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Tuesday 30 December 2014

40K the hive fleet is coming back

As I'm writing this post GW seem to be going down the road of doing campaign books which is stuff I really like tbh & with detachments & formations & what not the possibles are endless, why they've even brought back cities of death in the WD, all good fun stuff.

If you come to this blog often you will have read that I was talking about using a BA scout army which was me just waffling really as I don't have the models to run it & stand in's are not really my thing but it did get me thinking.

I want to run an army that wants to assault & with some of the new units that nids have got (pods anyone) I think combined with the detachments & formations it might just be do able, now don't get me wrong here I'm not saying that nids can now build an assault army that can beat up on all in front of it, but I hope it just might be possible to that can be fun to play while still making you feel like your in the game to do more then just remove models from the table.

So I'm going to start off with things like the Deathleaper formation & the geanstealers formation, these units backed up by others coming down in pods should be able to get in the others players face from the off.

There are within the dex a lot of 3W models that if they could get into a assault are not that bad & tbh I'm sick of units like my ravener's  sitting on the shelf, I want these units in peoples faces, why who knows I might even give the red terror a run out at some stage.

Going into the Newyear I'm going to make a resolution to try to get back to having fun playing 40K as it is still at heart a fun & enjoyable game to play & if I can get up close & personal then it will be so much the better.

Well that's it for now & as always my thanks for dropping in.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

40K Joining the scouts

I can't do this post without using one of my all time favourite move lines & it comings from one of the Naked Guns staring Leslie Nielsen.
Its the scene when he's in a bar & turns around to George Kenny & says I haven't had this much sex since I was a boyscout leader LOL,

Anyway back to what this post is about & that is me trying to come up with an army in 40K that I can really enjoy playing & to that end my first port of call is going to be marine scouts,  now as I've said before I think the most fun part of 40K is to be found in assault, now I'm not talking about the invisible 2++ rerollable  deathstars here, no what I'talking about is the unsure who's going to get the better of who kind of assault where the two sides are getting stuck into each other.

Now I first thought of running scouts along time back but for some reason I never got around to trying it out, so what brought it back to me now you might ask ? well tbh it was when reading the new BA dex.

Now I've two ideas on how I might go about playing scouts, one it from the BA dex the, what's not to like about S5 on the charge, the other is from csm where they can take landspeeder storms.
Either way the idea of this army is to throw it into the other players face & let him deal with it, so that's the basic outline for now, will it be spamy  ? yes but I hope in a way that will make the army fun to play with & against.

Well that's it for now & as I get a chance over the hols I'll stick up a couple of lists, so talking of hols I'll take this chance to wish you all a very marry Christmas & as always thanks for dropping in.

Sunday 14 December 2014

40K One last try ?

I haven't played a game of 40K in a couple of months now & really find myself at something of a cross roads I'll try to explain, as someone who has played 40K since 4th ed & collected the models since even before that needless to say I've a lot of models, but I now find myself wondering sould I just sell most of them off & just keep the stuff I want for pulp ally.

You see the problem I have is that while I love the concept of 40K I find that for me more often then not the game is a bit of a let down, now I believe  that the reason for this is two fold, one is the way GW sell us 40K as a whole & the other is GW's regard for balance with in the game, it at times strikes me as if the design team are playing a different game to the rest of us.

Now I'm not foolish enough to think that a game with as much stuff in it as 40K could ever be over all balanced but at the same time GW could put a bit more effort in make sure that units are not completely useless, it seems to much like GW don't care if the models that people have paid good money for can still work or not.

Anyway I don't want to turn this post into a rant what I want to try to do is work out if I should keep on playing or just throw in the towel right here & now and say enough is enough, so to try to help me out on this I'm going to do a bit of a pro's & cons.

Right I'll kick off with the pros of which I believe there are many.

1) The setting, for me there really is none better.

2) The models, while of late some of the stuff GW have come out with for some of the armies I play haven't really been my cup of tea, there is still enough good stuff to keep me happy.

3) The game, this is the big one to try & call as I've had some very enjoyable games of 40K in 7th ed I've also had some that while I've played very well & won where just to much like hard work, for me I  think the bast way to play 40K is in a relaxed manner & if it can be a special setting then so much the better.

4) Mates I've made from playing 40K.

5) Seen some of the wonderful stuff that player have done with their models.

6) The many different ways you can play 40K, I don't think there is another game out there that can offer as many different way to play, the fact that we don't is down to the players not GW.

7) Easy of getting games.

8) Tournaments a great way of catching up with people you other wise might not get to see.

So there I've what I feel are the major pro's in playing 40K, so now to  look at some of the cons.

1) Price, this is really an odd one because while it can be quite expensive to build an army once you do you need never buy another model if you don't want, the problem is that GW might make your army next to useless.

2) Balance, now again I've mixed feelings here as if I was playing a game like the ones that use to be in the older IA books where the out come of the game is that outside is more likely then the other to win I've no problem, while on the other hand if I'm just playing a game in the club I shouldn't know how the game will go just by looking at the two armies on the table.

3) GW enough said.

4) Rules for models, now this is more a FW problem then a GW one one as I think of it all as the same thing its a con, what I'm getting at here are the rules for FW models as you might only have 1 or 2 but if the release a new book with the model been part of it then you can end up having to pay a lot of money for a book just to get the rules for a model or two.

5) Poor rules & loopholes, I'm not a completive player any more but I think having clear rules is to everyone's benefit, loopholes are something that just P me off & really are in most cases just like poor rules down to GW not wanting to spend money on fixing.

6) Tournaments, while yes they do have their place in the game, my experience is to many games are played out to this end.

7) The stupid rules that suck all the fun out of the game, I think we all know what I mean with this.

So there you've got it my view on 40K, now these are very much my own & I'm sure there are many out there that see the game in a very different way but that is not what this post has been about, it has been to see if it could help me make my mind up one way or the other & to this end the post has worked.

The result is I'm going to give 40K one last chance, I've some ideas of how I want to try playing games but that's all for another post, Ill finish this one off by saying I won't put my bolter away just yet & as always thank you for dropping in.