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Tuesday 27 December 2016

Nickel & Dime Production's part 1

Like a bottle tossed into the sea is what a hobby can have you feeling like at times, as the currant takes you from one thing to the next, this is something that happens to most people I think, with some it's just a new army in the same system, with other's it's drifting from one game to another.

Why are you telling us all this Frank you ask as it's something we already know ? fair question & the reason is that I think my bottle just might have been washed up on the beach so to speak, don't get me wrong I'm not throwing in the hobby towel in or anything like that, no what I mean is I think I might have found my port of call.

When I started out it was just painting a few 40K models then one of my son's (Paddy) got me playing, then we joined the DGG where I spent many a happy year as a 40K player, then all that changed & my bottle started to drift out to sea as it was.

First came INQ28 & I really enjoyed the whole story telling end of it & the game it's self even if the rules are a bit wonky, it was about this time I first came up with the idea of Tricol & as happens as your interests change so to does things you look for on the web, a site I'd been following for a while Dave's great My Saturday Mumblings, this is where  I first came across Pulp Alley, this lead me to Paul's equally great Sho3box & an AAR on a Pulp Alley game that the two guys & a couple of others had just played out at Brocon, Sho3box then lead to Will wonderful Governor General of Sector Six as the two of them had just done a blog cross over.

I entered the world of pulp gaming with Pulp Alley & that's where I still am & think tbh where I'll be staying, but you see my hobby bottle as drifted in such away that gaming is a very small part of what I do, I not longer go into the DGG but go to a mate's house were we play card based games or board based games, that;s not to say I don't enjoy a game of PA I'm just showing you the way things have changed.

Sets like they use in the movie's I first talked about a long time back & have since made a couple, but what is a kitted out tabletop for a wargame if not a set ? a site I came across & where I brought the roads & sidewalks from run by Patrick R Wilson The Virtual Armchair General  do a great selection of set's from the glory days of pulp, not only that but it turn's out he wrote rules  for a pulp game called Astounding Tales which I now own & my bottle washed a shore.

So in the best pulp tradition this post is to be continued, so I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas and I'll see you on the flip side of the Newyear, as  always my thanks for dropping in & if you'd care to leave a comment it would be welcomed.


  1. Thanks for entertaining me all year. I hope to get some PA gaming myself next year. I'm still very much in an Inquisimunda type place at the moment.

  2. Thanks Jason, I'm happy you enjoy what's going on on if it wasn't' for ones :-) your bottle is washed up at the moment but the next port just might be PA :-)

  3. It's a nice analogy, the washed up bottle one. I think it's very apt for gamers who have bottles washing up and then floating back out to sea with annoying regularity. I suppose the problem with my gaming group is at the moment most of their bottles are washed up on different beaches!

  4. That can be a pain all right Jason, Ireland is small & since the fall of WHFB & the decline of 40K the play base has gone in many direction's.