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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to Roads

Roads we don't need roads where were going, well actually we do one thing I've noticed over the years playing 40K is the complete lack of roads, even in 5th ed when there was rules for them you still didn't see them to often.

So whats the reason is there no tarmac in the grim dark ? more then likely the answer is that roads are something that players don't bother with, which is a pity as something as simple as roads can had a lot to a table top visually with for me these days is becoming more & more important.

The picture above from a 40K game I played a while back shows a very simple road running along the table to a bridge & then another piece of road on the far side of the bridge, now I think we can all agree that the road add a certain something to the battlefield.

this 2M roll of sandpaper cost a couple of euros

I find the bigger cereal box is best for this as I get 4 6" sections out of each side.

cut the front & back off the box

Glue the sandpaper to the card using pva glue

  Cut out the sections

The big rule book has many usages, place something heavy on the roads  to keep them flat until the glue sets

Depending on what type of roads you want paint the the colour you want.

Simple roads you could just paint them black

The 3 pieces above, the one on the left is just sprayed black, the one on the top was dry brushed gray, the bottom one was sprayed cream & given a wash.

How often do you see this ?

In my honest opinion the roads really add a touch of realism

Cheap & easy to do, the roads that up little or no room to store.
I painted the edges green & then applied some glue
A bit of flock to blend it in.

for the less busy look just add some flock down the middle.

You might not need roads where your going but why not have them any way ?
Thanks for dropping in hope you found this post helpful & please call back soon.

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