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Monday 21 October 2013

INQ28 In Between Games

Forwarning long well of text with no eye candy

With Guild Master Le Farge safely in our custody it was time to figure out a way of getting off of Odec Prime, which was only going to get harder by the day as anarchy  broken out all over the planet, even with martial-law declared the planet's law enforcer's where getting more heavy hand by the hour in a despite attempt to keep control.

I've not yet interrogated Le Farge as the walls can have ears & I would prefer to wait until we had him in a more securer location, as I'm now know to the local PDF & was of unusual size & with Gnut been well Gnut we decided it would be best if we took care of babysitting Le Farge, while Rouxinal was of best use wired in to the PDF's transmissions.

That left it down to  Greek & Von Blixen to go out & about to try to find somebody able to get us off Odec under the authorities noises so to speak but this would be no easy job with the authorities offering a big reward for the capture of Le Farge claiming that he was behind the  assassination of the  Governor Kiels Borbok in a plot to try to take over control of the planet.

The kind of people who's help we would have to seek where just as likely to take our money & then hand us over for the reward as take us off the planet even if they had agreed to do so, but luckily enough the two of them had been is this situation many a time before & I'd every faith in their judgement in finding the right person.

With all of our life's depending on it this was something that could not be rushed, but after 9 days we'd gotten many names of those that might be of help to us, but it was the name of a rouge trader who we all agreed seemed to be the best man for the job, Panama Jack the captain of a ship called the Hermes (believe to be one of the fasted ever build for her size) & by all accounts a men very much of his word but one not to be crossed.

Jack we'd been told when planet side could be found most evenings from about 10 onwards at the Snip's club playing the tables, Snip's we where told was on Pot's row about two blocks from one of our hold ups.
Haven decided on our man Greek & Von Blixen head down to the club that very night taking the hoverrail to Glory Plaza.

On entering the club the two of them headed over to the bar & ordered a couple of drinks, Snip's was a big place with lots of gaming tables & fairly packed.
It was hoped that Jake would indeed be planet side & in the club but with so many people around it be next to impossible to pick Jake out, so ordering some more drinks Von Blixken asked the barman if he knew if Panama Jack was in tonight & if he was was there a certain table he was likely to be found at.

"Who is it that might be looking for him asked the barman, just some people who have been told by many that he might be able to help us with something replied Von Blixen as slid  a 100 credit note across the bar.
Quickly looking up & down the bar the man took the note & answered hes in all right & as Mag's is running table 14 tonight I'd say that's where you'll find him.

Picking up there drinks the to of them made their way towards table 14 & where almost their when Greek got a tap on the shoulder & upon  turning a round got a full force dig in the face that sent him flying backwards into some people that where standing at one of the gaming tables.

Von Blixen knew better then to get involved as places like Snip's had certain rules when it came to in house fighting & he could already see the house enforces moving into place to from a circle to give Greek & the fellow that had just smashed him in the face room to fight.

As Greek steadied himself the brute lunged at him, but Greek been a well trained fighter stepped to the side at the last moment Used the brutes own momentum to send him spalling into one of the tables sending  credit chips flying in every diction.
The brute now clearly mad at Greek came at him again only this time slowly with both fists swing in, ducking under one Greek brought up  his fist into the brutes troth hitting him fast & hard dropping him on the spot coughing & gasping for breath, & as quick as the fight had begun it was over.

As they walked away a man approached them saying I'm Panama Jack I believe you two are looking for me ?"Jack look exactly  as he'd been described with one pale blue eye sparkling & the other cover by a patch.
We have indeed replied Von Blixen we seem to have a problem that a some people think you might be able to help us with.

Looking past them at the brute still on his hands & knees trying to get to get his breath back  Jack asked what did you guys do on Nailer ? is that his name said Greek ? I never seen him before in my life.
Interesting but anyway let grab a small table where we can sit & talk & turning Jack lead them over to a small table against one of the walls.

Sitting down Jack called one of the waiters over & ordered them all a drink & then when she gone to get them asked  why do you think their right & what is it you want my help to do ?, getting a good feeling about Jack Von Blixen answered need you to take 6 of us off the planet, 3 of us in a special way if you know what I mean.

Tell them he did indeed know what they meant & though he didn't much care or want to know what their trouble was or their reason was for getting off planet their was one condition & that was that everyone going on board his ship was doing so of their own free will.

After a bit of haggling a price was agreed & Jack told them to meet him in three days time at 11am in Sa¬Tu's cafe on High Mashall street & then standing said gentlemen if you'll excuse me it time I got back to the gaming table but be careful when leaven Nailer not the kind that forgives or forgets.

Thankfully enough nothing else untoward happened & Von Blixen & Greek arrived back safely to inform us of their nights work end recording.

Designers note the above is just something I've made up as a fallow on from are last game of INQ28 & depending on the next game could be taking in different directions.
 I see doing this type of thing as away to flesh out my characters & as a way of coming up with some new characters like Panama Jack (who I even have a model for) & Nailer who I'm not to sure where I want to go with.

Thanks for dropping in & call back soon.


  1. Cool story thread General

  2. Thanks John its a side of the hobby I'm trying to inprove on.