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Tuesday 13 January 2015

40K FTN & why not ?

As I said in a post a while back I think GW has brought the game of 40K to a good place & this more then any other reason is why I'm giving 40K one more chance, now I know enough to know that been a member of a club like the DGG that certain players are tournament players & like to play tournament style games.

That's fine & is something I can live with, but for me it's more about playing different type of games of which out side of the rulebook there are plenty to be found, plus there is also always FTN or in others words make up your own.

Now while I'm willing to play some tournament style games I'm not willing to have nearly every game I play be of this kind, so what to do ? on the week leading up to a tournament I'm more then happy to play this type of game if someone wants to practice, outside of that I want to play more scenario style games.

This is how I see myself bring able to keep up playing 40K & as I'm the one wanting to do things this way I'm more then willing to except the fact that it is up to me to arrange these type of games be they out of a book or home made.

My first game back is against Mike a former ETC captain tomorrow night playing a game out of the Iyanden supplement with Mike's Elder taking on my nids, the thing about these kind of games is they have a focal point & they step out of the rules as need be to fallow the fluff, which is what I think GW are doing by giving us formations & what not & yes it is also another way for them to make money but that's what business do.

So that my first game, another one I have coming up is a FTN game against the Doc,  you see the Doc has something that I want, so what's below is the lead up to this game.

+++ Transmitted : Conclave of Flas ...............................
+++++ Received : Astropath Zemmond .........................
+++ Destination  : Inquisitor Auel Brybycin ..................
++ Mission Time : 8 080 955 M41 .................................
+Telepathic Duct :  Terminus Kaleb ...............................
+++++++++ Ref  : Ordo/Hereticus/33570845/GT ..........
+++++++ Author : Autosavant  Flagstaff ........................

By the Authority of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, this mission briefing (and any transcript thereof ) are classified information of Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Auel Brybycin (or hie duly appointed deputies ) eyes-only.

Priority Grade; Omega-Absolutum
Re Celexus Assassin/ 487543/W

Inquisitor it has come to our notice that an Assassin of the Temple Celexus while on a mission of the up-most importance  to this conclave has falling into the hands of the sons of Russ, all diplomatic attempts for the release of the Assassin has falling on deaf ears.

Now as you very well know Inquisitor it has been a long held belief of this conclave that the Wolf's of Fenris are not to be trusted & this insubordination on their behalf does nothing to help change that point of view.

So you are charged with bringing these dogs to heel by assembling a task force & securing the release of the assassin, our network of informers have located where the Celexus is been held & it is vital that you act quickly.

These orders are effective immediately, may the Emperor's  light always shine upon you Inquisitor.

Mission special rules.
The assassin start the game captive & must be place in a infantry unit belonging to the space wolfs.
This unit can move as normal but can not run or assault, but if assaulted will have to fight the assassin also, as the assassin will see this as a chance to brake free
If at any point the unit guarding the assassin drops below half of it's starting number then the assassin can try to brake free by assaulting the guarding unit in either players assault phase.
The assassin can be passed from one infantry unit to another by moving so that the assassin is within 2" of the other unit, but remember only one infantry unit can ever be in charge of the assassin at any time.
The wolf player can recapture the assassin at any time by removing his wounds & then moving within 2" of him, but can never kill him as he is to vital.
If the assassin should lose both his wounds while free then he will remain down until one side or the other moves an infantry unit within 2" of him.
The assassin can not be move off the table by either size at any point in the game.
The space marine player may not use drop pods in this mission.

Set up & deployment.
The space wolf player sets up the terrain & picks what deployment zone he wants.
The space wolf player sets up first & must start with the unit guarding the assassin on the table.
The inquisition player gets first turn but the wolf player can try to seize the initiative, the inquisition player can choose if he wants the first turn to be night fight.

Victory conditions
If at the end of the game the assassin is a captive (been in assault because the guarding unit was under half it's starting number does not count as been free) then the space wolf player is the winner.
If at any stage of the game the assassin should kill the space wolfs leader then the game comes to an immediate end & the inquisition player is the winner.

Well there you have it, this mission could of course be played out using any two armies & any model as the captive, but a little of the thing behind the mission & the armies been used.

Its a well know fact that there is an uneasy truce between the space wolfs, & the inquisition, added to this is the fact that I lent the Doc my celexus assassin awhile back & well the story really wrote it's self.

Then it was just a matter of coming up with a few things to make the mission different & away you go, for my this kind of thing is at the heart of 40K & is something that I really enjoy doing.

So I'll leave you now with as always my thanks for dropping in & keep an eye on the blog as this mission is one I'm fairly sure will get played out soon.



  1. Cool, cannot wait :-)

  2. Glad you approve mate, hopefully it should make for a good game.