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Tuesday 29 October 2013

A trip to Gaelcon

Gaelcon its been awhile since I last went.

One thing I miss about not playing in tournaments is meeting up with people that you only get to meet at them & not getting to see all the great looking models for all the different games.

So with those to things in mind I decided that this year I would head into Gaelcon with camera in hand so to speak, to see a few people get some pictures & sample the atmosphere & I wasn't disapointed on any front.

Anyway I got to the D4 hotel about 11.30 or so to find things in full swing & the place buzzng, the 3 big games running on Saturday where warmachine hordes, warhammer fantasy battles & warhammer 40K with lots of other kind of games & demo's taken place.

Another feature of events like Gaelcon is the trader stands where you can buy anything from cakes to boardgames or models & more than likely a few things in between.

Right thats enough from me & I just want to thanks the organisers for their generosity in given me free entry to the con, to all the players who kindly let me take photos of their models some in mid game & to you for dropping in & hope you enjoy the pictures.

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