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Thursday 24 October 2013

40K the state of play

In this post I'm going to look at where I am with each of my 40K armies, so I'll start with what was my first real army.

Space Marines.

I like the new codex & allowing I haven't used it yet I'm looking forward to doing so.

Lord Falcon of the Jade Dragons my first marine army. current strength 3 marines 1 dreadnought. likely hood of adding to this army ? low at the moment but do hope to. % complete 75% as one model was striped down to be redone. tactics most likely to fight under in the new dex ? Raven Guard

Vulken He'stan Salamanders my second marine army. current strength 2K-3K. likely hood of adding to this army ? nil % complete 80%. tactics most likely to be used in new dex ? Salamanders

Captain Ahab Red Scorpions my newest marine army. current army strength 1.5k likely hood of adding to this army very high. % complete 85% tactics to be used ? FW Red Scorpions

Next up chaos, if Phil Kelly had wanted to ruin the chaos codex he couldn't have done a better job imho

Dark Apostle Marduk of the 34th host Word Bearers, I'd had many a chaos army before I built the Word Bearers which was the only one that felt like an army with all the others more like a group of warbands.
Current strength 4K-5K. likely hood of adding to this army ? before a new dex nil. % complete 100%

IG of both kinds what we got here is the slowest & best army I ever built & painted & the fasted army I ever built & painted.

Chaos IG I love this army & it really is my crowning glory in the hobby, current strength 2K-2.5K, likely hood of adding to this army ? nil % complete ? 95%

Imperial IG my newest army but yet I never see it as an army by itself, current strength 1.5k-2k, likely hood of adding to this army ? very high, % complete 60%

Nids with models dating back to 2ed spacehulk this army is old, but I've only played it for about two years as it was my sons.current strength 5K, likely hood of adding to this army ? very high % complete 98%

SoB An army that like nids I just love the models for, I have plans for this army & it will be seen a lot of work on it over the next year or so, current strength 3k-4k, likely hood of adding to this army ? very high, % complete ? na

Eldar the red headed child in the room, strength ? no idea, likely hood of adding to this army ? nil, % of army complete ? no idea

Dark Mechanicus what a fun army & always a laugh, with the fan dex for these guys very old there not very playable these days but it always good to get them out in a game of apoc, strength 2k-3k, likely hood of adding to this army ? nil % complete 100%

I've got to admit I've not had a great love for 6th ed, but that said I just love models & even if I stopped playing tomorrow would still keep collecting them.

Going forward I see the nids been my main army but that could change with the new dex so here's hopping GW get it right.

With a new dex each which I've not got a change to try yet, but like what I seen so far for both, marines & sob's both of these will be getting some time on the battlefields & as I see imperial guard as an ideal alli to both of these they should also get some use.

So the armies that are out in the cold are the 3 chaos ones, as I just refuse to play my Word Bearers using the current dex, the chaos IG I really don't like to use if I'm honest but reason for that is more to do with not damaging then anything else & unless I was to sit down & try to repoint the Dark Mechanicus which I don't see myself doing if I'm honest they are not very playable.

Eldar I've really no idea on what to do with, maybe I should just find them a good home.

So thanks for dropping in & please call back soon.