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Friday 9 January 2015

Necromunda meet the gang

So I've got my gang worked out for the up coming campaign, as I said in the last post I'll be house Van Saar & the models I'm going to be using are taken from my Vrak army.

This has some good points & some bad points, the good I don't have to paint any models, the bad I'm limited to what ever weapons I've got models with, now had I knowing sooner that I was going to be playing necromunda I most likely would have built a gang to use much like I did for INQ28.

But enough waffling out of me & on with the show & yes for the first time in many a post there's some eye candy.

Leader 120pts, weapons plasma pistol 25pts, chainsword 25pts
Total 170pts

Ganger 1 50pts, autogun 20pts, frag grenades 30pts
Total 100pts

Ganger 2 50pts, shotgun 20pts, man-stopper shotgun shell 5pts
Total 75pts

Ganger 3 50pts, lasgun 25pts
Total 75pts

Ganger 4 50pts, autogun 20pts, maul 10pts
Total 80pts

Ganger 5 50pts, autogun 20pts, knife 5pts
Total 75pts

Heavy 1 60pts, plasmagun 70pts
Total 130pts

Heavy 2 60pts, autogun 20pts, frag grenades 30pts knife 5pts
Total 115pts

Juve 1 25pts,maul 10pts, laspistol 15pts
Total 50pts

Juve 2 25pts, bolt pistol 20pts, bludgeon 10pts
Total 55pts

Juve 3 25pts, laspistol 15pts, knife 5pts
Total 45pts

Juve 4 25pts, knife 5pts
Total 30pts

 For those of you that made it this far a little sneak peak below  at something I'm working on, so as always my thanks for dropping in & please call back again soon.


  1. I really wish I could find someone who played Necromunda or Inq28. Seeing your gang makes me want to play even more. Thanks for sharing, they look great.

    1. Well as I said in the earlier post necromunda came out of the blue so you never know mate you might get to play them yet.