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Thursday 1 January 2015

40K nid assault list first try

First off I'd like to wish you all a happy newyear & may all your games be fun filled ones, right with that out of the way it's time to look at trying to build a nid assault list, not the easy's thing in the world to do imho.

Anyway onwards & upwards, in my last post I talked about trying to use stealers, pods & formations, so I've since had a look at the ones I've got the rules for.
The one I think that would be of the biggest help to me is the endless swarm, the thinking behind this is that sadly I believe that hormagaunts just might be better then stealers.

For a brood of 20 with toxin sac's its 160pts & with a 50% chance that when killed they might come back that makes them well worth a look, so when I said above that I believe that gaunts are better then stealers it was of course from a pts point of view, plus I believe that out side of assault stealers are no more survivable & with giving the way the game works these days is a big factor to me when making a list.

Right so in my endless swarm I need one brood of warriors, 3 broods of gaunts & 2 broods of gants, so how to kit these guys out ? I'll start first with the warriors these guys don't come back so I'm going to keep them cheap, so a warrior brood (which is 3 warriors) 90pts.

Next up the gaunts for these I'm going to take 3 broods of 20 with toxin sac's, now the reason for going with 20 instead of 30 is that while I want these guys to play a big part in my army I know enough to know that I need other thing as well, so at 160pts per brood that's 480pts.

Last but not least is the gants here I'm going to use 2 broods of 15 with devourers, so at 120pts per brood that's 240pts, given me a total of 810pts which with most games played at 1850 these day leaves me with 1040pts for the rest of what I need.

To keep this army a bound list I next need to take a hq & 2 troops, for this I would really to take the swarmlord but feel he'd eat up to many pts, another way I could go would be with a tervigon & this would add to the whole endless swarm feel.

Synapse is something that this army is going to need to hold it together & I might do worse then to look at a tyranid prime + flesh hooks at only 130pts, I'd also like to try out deathleaper, who is 130pts, so cheap hq's to start off with & we'll see how we go, as for troops I think I'll run with some ripper swarms, so at 39pts a brood I'll take 3 broods for a total of 117pts.

Now carrying on down the synapse road I'm going to go for a brood of 3 zoanthropes or maybe 3 brood of 1 either way its 150pts & a brood of shrikes for 90pts, so lets put that all together & see where we are.

Hq Prime 130pts
Hq Deathleaper 130pts

Troops 3 Ripper broods 117pts

Elites 3 zoanthrope 150pts

FA Shrike brood 90pts

Formation Warrior brood 90pts, 2 Gant broods 240pts, 3 Gaunt broods 480pts

Total 1427pts

So now to get some big hitters in & really one thing this list needs is trygons, so I'm going to go with 2 one normal for 190pts  & one prime for 230pts, & that brings the over all army total to 1847pts.

There are lots of other list I've got in mind that I want to try out & will be looking at them & trying them out & I'll put up reports here & let you know how the army's felt from a fun point as well as how well they did or didn't do, so I'm sure you'll all join me in welcoming back hive fleet Nagaina & as always my thanks for dropping in.



  1. For a small list aimed at assault I think you are going to find this one a bit frustrating. Deathleaper dies very quickly in assault without a lot of help and the Tyranid Prime needs to have some points spent on him (her? it?) to be useful. I have used Shrikes quite a bit and they are not very effective; I find them better as a mobile firing platform and there are far better Nids for that now (Harpy, Hive Crone, Flying Tyrant, Ravenors). Did you choose this list from models you already have or is it flexible?

    1. Thanks for the advice mate & you are right in that the units above for the most part are batter, as for the models I've got in the list apart from some of the gaunts I've have them all where as out of the units you named all I would have is the flyrant & the ravenors.

      The real heart of the list is the gaunts Marc & what I'm trying to do here is make a list that can get stuck in, will this list win many games ? I would think not but I've got to start somewhere.

    2. In that case, have a good go with what you already have on the shelf. I think after a few games you will find out what you enjoy using the most. My concern is that a lot of these units simply can't get "stuck in" as they currently stand. With a bit of tweaking, though, you can improve their chances of getting close and eating things. Don't discount Genestealers! They start close and can pour in a lot of rending attacks.