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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Necromunda campaign

This one came right out of the left field I can tell you but none the less I was all over it like a rash, so yesterday I sent out an email to the dgg looking for the rules for a vulture gunship, as where ever I had mine I just could not locate them.

Well you can imagine my surprise when the first reply back is someone looking for players for either a necromunda campaign or a mordheim, so in total we got 4 players & decided to go with necromunda with a view to maybe doing mordheim at a later date.

Now while I've an odd necromunda I wouldn't have anything that would even come close to making up a gang, but what I have got is a defenders of Vraks army that I did a couple of years back that I feel could past nicely for a under-hive gang of scum.

Anyway as it turns out I'm going to go with the Van Seer's as they where one of only two of the gangs that would let me use the model I wanted to use as my leader, the other one was the Escher's.
I've all ready started on my gang & will put up the list with photos in the next day or so.

Now the great thing about using the Vrak's models is I've got lots to chose from & their all painted so its win win, all I've got to do now is to learn to play necromunda lol.

For regular readers let me point out that necromunda will not be taking over from pulp alley & that going foreword you will be able to fallow the adventures of Panama Jack, so just look at this as a little detour, so as always my thanks for dropping in.



  1. Have you had a chance to look at Across the dead earth by dead earth games?

  2. Thanks for the feed back Declan, I've popped over & had a look & while I would imagine it would be an enjoyable game but unless some one came to me looking for to play this I don't see myself playing it.

    As I'm sure you know it is not always easy to get players for new games.