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Friday 4 October 2013

NWG 2013

I only managed to get to this years NWG for a few hours, but it was a few hours well spent as the standard of painted & the amount of fully painted armies just seems to get better year on year.

So as I didn't have much of an involvement in this years event I can' do much of a report but there is no way I could let this wonderful event past with out doing a post on it here on if it wasn't for ones.

Also new this year was the emerald daemon awards painting competition of which I had the honour of been one of the judges & while I didn't enter this year it is my intention to enter in two categories next year so keep an eye on the blog for that.

I also got to get a demo game of Infinity which was cool as its a game that appeals to me, as there seems to be good dept to it with out you needing a degree in rocket sicnice to play it.

I'll finish by saying a very big well done to all the TO's at this event as I know how much work they put into it, also a big well done to all the players who put a big effort into all those wonderful armies.

So thanks for dropping in & please call back again soon.

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