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Tuesday 3 January 2017

Nickel & Dimes production's part 2

First off my I wish you a happy Newyear & the same to you Frank you reply, now what is all this about I read the last part & am still none the wiser ( yes that was kind of mean of me to leave you hanging like that, but if things turn out well that might be something you'll have to get use to dear reader, evil laughter.

It's a Newyear & with the Newyear will come the wind of change, Tricol I'm sad to say will be getting blown away on those winds, while it's was something I enjoyed & had lots of idea's for going forward I never really gave it the attention it would need, & beside there are let's be honest lots of site's out there that do that kind of things a lot better then I do.

Movie's I want to make movie's, well not in the real sense of the word but in the whole well way I've been more or less doing things the last while anyway let me explain, things won't be changing all that much you'll still get the same crappy AAR's with the same badly painted model's with the same cheap scenery, ok happy now ?  

Think of it this way, the movie's (AAR's) I do are your typical B Pulp movie's, not for me the Oscar winner's like the Pilgrim over on Between me & the Botler, or the big budget blockbuster you'll find over on Eric the Shed, no I'll use the same bad actor's like Panama Jack & Adele Blanc-sec over & over again & pay them two buck's a day, have you any idea what an A actor like Tom Hanks cost's these day's ?

Right the season behind all of this, you won't remember this but for my hobby challenge the year before this, my plan was to play out the Perilous Island PA campaign making up the terrain I needed as I went along, (see I told you nothing was changing) terrain sets prop's their really all one & the same thing, the penny dropping was Astonishing Tales rule's you basically play out you Pulp game's under the guise that your making a movie, as simple as.

Now there's an idea & one I can run with you might even say that I've already started with the latest PA campaign book holding off doing any gaming until I've got the set build to play it out on, so how many movies/ARR's I do a year will depend as much on how much I need to build.

Like all thing's in a hobby the longer your doing it the more stuff you'll have & then the more you can do, so starting off there will be a lot of stand in's & make believe that the two mud's huts & the wooden pier/jetty is 1930's Newyork only kidding, but if Fu Manchu could turn Dublin in the 1960's into London in the 1930's & get away with it why can't I ? lol & then as we grow as a movie company the more set's & prop's we'll have then maybe some day we can do the big budget summer blocker like Eric the Shed, Indiana Jones was a Pulp B movie with a big budget after all.

So I'm going to be looking for actor's, screenwriter's, an assistance director, critic's  location's & just about everything else, if you think you want in let me know, the pay is bad & I'll treat you crap, this is the world of B movie's after all, but who's know's I might just put you name up in light's some day.

That's a rap, as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be most welcomed.


  1. That is a great story of your hobby evolution. I think liberating yourself from a path that feels like an obligation and embracing something new is not always very obvious before you do it, but once you cross the Rubicon, feels amazing.

    Good luck, and I cannot wait to see what comes of all this.

  2. Thanks Will, & yes sometimes we stay doing something that is no longer right for us for all the wrong reasons mate.