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Thursday 3 October 2013

100 models in 100 days

100 models in a 100 days someone said & I couldn't help myself & signed up.
Now to be honest this is for me a good thing as I've lots of things not painted even though I've up my painting out put over the last couple of years, so do I expect to paint a 100 models in a 100 days ? sadly no but if I can hit 50 I'll be happy, with any more then that been a bonus.

So the first 9 models are these little gun servos gun drones I made up about 2 years back now you know why I signed up.

These where made for an army but will now get used in INQ28 instead I hope.

There they are all painted up I also rebased them to match the rest of my INQ28 models.

Now I've got to be honest here that there's not a lot of painting on these but a model a model just the same

As these are ectually two model I would probabily be with in my rights to claim 18 models painted but as they are small we leave it at 9

So thanks for looking in & if you fancy trying to make a guess as to how many models I'll get done in the comments box feel free.

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