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Tuesday 28 November 2017

Chapter 4, In the night

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The start of this story can be found here

The next day passed with nothing of note, Connie & Taylor where amazed at how much Boswel new of the land & of the animals that lived on it, if they where unsure of what the name was of anything they seen they only to ask him to find out what it was.

On the night of the following day there was an incident, what happened was this.

After the evening meal Brown headed out of the camp to do his nightly business before  retiring to his tent.

"Growl roar roar" "Arr"

Around the campfire the first to react was Boswel, grabbing a burning stick out of the fire & then his rifle he ran in the direction that Brown had taken, quickly followed by Taylor, Dufour & Connie, Weber & Maud remained at the fire.
A trashing noise lead Boswel who covered the ground at speed as sure footed as any  gazelle.
When he got to the scene a big male lion had Brown on the ground mauling him.
Even been the crack shot that he was firing at the lion for fear of hitting Brown wasn't something he could risk, so instead he discharged the weapon twice into the air.

This had the desired effect as the sharp crack spooked the lion who took flight but not quickly enough & just as the other's came up along side him Boswel fire once more bring an end to the lion's life.

Brown:" Moan moan"
Connie,Taylor & Dufour went to his side while Boswel went over to the lion to make sure it was dead.

Connie:"Easy Jim it's ok now we'll get you back to camp & fix you up"
Brown:" Moan"
Taylor:" He's in Bad shape Jean/Paul were going to need something to carry him on to get him back to the camp.

Boswel:"Let me see him, Connie will you hold up this torch please, Jean/Paul, Taylor get two strong branch's & fix one of the tents to them, I'll try & stop the bleeding.

5 minute's later they returned with the home made stretcher "How is he ?" they both asked as one.
Connie:"Marco & I got the bleeding stopped but he's been very badly mauled"

Boswel:" The young lady was a great help, but I fear he's going into shock we need to get him back to camp & keep him warm by the fire.

Easing Brown onto the stretcher the 4 of them carried him back to the campsite in silence, when they got there Weber & Maud where standing by the fire & Weber had a pistol in his hand, they built up the fire but not out of any foreknowledge but from fear.

Boswel:"Weber gather up all the blankets quickly" he barked.

Weber didn't much like been spoken to like that but did as he  told with Maud's help.

Laying  Brown (who was shivering like a leaf in the breeze) by the fire they covered him with the blankets & took it in turns to stay with him through the night & as the night faded away so to did poor Brown & a half hour after sunrise he was dead.

Maud:"Are you just going to leave him like you did the other poor soul ?" ask Maud nastily

Connie, who had to use all his willpower not to slap  her across the face "What a horrible thing to say Maud"

Dufour:"How far do you think it is to the Missionary Marco ? as I'd like to take his body with us if we could"
Boswel:"On our own & leaving everything that we don't need here behind us, I was hoping that we'd reach it just before night fall, it's not terrible far but there's some rough ground to cross, it would be next to impossible to take him with us I'm sorry to say"

Defour:"I see, then we'll give him a quick burial here & set off, I want to get the rest of you back before anyone else loses their life.
With heavy hearts they laid poor Brown to rest & after a few words from Dufour gathered up what they were to take with them for what they hoped would be the last day of the trek to the missionary.

As always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to be a film critic your comments would be welcomed :)

Thursday 23 November 2017

Two PA Leagues & Talking Solo

I'm going to start this post back to front from the title,yes there will be some pictures of models but the talking comes first :) I want to talk about playing solo or more to the point playing Pulp Alley solo.
Now not all games are suitable for playing solo but luckily enough for me PA is, one really big advantage solo playing has is when it comes  to campaigns, I don't know about you guys but I've lost count of how many campaigns if taken part in that never finished for one reason or another doing a solo one means that if it doesn't finish you've only yourself to blame. :)

So I've decided I want to do a PA solo campaign, I've 3 of the 4 campaign books for PA (soon to be all 4) but I'm going to do the Perilous island one first, not because I think its any better then the others but because at this point in time it suits the terrain & models that I have best, another great thing about playing solo if like me your lucky enough to a table you can leave set up is you can play out the game over time, this a great help when your taking pictures & or notes to do an AAR on the game.

Another thing I'am interested in is league development & that's something that only happens over a long period, it also creates a history for the character as they go through many adventure's together, yes you heard right I said many adventure's together, my plan is for one of these leagues to play out many a campaign.

I've created two new leagues that will be taking part in this campaign & although you play both when playing solo only one of them is really yours & that is the one that I'll will be using over many campaigns but that's not to say I've no interest in the other league & how they develop  as they could always pop up here or there along the way, there is also one character in the other league that I've a special interest in.
I know what you guys are like so here's a picture of the Society of the Blue Blooded league to keep you going :) 
 Now where was I? ah yes I've just played scenario 2 Finial Flight, I set up the table one evening though the week & played out the game over a couple of hours on Saturday & Sunday, (easy to do when playing solo) so the first film (AAR) is back from the editors & will be show here shortly while filming of the second one is complete, anyway I think I've waffled on for long enough & hope I've giving you guys some food for thought on solo gaming, sorry for yet more thoughts Major :)

One more thing before I start on the leagues, I feel that lately my AAR's have not been showing enough of what is going on from the game point of view, eg a character could go down & from the story end of things I might put he hit his head on a branch while running but that doesn't inform you from the game side of things what happen, so I'm going to try & give a bit more input on the game side of things, this should I hope be more apparent  from the second scenario on.

Right on with the leagues & I'll start with the one above Society of the Blue Blooded, these are I hope your British stiff upper lip kind of guys, these will be my league the good guys.
Delbert Collins A well travelled  adventurer who has gotten out of many a tight corner  in his day & along with Lord Forbes A founding member of the Society of the Blue Blooded
Name Delbert Collins
Leader Health  d10 Brawl 3d10 Shoot 3d10 Dodge 3d10 Might 2d8 Finesse 3d10 Cunning 2d10
Extraordinary, Athletic, Hardened Veteran
Grace Simms, a real English Rose but don't let that fool you as every Rose has its thorn 
Name Grace Simms   
Sidekick Health d8  Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d8  Dodge 2d8 Might 2d6  Finesse 3d8  Cunning  3d6
Burst Fire, Quick-Shot
James Dowl , comes from a circus family were he horned his skills with guns doing trick shots, if he shoots at something & misses it because he meant to. 
Name James Dowl   
Alley Health d6  Brawl 1d6 Shoot 3d6  Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6  Finesse 1d6  Cunning  2d6
Cliff Moore, the fix it man of the Society.
Name Cliff Moore
Alley Health d6  Brawl 1d6 Shoot 1d6   Dodge 1d6 Might 2d6  Finesse 1d6  Cunning  2d6
Blue Blooded League Perks, Daredevil Adventures.
The bad guys,  Germans aka bots
Captain Hess, has an uncle high up in the party.

Name Captain Hess
Leader Health d10 Brawl 3d10 Shoot 3d10 Dodge 2d10 Might 2d8 Finesse 3d8 Cunning 3d10
Danger Sense
Code name Helga, there's not many living that know much about this fair haired lady.
Name Helga
Sidekick Health d8 Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d8 Dodge 3d6 Might 2d6  Finesse 2d8 Cunning  3d8              Abilities 
Herr Gloup of the Gestapo, enough said.
Name Herr Gloup   
Ally Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 2d6  Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning  2d6
Brown, will always follow orders.
Name Brown
Alley Health d6 Brawl 2d6 Shoot 3d6  Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6
Abilities Marksman

Fritz, will always follow orders
Name Fritz
Alley Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 3d6 Dodge 1d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 2d6 Cunning 1d6
Abilities Marksman

Muller will always follower orders 
Name Muller
Alley Health d6 Brawl 1d6 Shoot 2d6  Dodge 2d6 Might 1d6 Finesse 1d6 Cunning 1d6
Abilities Blast
German League Perks, Eagle-Eyed Troopers
That's a rap, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would welcomed : )

Saturday 18 November 2017

Clarification on my Pull over a chair post

I'd just like to clear something up from my last post which only came to me after a comment left by Ivor (once again thanks mate) it concerns this part of the post (Looking back I think I was making to many pointless posts like the ones on what models I just bought & then again when I'd painted them, as I've said on here more then once I've no great painting skills, so going forward I'll just do be doing things like the Heart stone of Africa, Pulp Alley AAR's, leagues, a little chat post like this one, an odd on location & hopefully not to many when a shoot goes wrong kind of post :) )

As Ivor rightly pointed out in the comments there is no pointless posts & there was no intention offend anyone with this, from my point of view the think behind it was simple & I'll try to explain as best I can here goes.

 1) Posting a picture of models I just bought, the thinking here is you will get to see them anyway when I use them & believe me when I say I go out of my way to use every model I buy, if not why would I buy them ?

2) As I don't consider myself a good painter why show you picture's of what I've just painted ? I can't give you any tips on how to paint so I'm not helping you with something, painting for me is just something I need to do to use the models & I just paint them as quickly & simply as I can, I haven't tried to improve my painting in years, & as I've said above you will get to see them anyway.

3) Time, it takes time to post something but it all so takes time to read  or look at something someone has posted, the thinking here is I want the time you spend here to be as entertain as I can make it, so while I know all of us modeller love to look at models both painted & unpainted, I have a feeling(  & please correct me if I'm wrong ) that we like most of all to see them in action.

I hope that helps to clear things up & if I did offend anyone by the post it was unintentional & I can only say sorry & ask your forgiveness, I'll leave it there & as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.   

Friday 17 November 2017

Pull over a chair

Ah there you are, please pull over a chair & get comfortable, I've wanted to do this post for awhile so for better or worse here it is.
Those of you that come to my blog regularly might have noticed that over the summer I stopped posting, this even lead to a mate of mine who now lives over sea's sanding me an email to ask was I ok, thanks mate you know who you are.

Anyway there was a couple of reason for things been quite here, it was summer :) but I guess the main reason was the little gaming group I use to play boardgames  & cardgames with once a week came to an end just coming into summer which also happened to be just as GW where releasing 8th ed 40K, now while I don't mind playing 40k it doesn't inspire as it once did & as I'd a lot of work to do to get my Sisters of Battle fit for the table top it wasn't something I wanted to blog about, so to help me getting through get them ready I also had to stop visiting all of your wonderful blogs as I knew that if I didn't I would never have gotten through all of that work as it would have turned my head to other things, so now you know anyway if you haven't got up & left your seat by now there are a couple of other things I want to talk about :)
Buildings, now these can be as plane as simple as the one above or of a grand design but one thing that most type of buildings will have is windows & for me at least can be the hardest thing to get right, the one above not so much as that kind of building in nothing more then a little ope.
Above is the first window I did that got me thinking of how to finish a window for a building that nothing on the inside of it, this was when I thought up the clear plastic with black card idea, pay no mind to the crappy sign writhing :)
The church was to throw up another problem in what to do with the window as I didn't want it to be stained glass
to solve the problem I went for a little wire mesh & just sprayed it a dark brown.
When I did the manor house I just went with the clear plastic & black card something I've regretted ever since, as if you look at the building beside it where I sprayed  the backing card half cream you get what looks like a little roller blind, this has lead me to think of lots of different ways I could finish windows.
How about just having the curtains drawn ? another idea might be to use little pictures from magazines say for shop windows, anyway I'm sure by now you guys are getting the point.
Anyhow while were still on buildings something else I wanted to hit on was signs, as nothing tells you what a building is like a sign, simple to do as its just a piece of printed out paper behind a strip of clear plastic mounted on a thin piece of balsa wood with a little frame around it.
Remember I said I wanted to be able use the manor as different things ?
The sign is removable as it just stuck on with blue tack, also I don't put them on bases as this allows me to put them in different settings, the buildings do have bases but there inside them.
 Just before I finish I want to kind of go back to the start if I may, taking time out in the summer  gave me sometime to reflex on where I want to go & do hobby wise this includes blogging as I see the two as one & the same, kind of like a horse & carriage sort of thing.

Looking back I think I was making to many pointless posts like the ones on what models I just bought & then again when I'd painted them, as I've said on here more then once I've no great painting skills, so going forward I'll just do be doing things like the Heart stone of Africa, Pulp Alley AAR's, leagues, a little chat post like this one, an odd on location & hopefully not to many when a shoot goes wrong kind of post :)

So you guys won't get to see much until they hit the big scene kind of thing but if you see a model you like & would like to know where I got it or know how I did something then just pop it in the comments & I'l be more then happy to let you know & talking about comments, I reply to them all but sometimes I forget to put it in the reply to yours so if your using a notification on replies you might thing I didn't but if you pop back over you'll find I did :)   

That's a rap, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed & yes even replied to :)

Friday 3 November 2017

On Location,, The lost valley of Po Ying

Deep in the high jungle's of Burma, prominent archaeologists Lady Harriet  Forbes & Wainwright Hamilton using ancient maps & scrolls have found the lost valley of Po Ying, it just so happens that the film crew was on hand.
Wonders not seen by human eye's in in countless years unknown awaited them.
With the jungle well on the way to reclaiming the valley they will have their work cut out for them.
Frame & fortune surly await their years of efforts.
 Walking around with joy unbound they come across wonder after wonder.
Obviously some kind of holy place but what became of those who built it all ?
Cutting their way through an overgrown doorway reviles yet an other treasurer.
After weeks of hard work they now have a lot of the clearing of the jungle done.
I feel this could be the start of a wonderful adventure, the two structures at either end of the pictures are new additions to my terrain collection while the centre one & walls are from the set for the graveyard, the statues I pick up in Bali when there on hols knowing that some day they come in handy.

That's a rap of this post but be sure to watch out for some action in the valley in another post, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.