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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Necromunda the rescue

Once again I mucked up on the photo side so no eye candy sorry, so the game of necromunda was the rescue mission as Ian had captured one one of my guys the last time out.

Been better organised this time round as I'd all the main facts I'd need close to hand this game flowed a lot smother then the last out which as you can imagine with it been the first time any of us played the game was a bit stop & go.

So how did the game go I hear you scream, did you rescue the poor guy from those horrible girls ? let start at the beginning shall we, Ian set up first with the prisoner in a ruin guarded by a heavy with a heavy stubber among others.

I won the roll off & went first running all my guys forward while using the terrain to keep out of line of sight of the heavy stubber, Ian's first turn seen him spread out his guys a bit white moving them up field.

My second turn was much like my first, but Ian's seen him put one of my guys down & break another who ran of cover, but that was fine as I was now where I could start to put some hurt on with my three pronged approach & I took out a couple of Ian's guys.

Ian's turn & his boss puts down one of my heavies only to then hear the click of an empty bolt pistol, the heavy stubber opens up with 4 shots only to miss the target, the rest of his shooting also hits nothing & one of his guys die on his recovery roll.

Turn 3 & were in the tick of the action now with me getting some assault moves off & some good shooting, payback for those pesky juve's who mugged my mighty leader last week, but no I've made a big mistake as after given one of the juve's a good what for my boss man is standing out in the open & my stubber friend has a line of sight on him through a window, not only that but he's the only model that he can see that's not in assault.

This could turn out bad, Ian does what ever bit of moving he has to do & me reach a big moment in the game, the heavy stubber open's up with 5 shots, but only one hits the mark still it should be enough as it only need a 2 to put him down & it will puncd right through my flak armour, Ian roll's & you guessed it a one turn's up he's really had no luck with this in the two games so far.

there's a bit more shooting & one of my lads drop, but one of my guys finish off one of Ian's in the assault phase & it over to me.

Next turn & the guy who just won the assault runs over to the base of the building where the prisoner is, the game is going my way as I knock off another couple of Ian's guys & get a line of sight on Ian's boss with my plasma gunner but funk it, still next turn should see me free my guy & win the game.

No a sneaky little super juve that Ian has pops a round a corner  & pop my guy at the base of the building, but at this stage Ian's force is getting low but luckily for him he doesn't need to take morale test in this mission.

It's looking like Ian has only pro-longed the inevitable & I get another guy to the base of the building & take out both the heavy stubber & the super juve Ian is down to 3 models & I've still got 8 on their feet.

I take my recovery roll on the 3 guys that's down, first one stays down, next & it's a six so the guy is out of the game so I put him over with the guy I'd losted earlier, roll again & you wouldn't believe it another 6, another guy out & I now have to take a morale test on ld8, well by now my friends you all know why this blog has it's name so as safe as house's.

I still can Adam & Eve it a double 6 lol, I've fail me ld test & my gang buggers off snatching defeat from the jaws of victory much to Ian's delight, funny old game as they say in football & not only was it fun but very enjoyable too.

So that's it a big thanks & well done to Ian & as always my thanks to you for dropping in.            


  1. Good write up. Needs pictures!

  2. Thanks for the feed back Jason, sadly want I took my tablet out to get some photo's it was dead, I'll make sure I get some of the next game.