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Monday, 16 January 2017

Props, tree's & a nice find.

Tree's are something I've been on the look out for, for a long time & by that I mean one's that look ok & don't cost an arm & a leg, so on a trip into Dublin last weekend I headed over to Mark's models.
Now Mark's model's is not a wargaming model shop but more of a model railway & airfix type models, but anyway on with the tree's these where cheep enough to fit in with what I was looking for & look ok if used in certain ways.
What do you mean in certain ways Frank there tree's they can only be used one way, yes yes I know that but like I said these tree's where cheep with the pack of 25 just under 24 euro's so less then a euro a tree. There was other tree's in the shop that where all most that for one, so we need to learn from model railway people to get these cheep tree's to work.
Look at the three pictures above & see if you can work out what's happening ? focal points that how our friends the model railway people do it for every expansive tree there will be lots of cheap one's with the expansive tree been a focal point & that's what happened in the picture's above.

The first one was just of the tree's so you really notice that there not great tree's, in the second picture the camp site is added making the tree's less of the focal point but the picture is from far back so the tree's are still very prominent in the over all view, as we focused in more on the model's & the camp site, the tree's are of little or no interest to us so the fact that there not really very good tree's makes little or no difference.

Next up a box of mystery that judging from the writing on it is something to do with the far east, on a trip to the local charity shop the other day I came across these.
 At a price of 5 euro's I wasn't going to say no & the money does go to help the needy so it's a win win.
These are made of wood with some of them having little chips out of them, like you can plainly see on the hat of the middle one above.
Here again you can see damage on the arm of the middle one, but as I plan to give them a repaint that not really a problem & how knows I might decide to do some more damage to them first.
8 of them in all & as you can see from the picture's nicely carved with good detail.
 Also in the box was this horse, which while seeming out of place judging from the wood used & the detail does appear to be part of the set.
That's a rap for this post as always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.

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