one model is maybe not something you will see me do to often but in my experience anything that can happen when rolling dice will & if you believe that & never force yourself to roll a dice you don't have to you'll be all the happier for it.

Another good game & the only one that was to see my warlord die all added up to what was for me a very enjoyable tournament Another win but once more don't ask me the score, but according  to my son inlaw Ralph with 3 wins & 2 lost's an over all finish of twelfth which if I'm not mistaking is the top half & that's not bad when you think I was using a list that I'd never use before, have what is most likely the only army in 40K tournament play that hasn't got one single reroll in it & that I was only playing for giggles.

Yes I tempted the dice gods with my army & they punished me but they also reward me, I seen megnob'z take wounds to lasgun's, iron priest's on thunder cav with a 2+5+ take wounds to lasguns & everything else that I pointed my lasgun's gun's at in the name of chaos & pulled the trigger, but the big reward was the fun I got from it all, as my good mate the Doc said if we want to remove all the dice out of a dice game why don't we just play chess ?

Well that was my Brocon I'll finish up with my thanks to all those who faced me across the table, Craig for all the hard work running the event & as always my thanks to you for dropping in & if you'd like to comment it would be welcome.