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Saturday 12 October 2013

Kallidus iv 40K Campaign

 The Death World Kallidus IV, in the Karsus Sectoris a largely uninhabitable world covered with gaseous swamps and jungle. A world valuable to the Imperium only because the gaseous deposits in the swamplands are convertible to promethium. Recently, however, archeotech from the Dark Age of Technology has been discovered when excavating the foundations for a planned massive promethium refinery. When the Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus leading the excavation team touched the archeotech, a massive beam of purple warp light shot high into the sky.

In the warp a conciseness came to full attention, as the hive mind of hive fleet Nagaina  came to full awaking the bio-ships changed course, for to long the fleet has been transcending the warp as the hive mind lay in a near state of slumber now fully awake & hungry it was time for the great deourer to once again feed.

Kallidus iv is a campaign  been organised by Lenny that the lads in the DGG will be playing out over  6 weeks starting in a couple of weeks time & while I won't be able to play in every round I will certainly try to get in as many of the games that I can.

The first part of the script above was written by Lenny so full credit to him for that, I'll also take this opportunity to thank him for organisation this campaign as running a campaign takes a lot of time & hard work so well done Lenny.

So thanks for dropping in & keep on eye on the blog over the next while to see will the great devourer get a good feed.

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